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Rho family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

Similar surnames: Rault, Rauzon, Reaume, Rheault, Rheault-Alexandre, Rheaume, Rhodes, Roach, Roache, Roadnight, Roan, Robb, Robbins, Robenheimer, Roberge, Robert, Robert, Robert-Chartier, Robert-Fache, Robert-Lafontaine, Robert-Lamouche, Robert-Namur, Roberto, Roberts, Robertson, Robichau, Robichaud, Robichaux, Robichon, Robichot, Robida, Robidas, Robidas-Manseau, Robideau, Robidou, Robidoux, Robie, Robillard, Robillard, Robillard-Lambert, Robin, Robineau, Robineault, Robinet, Robinette, Robin-Lapointe, Robins, Robinson, Robitaille, Robreau-Duplessis, Robson, Roby, Roc, Rocan, Rocan-Bastien, Rocbrune, Rocco, Roch, Rochat, Rochbrune, Roche, Rocheford, Rochefort, Rochelaud, Rocheleau, Rocheleau-Laperche, Rochelot, Rocher, Rochester, Rochette, Rocheville, Rochon, Rock, Rockbrune, Rockburn, Rockwell, Rocque, Rocquebrune, Rocray, Rocre, Rodden, Rode, Roderick, Rodger, Rodgers, Rodier, Rodier-St-Martin, Rodney, Rodrigue, Rodrigues, Rodriguez, Rody, Roe, Rogan, Roger, Rogers, Rogerson, Rognon, Rogue, Roi, Roireau, Roireau, Roireau-Laliberte, Rojas, Roland, Rolfe, Rolin, Rolland, Rollet, Rollin, Rollins, Rolph, Romain, Roman, Romanelli, Romano, Rombs, Romeo, Romer, Romero, Rompre, Ronaldi, Ronalds, Ronan, Rondau, Rondeau, Roney, Rood, Roof, Rooke, Rooney, Roos, Roose, Root, Roppe, Roque, Roquebrune, Rosa, Rosati, Rosberry, Rosby, Roscoe, Rose, Roseberry, Rosenberger, Rosito, Ross, Rosse, Rossi, Rossier, Rossignol, Rossini, Rossiter, Rosso, Roth, Rothney, Rotondo, Rotureau-Belisle, Roture-Belisle, Rougeau, Rougeau-Berger, Rougier, Rouillard, Rouillard-Prenoveau, Rouille, Rouiller, Rouillier, Rouleau, Roulier, Roullier, Roulx, Roundpoint, Rourke, Rouse, Rouselle, Rousse, Rousseau, Roussel, Roussell, Rousselle, Rousselot, Rousset, Roussi, Roussil, Roussille, Roussin, Roussin-Bellefleur, Rousson, Roussy, Routh, Routhier, Routier, Routliffe, Roux, Roux-Sanschagrin, Row, Rowan, Rowe, Rowell, Rowen, Rowland, Rowley, Rowsell, Roy, Roy, Roy, Roy, Royal, Roy-Audy, Roy-Desjardins, Royer, Roy-Lapensee, Roy-Lauzier, Roy-Lauzon, Royle, Roy-Leroy, Roy-Mazeret, Roy-Portelance, Roy-Voisine, Rozon, Rozzi
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Marriages of the family Rho
Our database contains 2006 records of marriages of the family Rho, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1664Trois-Rivieres, QcAlexandre Raoul-RauxMarie Desrosiers
1686Champlain, QcNicolas ToutantMarie-Anne Rault
1690Cap-De-La-Madeleine, QcPierre Rault-Durault-LavergneMarie-Madeleine Vanasse
1693Champlain, QcJean DuboisJeanne Rault-Raux
1695Champlain, QcJoseph RaultFrancoise Dubois
1702Champlain, QcPierre Dubord-LafontaineMarie-Claire Rault
1703FRAPierre CoursolAntoinette Raux
1712Champlain, QcMichel Rault-AlexandreMarie-Renee De-Billy
1716Saint-Francois-Du-Lac, QcFrancois JoyelleCatherine Rault
1716Champlain, QcAlexis Rault-MorinvilleAnne-Charlotte Beaudoin
1720Champlain, QcJean-Baptiste Lefebvre-LacroixMarie-Anne Rault
1724Champlain, QcNicolas RivardMarie-Joseph Rault
1724Cap-De-La-Madeleine, QcJoseph Rault-RheaultMarie-Catherine Lefebvre-Lacroix
1725Champlain, QcPierre DiziTherese Rault
1727Becancour, QcDavid RheaultLucie Gaudet
1728Champlain, QcJoseph ProvencherMarie-Claire Rault
1731Grondines, QcAntoine CauvetMarie-Josephte Ro
1734Champlain, QcJulien LefebvreSusanne Reaux
1736Champlain, QcJean-Baptiste RaultGenevieve Lasavane-Mercerault
1740Champlain, QcJoseph BeaudouinElisabeth Reau
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Rho
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Rho
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Baptisms list
1687Champlain, QCMarie-Francoise RaultF
1691Champlain, QCAlexis RauxM
1698Champlain, QCMarie-Claire RaultF
1700Champlain, QCMarie-Anne RaultF
1702Champlain, QCTherese RaultF
1705Champlain, QCJoseph RaultM
1707Champlain, QCMarie-Francoise RauxF
1709Champlain, QCElisabeth RauxF
1711Champlain, QCJean-Baptiste RauxM
1713Champlain, QCMichel Raux-AlexandreM
1715Champlain, QCJeanne-Susanne RauxF
1715Champlain, QCJoseph Raux-AlexandreM
1718Champlain, QCGenevieve Raux-AlexandreF
1718Champlain, QCAlexis Raux-MorinvilleM
1720Champlain, QCAntoine Raux-AlexandreM
1720Champlain, QCMarie Raux-MorinvilleF
1721Cap-de-la-Madeleine, QCJoseph RauxM
1721Champlain, QCGenevieve Raux-MorinvilleF
1722Champlain, QCJean-Baptiste Raux-AlexandreM
1723Champlain, QCAntoine RauM
... and several other
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Burials of the family Rho
Here are some examples of burials of the family Rho
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Burrials list
1688Champlain, QCM.Francoise RaultF
1692Champlain, QCAlexandre Raux
1696Champlain, QCM.Catherine RauxF
1709Champlain, QCJeanne Raux
1717Champlain, QCAnonyme Raux
1723Champlain, QCFrancoise Rau
1723Champlain, QCAntoine Rau
1729Champlain, QCM.Angelique RauxF
1734Champlain, QCMarie-Anne RaultF
1734Champlain, QCM.Anne ReauxF
1738Champlain, QCJean-Baptiste Raux
1748Champlain, QCJean-Baptiste-Joseph-Alexis Raux
1749Champlain, QCPierre Raux-Alexandre
1749Champlain, QCPierre Reaux
1750Champlain, QCMichel Rault-AlexandreM
1750Champlain, QCMichel Reaux-Alexandre
1753Champlain, QCFrancois-Jacque Reaux
1756Champlain, QCClaire RaultF
1756Champlain, QCClaire Reaux
1756Champlain, QCAnonyme ReauxM
... and several other
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Pioneer of the family Rho

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Origin of name Rho

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Celebrities of the family Rho

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