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«Thank you so much! Your site is terrific. I really love the way it works. Have a great day!»

Pat Groff

«This is a great site to find your Canadian relatives.»

Connie Clapier

«Fantastic site! I have found a lot of ancestors.»

Jean Douglas

«Easy to use,and works quickly»

Nancy Miller

«I love your site! I've followed both sides of my grandmothers family from the USA, back to Canada and then back to France! Its amazing! Thank you! Gram is 93 now (I am 42) and 2 rounds of chemo have messed with her memory a bit. She sees me as a child still. I'd like to present the names to her and see if she recognizes any of them. Sometimes we don't know what memories will surface if the right cord is struck.»

Sara Demick Ewen

«Thank you for your fantastic service. In adding ancestors' children to my tree, your site has enabled me to discover living relatives I never knew!»

«I appreciate allowing me to find out that my British paternal grandfather married my Irish paternal grandmother in Cornwall, Ont when when she was 12 but claiming to be older. That they were married in a NOT-Catholic service, a ways from home, without any Catholic relatives on hand. No one in the family had ever found any indication where they married and so some assumed they had not. The poor young husband was dead by the time he was 26 Thanks»

Valerie Marchant


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