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Beaupre family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

Similar surnames: Baupre
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Marriages of the family Beaupre
Our database contains 4198 records of marriages of the family Beaupre, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1671Quebec, QcIgnace Bonhomme-BeaupreAgnes Morin
1676Quebec, QcNicolas Bonhomme-BeaupreMarie-Therese Levasseur
1691Sainte-Foy, QcIgnace Bonhomme-BeaupreAnne Poirier
1693Sainte-Foy, QcLouis MoreauCatherine Bonhomme
1697Sainte-Foy, QcPierre DionAnne-Agnes Bonhomme
1705Montreal, QcCharles-Ignace Bonhomme-BeaupreMarie-Therese Goulet
1708Batiscan, QcPierre Baribeau-BeaupreMarie-Madeleine Dessureaux
1709L'ancienne-Lorette, QcNoel Bonhomme-BeaupreFelicite Hamel
1712Pierre Richard-BeaupreMarie Girouard
1712Quebec, QcNicolas Bonhomme-BeaupreMarie-Catherine Jorian
1725Quebec, QcFrancois BeaupreTherese Mercier
1731L'ancienne-Lorette, QcLouis FluetFelicite Bonhomme-Beaupre
1731L'ancienne-Lorette, QcNicolas BonhommeMarie-Louise Bonhomme-Beaupre
1738Saint-Sulpice, QcFrancois BeaupreM.-Genevieve Dufaux
1740Pierre Richard-BeaupreMarie-Josephe Le-Blanc
1741Lachenaie, QcLaurent GuilbaultGenevieve Bonhomme-Beaupre
1742L'ancienne-Lorette, QcNoel BeaupreTherese Moisan
1744Joseph-Vieux Richard-BeaupreAnne Blanchard
1744Quebec, QcJean ConfoulantMarie-Louise Beaupre
1745Jean-Baptiste-Jani Richard-BeaupreFrancoise Girouard
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Beaupre
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Beaupre
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Baptisms list
1735Sorel, QCMagdeleine Brisset-BeaupreF
1738La-Visitation-de-l'ile-Dupas, QCMarguerite Brisset-BeaupreF
1741Saint-Antoine-de-Lavaltrie, QCJean-Baptiste-Lambert BeaupreM
1741Saint-Antoine-de-Lavaltrie, QCJean-Baptiste-Lambert BeaupreM
1749Saint-Antoine-de-Lavaltrie, QCJ.Marie Desavier-BeaupreF
1752Saint-Antoine-de-Lavaltrie, QCAntoine Beaupre-DesaviersM
1753La-Prairie, QCMarie-Amable Bonhomme-BeaupreF
1761La-Visitation-de-l'ile-Dupas, QCM.Genevieve BeaupreF
1762La-Visitation-de-l'ile-Dupas, QCM.Ursule BeaupreF
1762La-Visitation-de-l'ile-Dupas, QCCeleste BeaupreF
1765La-Visitation-de-l'ile-Dupas, QCMarguerite BeaupreF
1766Sorel, QCCharlotte BeaupreF
1767Sorel, QCAlexis Brisset-BeaupreM
1767Saint-Joseph-de-Lanoraie, QCMarie-Genevieve BeaupreF
1768Baie-du-Febvre, QCMarie BeaupreF
1768Riviere-Ouelle, QCJean-Elie BeaupreM
1768Riviere-Ouelle, QCJean-Elie Beaupre-BonhommeM
1768La-Visitation-de-l'ile-Dupas, QCAntoine-Regis BeaupreM
1769La-Visitation-de-l'ile-Dupas, QCAmable BeaupreM
1769La-Visitation-de-l'ile-Dupas, QCAmable Beaupre-Brisset
... and several other
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Burials of the family Beaupre
Here are some examples of burials of the family Beaupre
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Burrials list
Saint-Barthelemy, QCBarthelemy BeaupreM
1735Sorel, QCMagdeleine Brisset-BeaupreF
1750La-Prairie, QCCharles Bonhomme-BeaupreM
1760La-Visitation-de-l'ile-Dupas, QCGenevieve Brisset-BeaupreF
1767Sorel, QCAlexis Brisset-BeaupreM
1768Baie-du-Febvre, QCMarie Beaupre
1769La-Visitation-de-l'ile-Dupas, QCAmable Beaupre
1769La-Visitation-de-l'ile-Dupas, QCAmable BeaupreM
1769La-Visitation-de-l'ile-Dupas, QCJoseph Brisset-Beaupre
1769La-Visitation-de-l'ile-Dupas, QCJoseph-Melchior Brisset-BeaupreM
1770La-Visitation-de-l'ile-Dupas, QCCeleste BeaupreF
1770La-Visitation-de-l'ile-Dupas, QCCeleste Beaupre-Brisset
1770Saint-Joseph-de-Lanoraie, QCM.Celeste Beaupre
1770La-Visitation-de-l'ile-Dupas, QCM.Marguerite Beaupre
1770La-Visitation-de-l'ile-Dupas, QCMarguerite BeaupreF
1771La-Visitation-de-l'ile-Dupas, QCAntoine Beaupre
1772La-Visitation-de-l'ile-Dupas, QCMarguerite Beaupre
1773La-Visitation-de-l'ile-Dupas, QCCatherine BeaupreF
1773La-Visitation-de-l'ile-Dupas, QCM.Catherine Beaupre
1773La-Visitation-de-l'ile-Dupas, QCJosephe BeaupreF
... and several other
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Pioneer of the family Beaupre

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Origin of name Beaupre

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Celebrities of the family Beaupre

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