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Barcelou family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

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Origin of name Barcelou

The first Barsalou was named Salvi-Salvy was born circa 1585 in France. No one has yet found the name of his wife nor where and when he got married.

Salvi-Salvy had only one known son called Joseph born circa 1600 in France and died February 28, 1659 at Foulayronne, Fromenty, Lot-et-Garonne, France.

Joseph was firstly married to Francoise Valade in 1622 at Ste-Foye, Agen, Lot-et-Garonne. Francoise was born in 1602 and died in 1632 in France. Joseph Barsalou and Francoise Valade had three children:

1) Louise was born circa 1620 in France. She fistly married Jean-Guillaume Brugières and secondly to Jean Miramont. The marriage between Louise Barsalou and Jean Miramont happenned after her father had passed away.

2) Jeanne was born circa 1622 in France. She married Bernard Boutoute.

3) Pierre was born circa 1623 in France. He married Peyronne Amouroux. They had five children: Catherine Barsalou, Guillaume Barsalou, Magdalaine Barsalou, Marie Barsalou and Peyronne Barsalou.

Joseph secondly married Catherine Cominal in October 23rd, 1634 at Artigues, Foulayronnes, Lot-et-Garrone in France. Catherine was born in 1614 and dien in 1665 in France. Joseph Barsalou and Catherine Cominal had five children:

1) Bernard Barsalou was born circa 1636 in France. He was married to Jeanne Constan in France;

2) Guillaume Barsalou was born circa 1638 at Foulayronne, Lot-et-Garonne, Guyenne, France. He died as of February 23, 1711 in France. Guillaume married to Bernarde Duparier and had nine children: Catherine Barsalou; Claire Barsalou; Jean Barsalou; Bernard Barsalou; Francois Barsalou, Hélène Barsalou; Raymond Barsalou, Antoine Barsalou and Jean-Pierre Barsalou;

3) Antoine Barsalou was born circa 1640 at Foylayronne, Lot-et-Garonne, Guyenne, France;

4) Francois was born circa 1646 in France. He was firstly get to a Marie, there is no name of her last name. Francois and Marie had one child named Catherine Barsalou. He was secondly married to Jeanne Delamas;

5) Jean Barsalou was born circa 1648 at Agen, Lot-et-Garonne, Guyenne in France. He was married to Hélène Lamarque in July 12, 1671 at Agen, Lot-et-Garonne, France. Jean Barsalou and Hélène Lamarque had five children: Gérard Barsalou; Guillaume Barsalou; Jeanne Barsalou; Marie-Anne Barsalou and Thérèse Barsalou.

The first Barsalou to come in North America is Gérard Barsalou, Jean Barsalou and Hélène Lamarque's son. Gérard Barsalou was born in May 10, 1673 at Agen, Lot-et-Garonne France and died August, 8 1721 in St-Laurent, New France. He married Marie-Catherine Legras-Lalonguealle as of May 6, 1700 in Montréal, New France. Marie-Catherine Legras-Lalonguealle was born April 9, 1684 Montréal, New France. She died in February 5, 1737 in Montréal, New France.

Gérard Barsalou and Marie-Catherine Legras-Lalonguealle had fifteen children: Jean Barsalou, Joseph Barsalou; Jean-Francois Barsalou; Marie-Catherine Barsalou; Jean-Baptiste-Barsalou; Geneviève-Catherine Barsalou; Marie-Charlotte Barsalou; Gérard-Maurice Barsalou; Angélique-Catherine Barsalou; Ignace Barsalou; René-Jean-Marie Barsalou; Marie-Louise Barsalou; Jean-Francois Barsalou; Marie-Josephe Barsalou and Jacques Barsalou.

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Marriages of the family Barcelou
Our database contains 26 records of marriages of the family Barcelou, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1795Chambly, QcCharles ChoiniereSuzanne Barsalou
1817Saint-Jean-Baptiste, QcJacques RenaudSuzanne Barselou
1818Saint-Jean-Baptiste, QcToussaint BarselouMarguerite Dupold
1819Saint-Jean-Baptiste, QcHilaire RenaudUrsule Barselou
1825Marieville, QcAmable BarsalouxGenevieve Bouin-Dufresne
1825Saint-Jean-Baptiste, QcToussaint OuimetLouise Barselou
1828Saint-Jean-Baptiste, QcAmable BarselouMarie-Anne Desmarais-Beaulac
1838Chambly, QcJoseph BarsalouAdelaide Rocheleau
1838Montreal, QcLouis AubertinEmilie Barsalou
1854Saint-Cesaire, QcPierre LamarcheLouise Bersaloux
1857Marieville, QcFrancois BarcelouxPhilomene Desautels
1861Henryville, QcJean-Baptiste OlignyMelina Barcelou
1861Franklin, QcIsrael CoutureMarcelline Barsalou
1873Saint-Ange-Gardien, QcMisael MenardMarie Barsalou
1874Saint-Ange-Gardien, QcAntoine BarsalouMarie-Malvina-Albina Alix
1880Montreal, QcHonore LevertLouisa Barsalou
1882Saint-Ange-Gardien, QcAlphonse AlixTheodoline Barsalou
1882Sainte-Angele-De-Monnoir, QcAlexis BarselouLeontine Ostiguy
1883Marieville, QcAlphonse BarselouMarie-Rose Bachand
1888Saint-Ange-Gardien, QcAntoine BarsalouAzilda Paquette
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Barcelou
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Barcelou
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Baptisms list
1809Saint-Eustache, QCRene-Flavien Barcelou
1811Saint-Eustache, QCFerrier Barcelou
1895Montreal, QCAlberta BarselouF
1898Montreal, QCJosaphat BarselouM
1899Montreal, QCDavid-Leon BarselouM
1900Lac-Megantic, QCOctave-Gabriel BarcelouM
1901Montreal, QCJeanne-Ida BarselouF
Tracy, QCHuguette-Louise-Marie BarcelouF
Tracy, QCClaire-France-Marie BarcelouF
Sainte-Anne-de-Sorel, QCMarie-Carole-Andree-Anne BarcelouF
Tracy, QCMarie-Berthe-Caroline BarcelouF
Tracy, QCSuzanne-Marie-Marjorie BarcelouF
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Burials of the family Barcelou
Here are some examples of burials of the family Barcelou
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Burrials list
1964Saint-Hyacinthe, QCRomeo Barcelou
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