Mes Aïeux - La généalogie simplifiée
Mes Aïeux - La généalogie simplifiée

Terms of use - Genealogy by our experts

Limited Reimbursement Guarantee
Quantity of ancestors
You benefit from the ‘100% Satisfaction Guaranteed – If we don’t find, you don’t pay’ guarantee. Therefore, your product will contain the number of ancestor guaranteed, or you will get your money back.
  • Paternal or maternal line: 10 ancestors minimum guaranteed (the subject + 5 generations).
  • Family tree: 100 ancestors minimum guaranteed (the subject + 100 ancestors).
  • Family tree 2 in 1: 100 ancestors minimum guaranteed (the spouses + their children + 100 ancestors).
  • Fan chart - 10 generations: 300 ancestors minimum guaranteed (the spouses + their children + their grandchildren + 300 ancestors).

Printing Quality

If you order a poster printed by, you also benefit from a limited guarantee on the printing quality. If the printing quality of the product has default, we will exchange it for an identical one.

Information Quality

Our experts do everything within their power and follow genealogy best practices to ensure data accuracy. In the exceptional case, where you could prove without a reasonable doubt, and with supporting documents, that an error on a filiation link* was made, we will offer you a full refund.
We will not offer reimbursement in any other situations.
*Filiation link: the fact of being the child of a certain parent, the Parent-Child biological or adoptive link. This does not include: dates, places, and first or last name variations of the same person.


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