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Pionniers de la famille Bessette

Generation No. 1

Jean Bessette was born abt. 1642 in Cahors, France, and died January 05, 1707 in Chambly, Quebec, Canada. He married Anne Seigneur, daughter of Guillaume Seigneur and Madeleine Sauve/Serre, on July 03, 1668 in Chambly, Quebec, Canada. She was born March 01, 1649 in St-Maclou, V. Et Archev. Rouen, Normandie, France, and died July 04, 1733 in Chambly, Quebec, Canada.

All Besset/Bessette's in North America descend from this Jean and Anne. Very little is known about the French origins of Jean Besset, although through his marriage contract, one single detail has come to us. He was from the town of Cahors, today the head town of the arrondissement of the department lot, in the Midi-Pyrenees, in Guyenne.

Jean Besset came to New France with the Carignan Regiment in 1665. The first official mention of Jean Besset in Canadian history was in the spring of 1688. On May 20, Msgr de Laval appeared at Fort Chambly to meet the soldiers and to speak to them. He administered the sacrament of confirmation to 66 people, all men, including Jean Besset.

Jean Besset spent the winter of 1668 and 1669 guarding army property at Fort Saint-Louis. Fort Saint-Louis was used primarily as a warehouse for supplies and munitions. After the breakup of the Carignan Regiment, Jean Besset took to farming land, and on October 14, 1673: received title to his land, in Chambly, undoubtedly already under cultivation.

On July 29, 1674 Jean bought a concession from Francois Prudhomme, consisting of 80 arpents of land in Sault St-Louis. The land bordered on one side by Pierre Godin dit Chatillon, and on the other side by Jean Roy dit LaPensee, all of it in the district of the island of Montreal. He bought this at the price of 80 silver livres.

By 1681 the Besset's were living in Chambly again, between Etienne Raimbault and Louis Bariteau. They owned: a gun, 3 head of cattle and had 6 arpents under cultivation.

Jean Besset was buried at Chambly, in the parish of St-Joseph on January 7, 1707, in the presence of the Recollet missionary Pierre Dublaron. Anne died 26 years later on July 4, 1733 at the age of 84 years.


i. MARIE BESSETTE, b. Bef. 1669, France; d. May 18, 1714, Laprairie, Quebec, Canada.

ii. JACQUELINE BESSETTE, b. February 15, 1671, Boucherville, Quebec, Canada.

iii. JEAN BESSETTE, b. December 27, 1672, Boucherville, Quebec, Canada; d. May 08, 1751, Pointe-Olivier (St. Mathias), Quebec, Canada.

iv. SIMON BESSETTE, b. January 13, 1676, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

v. MARIE ANNE BESSETTE, b. Bef. 1679, Quebec, Canada; d. August 24, 1741, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

vi. MARIE MARGUERITE BESSETTE, b. Bef. 1681, Quebec, Canada; d. July 08, 1760; m. JACQUES POISSANT DIT LASALINE, Bef. July 20, 1700.

vii. PIERRE BESSETTE, b. July 09, 1682, Contrecoeur, Quebec, Canada; d. November 16, 1687, Sorel, Quebec, Canada.

viii. FRANCOIS BESSETTE, b. July 26, 1685, Contrecoeur, Quebec, Canada; d. June 03, 1764, Chambly, Quebec, Canada.

ix. THERESE CHARLOTTE BESSETTE, b. February 01, 1690, Montreal, Quebec, Canada; d. April 03, 1707, Chambly, Quebec, Canada.
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Origine du nom de famille Bessette

BESSETTE - de (La) Bessette, le nom de plusieurs localités en France. Ou encore, surnom donné à celui habitant près d'une plantation de bouleau. Dans le Languedoc, 'bouleau' se dit 'Bès' ou 'Besse', et ses diminutifs: Besselle, Besset, ou Besson. Variantes connues: BIRCH (anglais), BERCK (allemand), KOIVU (finlandais).
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Personnalités célèbres de la famille Bessette

Louisiana Bessette,Marier à Cyrille Augermes grand-parent,elle est la fille de Joseph Bessette,et de Malvina Surprnant.
Joseph Bessette était l'oncle du Fameux Frère André dit André Bessette. André Bessette a vécu une courte période chez son oncle Joseph qui vivait au Massachusetts U.S.A.
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Mariages de la famille Bessette
Notre banque de données contient 2502 actes de mariage de la famille Bessette, en voici quelques exemples.
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Liste mariages
1690Chambly, QcLaurent Olivier-PerrierMarie Besset
1699Chambly, QcJacques Poissant-LasalineMarguerite Besset
1700La-Prairie, QcJean BessetteMadeleine Plamondon
1708Chambly, QcLouis HaguenierMarie-Anne Besset
1716Chambly, QcFrancois BessetMarie-Claude Dubois
1722Chambly, QcLouis-Jean BarreMarie-Josephe Besset-Bessette
1738Chambly, QcFrancois BessetMarie Legrain
1739Saint-Mathias-Sur-Richelieu, QcLouis LebeauAngelique Bessette
1743Saint-Mathias-Sur-Richelieu, QcJean-Baptiste VigeantCharlotte Bessette
1745Saint-Mathias-Sur-Richelieu, QcJean-Baptiste LaporteJeanne Bessette
1747Saint-Mathias-Sur-Richelieu, QcJacques VinceletteCharlotte Besset-Bessette
1750Chambly, QcJean-Baptiste BessetMarie-Anne Paquet
1753Chambly, QcClement BessetteCharlotte Lamoureux
1754Chambly, QcFrancois BessetGenevieve Gabouriau-Lapalme
1758Saint-Mathias-Sur-Richelieu, QcFrancois BessetteMarie Goguet-Goyet
1762Chambly, QcCharles MasseMarie Besset
1762Boucherville, QcCharles BessetteMarie-Antoinette Benoit
1763Chambly, QcPierre GaboriauAngelique Besset
1770Chambly, QcFrancois BessetMarie-Francoise Hains
1772Chambly, QcAlexis BissonnetMarguerite Besset
... et plusieurs autres
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Baptêmes de la famille Bessette
Voici quelques exemples de baptêmes de la famille Bessette.
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Liste baptêmes
1806Saint-Luc, QCJoseph BessetteM
1808Saint-Luc, QCM.Anne BessetteF
1809Les-Cedres, QCFrancois BessetteM
1810Saint-Luc, QCMarguerite BessetteF
1812Saint-Luc, QCEmerence BessetteF
1814Saint-Luc, QCM.Justine BessetteF
1814Les-Cedres, QCEtienne BessetteM
1814Saint-Luc, QCPascal BessetteM
1815Saint-Luc, QCM.Josephte BessetteF
1815Saint-Luc, QCAdelaide BessetteF
1815Saint-Luc, QCOsithe BessetteF
1816Saint-Luc, QCMarie BessetteF
1816Les-Cedres, QCJosephte BessetteF
1816Saint-Luc, QCCatherine BessetteF
1817Saint-Luc, QCMarguerite BessetteF
1817Saint-Luc, QCPierre BessetteM
1817Saint-Luc, QCMagloire BessetteM
1817Saint-Luc, QCRosalie BessetteF
1818Saint-Luc, QCLucie-Reine BessetteF
1818Les-Cedres, QCAmelie BessetteF
... et plusieurs autres
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Sépultures de la famille Bessette
Voici quelques exemples de sépultures de la famille Bessette
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Liste sépultures
1802Saint-Luc, QCJoseph Bessette
1804Saint-Luc, QCAntoine Bessette
1804Saint-Luc, QCAmbroise Bessette
1810Saint-Luc, QCJean Bessette
1813Les-Cedres, QCMarie Bessette
1815Saint-Luc, QCM.Anne Bessette
1815Saint-Luc, QCFrancois Bessette
1819Saint-Luc, QCJustine Bessette
1820Saint-Luc, QCFrancois Bessette
1820Saint-Luc, QCLouis Bessette
1822Les-Cedres, QCMarie Bessette
1822Les-Cedres, QCBessette
1828Saint-Luc, QCMarguerite Bessette
1830Saint-Luc, QCM.Anne Bessette
1830Saint-Luc, QCAurelie Bessette
1831Saint-Luc, QCJoseph Bessette
1831Saint-Luc, QCFrancois Bessette
1832Saint-Luc, QCAmbroise Bessette
1835Saint-Luc, QCPascal Bessette
1836Saint-Luc, QCVirginie Bessette
... et plusieurs autres
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