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My Family Tree in Quebec or in Canada is a Canadian genealogy website to help trace family ancestors in Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, to build, share, maintain and print a family tree. Many tools are available. You can even have our experts do your genealogy, without any work on your part. Everything to make your genealogy simple!

Building my family tree for free offers many free genealogy services to its members. You can build your family tree for free. It is very easy to add photos, or images of genealogical documents or records you own. You can access to your tree at any time for free. You can also search through our database of millions of marriage, with our search engine. You can even find out a family name or first popularity. All of these services are free for our members, and you can register for free to take advantage of our genealogy services.

My genealogy with a Premium Services subscription*

You know little or none of your ancestry, you want to discover more details on your ancestor’s marriage or their family: Premium Services is there to help you. There are many free genealogy services on, there is also paid subscriptions of Premium Services available to make it even easier for you. Browse through 400 years of your genealogy with clicks or build up your family tree faster by adding your ancestors automatically. Discover the many possibilities offered by Premium Services’ genealogy tools.

Your genealogy done by experts*

You know nothing of your ancestry or you are a brand new genealogist but are not willing to invest time in performing genealogical researches? Have our experts do your genealogy. Our experts can do a customized research for a French Canadian, an English Canadian, a French American, an Acadian or even a Metis, anyone whose roots are in North America. Our experts will trace your lineage and ancestry up to New France origins; uncover your family name origins, and even add copies of birth, marriage, death records, or of other civil records or census. Discover the family tree models offered.

Resources to help me trace my ancestry, my roots, my pedigree is known for its polite, quick and professional customer service. Do not hesitate to contact us with your questions and suggestions. The website has also many training videos to help you achieve your goals. You are new to genealogy, you do not understand its terminology, visit our genealogy 101, section, a good starting point in your initiation to genealogy.

*Fees apply

Your Folks : for whom?

  • Interested in your ancestors
  • Interested in genealogy
  • French-canadian ancestors
  • Exceptional gift

Your Folks : 5 good reasons

  • Build your family tree
  • More than 1 000 000 members trust us
  • Quality control unequaled for a database this size on the net
  • Getting your genealogy is easy
  • Get help from experts if needed

Your Folks : Free services

  • Put your family tree on the web with pictures
  • Print your tree
  • See your tree anytime anywhere
  • Origin and frequency of family names and their pioneers
  • Index to marriages, baptisms and burials over 400 years

Your Folks : Other services

  • Automatically ad ancestors to your family tree*
  • Professional printing of your tree*
  • Detailed records of marriages, baptisms and burials over 400 years*
  • Your genealogy in a few clicks*

Your Folks : The data

  • Millions of records from the beginning to the XXIst century
  • Almost all Quebec, and parts of other provinces
  • Data comes only from reliable sources
  • Quality control gets rid of duplicates, inconsistencies and errors
  • Integrated family records, linked through clicks parents-children*

Your Folks : The experts

  • Help you unlock your family tree*
  • Can do all the work*
  • Have access to numerous sources, even outside Quebec
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