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History and genealogy of the pioneers of Quebec

The following people were born outside of New France.

Pioneer Spouse
Oardaway, Jeanne-Françoise-Joanna
Odet-Orsonnens, Prothais Rocher, Sophie
Odiorne, Marie-Anne-Marguerite-Hannah Stilson-Dutilly, Jacques
O'donnell, Antoine
O'dwyer, Patrick
O'gallaghan, Edmund Bayley
O'grady, Jean
Olive, Adrien-Pierre Simon, Marie-Louise
Olivier, Agnès Civadier-Sivadier, Louis
Olivier, Jean-Baptiste-Eutrope Poirier, Marie-Josèphe
Olivier, Joseph Levasseur, Marie-Agnès
Olivier, Marie-Madeleine Rousseau, Thomas
Olivier, Maurice D'esquincourt, Anne
Olivier-Aulivière, Jean Benoît, Cécile
Olivier-Lepicard, Marc-Antoine Dardenne, Françoise
Onel-Onielle, Pierre-Ignace Chandoné, Marie-Josèphe
Onel-Onielle-Lyonnois, François Chandoné, Marie-Anne
Orant-Auran-Dauphiné, Jean Forget, Marie-Agnès
Ordouille-Hourdoville-Hordoville, Marie Savard, Simon
O'reilly, Bernard
Orset, Jean
Ossant-Ossan-Champagne, Antoine Vézina-Vézinat, Marie
Ostain-Hostin-Marineau, Jean Tardif, Jeanne
O'sullivan, Michael Berthelet, Cécile
Otheys-Otesse, Christine-Margareth Bau-Lebeau-Lalouette, Louis
Oudin-Houdin-Lefranc, Jean Loisel-Loiselle, Geneviève
Ouvrard-Laperrière, Arnaud Cunningham, Marguerite
Ouvrard-Laperrière, Louis Quentin, Anne

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