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Discover the history and genealogy of the first settlers of New France and Quebec

The following persons were not born in Nouvelle-France.

Only the lastname is required to do the research.

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Pioneers Spouse
Imbaud-Raimbault-Mastha, GuillaumeCherlot, Marie-Madeleine
Imbeault-Imbault, MarieFabas, Louis
Imbert, Jacques
Ingersoll, EstherJones, Beloni
Isabel, AdrienPoitevin, Catherine
Isabelle-Isabel, MichelJobidon, Marie
Isambert, CatherineDenis-Fontaine, Louis
Issouard-Isoir-Provencal, AntoineRainville, Marie-Thérèse
Istivallette-Istivalet-Estivalet, GermainNolet, Marie
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