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Discover the history and genealogy of the first settlers of New France and Quebec

The following persons were not born in Nouvelle-France. Their first marriage in Nouvelle-France took place before 1700. For the time being, only those whose marriage was registered in the Cote-de-Beaupre region are listed. That list will eventually be completed.

Pioneers Spouse
Allard, PierreDelavoye, Anne
Amyot, JeanPoulin, Marguerite
Bouchard, NicolasLeroy, Anne
Boucher, JeanPare, Madeleine
Butaud, PierreLoryot, Perrette
Chevalier, SuzanneFoubert, Robert
Cliche, NicolasPelletier, Marie-Madeleine
Gagne-Bellavance, LouisPicard, Louise
Gallet, AnneVeau, Sylvain
Godar-Lapointe, EtienneDelavoye, Marie-Madeleine
Housseau, MargueriteMeunier, Jean
Labbe-Lacroix, PierreMeunier, Marguerite
Lacroix, FrancoisGasnier, Anne
Laforest-Labranche, PierreGodin, Charlotte
Langlois, JacquesLessard, Marie-Therese
Lefebvre, Elisabeth-AgnesThibaut, Francois-Louis
Lepage, ReneGagnon, Marie-Madeleine
Leroy, AnneBouchard, Nicolas
Locquet-Dupont, FrancoisLessard, Anne
Loryot, PerretteButaud, Pierre
Montmagnier-Montminy, BarbeMercier, Jean
Morel, GuillaumePelletier, Catherine
Philippe-Lafontaine, LaurentGiguere, Charlotte
Poulin, JeanPare, Louise
Thibaut, Francois-LouisLefebvre, Elisabeth-Agnes
Veau, SylvainGallet, Anne
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