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Questions about credit cards

What will Your Folks do with my credit card number?

Your Folks will never know your credit card number. When you enter that number, you are not connected to Your Folks , but to an independent secure payment server.

Who will process my transactions with my credit card?

To offer you the highest level of security, Your Folks uses Moneris Solutions, an organization belonging to the Bank of Montreal and the Royal Bank. It is Canada's largest processor of debit and credit card transactions.

And what about the other personal information I provide?

Your Folks has a very strict policy to protect your personal information. Here is an excerpt from our Privacy statement:

"The personal, private information that is provided to J. T. Recherches, Inc. by individual members is not provided to unrelated third parties, except to our payment server and in rare cases involving possible violations of our use policies, legal statutes, or other laws. We do collect some data, always with your knowledge and consent, which is used to fulfill orders.

Information passed to our payment server is only for payment processing purposes and the organization operating that server has an engagement not to use it for any other purpose."

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