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Waite family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

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Marriages of the family Waite
Our database contains 105 records of marriages of the family Waite, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1841Jesse WaiteMary QuinnQuebec, Qc
1869Jacob WaiteAbigail BarnesLaconia
1873James WaiteElisabeth MolloyQuebec, Qc
1875John WaiteMary MolloyQuebec, Qc
1878Jules DesjardinsElisabeth WhaiteRigaud, Qc
1889John-James FlanaganCatherine WaiteQuebec, Qc
1891James WaiteJulie SauveVankleek-Hill, On
1898William WaiteMary-Alice CornerDanville, Qc
1899Alfred GoudreauMary-Ann WaiteVankleek-Hill, On
1900James WaiteEmma LadouceurVankleek-Hill, On
1901William WaiteFlossie YoungGrenville, Qc
1903Edmond WaiteMary-Ann KellyQuebec, Qc
1912William-George PenneyMargaret WaiteQuebec, Qc
1913Clifford WaiteLouisa RutterSherbrooke, Qc
1913Watson WaiteGertrude LadouceurVankleek-Hill, On
1914Edwin WayteMarguerite BisaillonWinnipeg, Mb
1916Michael WixteadViola WaiteTroy
1918Milton-Joseph WaiteIrene JoubertSpringfield, Ma
1919William-Patrick JohnsonRose WaiteOttawa, On
1926Israel LafondGlady WaiteStanstead, Qc
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Waite
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Waite
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Baptisms list
1910Ernest-Frederic WaiteMRichmond, QC
1910Maria-Odena WaiteFPotton, QC
1911Rose-Helene WaiteFPotton, QC
1913Elvin-William WaiteMSherbrooke, QC
1913Louis-Armand WaiteMPotton, QC
1914Edith-Lillian-Doris WaiteFSherbrooke, QC
1916Nancy-Victoria-Louvi WaiteFSherbrooke, QC
1919Mary-Catherine-Irene Waite-WaitFRichmond, QC
1920Alexander-Kirby WaiteMSherbrooke, QC
1930Janice-Ann WaiteFSherbrooke, QC
1930John-Cushman WaiteMSherbrooke, QC
1931Marie-Therese-Gisele WaiteFSherbrooke, QC
1932Garrick-Reeves-Stowe WaiteMSherbrooke, QC
1932Joseph-Gerard-Normand WaiteMSherbrooke, QC
1933Marie-Alice-Jacqueline WaiteFSherbrooke, QC
1935Joseph-Gabrielle-Jeannine-Pauline WaiteFSherbrooke, QC
1936Renald-Gilles WaiteMSherbrooke, QC
1937Joseph-Gerard-Jean-Guy WaiteMSherbrooke, QC
1938Marie-Claudette-Denise WaiteFSherbrooke, QC
1939Marie-Fleurette-Yolande WaiteFSherbrooke, QC
... and several other
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Burials of the family Waite
Here are some examples of burials of the family Waite
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Burrials list
1876Alice-J WaiteFSherbrooke, QC
1953Mary-Ellen WaiteFAscot, QC
1953Mary-Ellen WaiteFSherbrooke, QC
1973Augustin WaiteMSherbrooke, QC
1975Leo-Paul WaiteMSherbrooke, QC
1975Irene WaiteFSainte-Adele, QC
1982Helene WaiteFSherbrooke, QC
1995Armand WaiteMSherbrooke, QC
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Celebrities of the family Waite

Jimmy Waite after winning a gold medal with team Canada, was drafted by Chicago Blackhawks, played about 200 games in the NHL, after spent about 10 season in Germany playing pro there.

Stephane Waite: Goaltender coach for the Chicago Blackhawks for 10 yrs., now with the Montreal Canadians, coaching Carey Price and Buhdi.
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Pioneer of the family Waite

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Origin of name Waite

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