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Zakaib family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

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Marriages of the family Zakaib
Here are some examples of marriages of the family Zakaib
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Marriages list
1918Nicolas Farhat-ZakaibRose-Alma GosselinWaterville, Qc
1919Abdo ZakaibGilberte LupienSherbrooke, Qc
1934Roger ZakaibCarmel BourqueSherbrooke, Qc
1943Leo BonneauBertha ZakaibSherbrooke, Qc
1944Albert ZakaibViolette DonahueSherbrooke, Qc
1951Lewis Elger-Mac-KayTherese-Rita ZakaibSherbrooke, Qc
1954Edmond ZakaibVictoria GenestSherbrooke, Qc
1956Paul ZakaibTherese CournoyerSaint-Joseph-De-Sorel, Qc
1957Georges ZakaibLaurette DegrandpreSaint-Joseph-De-Sorel, Qc
1961Lorne-John ZakaibViola-Mary KouriSherbrooke, Qc
1963Malcolm-Wayne PerkinsMarlene-Marie-Odette ZakaibTracy, Qc
1963Normand ZakaibGinette DegrandpreSorel, Qc
1963Alfred ZakaibChristine LesageSaint-Pierre, Qc
1970Daniel ZakaibCarole NadeauDanville, Qc
1972Albert ZakaibLucille BretonSherbrooke, Qc
1973Marcel DemersDiane ZakaibRock-Forest, Qc
1987Daniel ZakaibRaymonde DistefanoSherbrooke, Qc
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Baptisms of the family Zakaib
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Zakaib
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Baptisms list
1913Mary ZakaibFSherbrooke, QC
1915Tophi ZakaibMSherbrooke, QC
1918Mary-Adelle ZakaibFSherbrooke, QC
1920Karam ZakaibMSherbrooke, QC
1920Georges-Nicolas ZakaibMSherbrooke, QC
1921Georgianna-Bertha ZakaibFSherbrooke, QC
1922M.M.Juliette ZakaibFSherbrooke, QC
1928Wadad ZakaibMSorel, QC
1930Marie-Gloria ZakaibFSorel, QC
1930M.Therese-Rita ZakaibFSherbrooke, QC
1932Joseph-Edmond ZakaibMSorel, QC
1936Marie-Marlene-Odette ZakaibFSorel, QC
1938Joseph-Alfred-Afteromous ZakaibMSorel, QC
Joseph-Sem-Edmond ZakaibMSorel, QC
Joseph-Normand-Rene ZakaibMSorel, QC
Anonyme ZakaibTracy, QC
Marie-Anne-Louise ZakaibFTracy, QC
Marie-Joanne-Violette-Therese-Elaine ZakaibFSorel, QC
Marie-Emilie-Isabelle-Claire-Jeanne ZakaibFSorel, QC
Marie-Marlene-Nathalie ZakaibFTracy, QC
... and several other
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Burials of the family Zakaib
Here are some examples of burials of the family Zakaib
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Burrials list
1915Tophi ZakaibMSherbrooke, QC
1917Mary ZakaibFSherbrooke, QC
1918Adi ZakaibFSherbrooke, QC
1919Maghie ZakaibFSherbrooke, QC
1919Sophia ZakaibFSherbrooke, QC
1919Wardy ZakaibFSherbrooke, QC
1920Mary ZakaibFSherbrooke, QC
1920Georges ZakaibMSherbrooke, QC
1927George-Shakeen ZakaibMSherbrooke, QC
1961Abdullah-Elias ZakaibMSherbrooke, QC
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Pioneer of the family Zakaib

A ma connaissance ma grand-mère Najlah Zakaib a eu 12 et non 17 enfants avec Aboosamra Kouri; si vous êtes intéressé je pourrais vous donner la liste des invités aux funérailles d'Aboosamra Kouri en 1934; c'est impressionnant...
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Submitted by
Daniel K.

My great grandmother, Najlah Zakaib, was born in 1869 in Damascus, Syria. Moved to Montreal in 1889 with her new hushband, Aboosamra Kouri. They had 17 children, my grandmother waddai the second, and never returned to her homeland. My MOTHER, Evelyn Zakaib, was born in Aug.1919 in Montreal. Her eledest son BOBBY Genest, was born Apr.1951 in Plateau Montreal as it is called today.
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Submitted by
Bob H.

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Origin of name Zakaib

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Celebrities of the family Zakaib

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