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Wissell family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

Similar surnames: Whissel, Whissell
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Pioneer of the family Wissell

Johannes Weisel b. 1650 in Germany.
m. Margaretthe Reichataetterin.
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Marriages of the family Wissell
Our database contains 429 records of marriages of the family Wissell, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1813Vaudreuil-Dorion, QcJean-Baptiste VoicelVictoire Gauthier
1850Ottawa, OnEmery WisselElisabeth Faucher
1852Saint-Andre-D'argenteuil, QcPierre WissellEmilie Pharand
1855Ottawa, OnGeorges WissellMarguerite Lepage
1856Ottawa, OnCharles VilleneuveJosephine Whissell
1858Ottawa, OnLuc-David EmondJosephine Whissell
1863Saint-Andre-Avellin, QcJoseph WhisselMarcelline Sauve-Dit-Laplante
1864Saint-Andre-Avellin, QcGeorges WhisselEleonore Rousson
1866Saint-Andre-Avellin, QcWilliam WhisselArthemise Prevost
1866Saint-Andre-Avellin, QcJoseph-Aldebert WhisselMarcelline Ethier
1867Saint-Andre-Avellin, QcFrederic WhisselSinee Hay
1867Saint-Andre-Avellin, QcElie RodgerMarie Whissel
1873Saint-Andre-Avellin, QcFrederic CharbonneauDomitille Whissell
1877Cheneville, QcLouis DinelSophie Whissell
1880Cheneville, QcJacob Whissel-Dit-SacarailleMarie-Louise Robert-Dit-Fache
1880Papineauville, QcGeorges WhisselMathilde Hay
1881Cheneville, QcJacob WhissellMarie-Louise Robert
1884Ottawa, OnOctave-Thomas WhissellMalvina Lalonde
1884Cheneville, QcSamuel WhissellAmanda Robert
1885Cheneville, QcBenjamin ServantMarie Whissell
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Wissell
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Wissell
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Baptisms list
1872Ripon, QCWilliam-Joseph WhisselM
1872Ripon, QCMarguerite WhisselF
1872Ripon, QCAntoine-Edouard WhisselM
1876Ripon, QCPomela-Marie WisselF
1879Ripon, QCEugene-Jean-Baptiste WisselM
1881Cheneville, QCMarie-Elizabeth WisselF
1882Cheneville, QCJoseph-Polydore WisselM
1883Cheneville, QCJoseph-Jacob WisselM
1885Cheneville, QCPierre-Arthur WhissellM
1885Cheneville, QCRose-Delima WissellF
1887Cheneville, QCFrederic-Ovila-Louis WisselM
1887Cheneville, QCMarie-Louise-Exilda WisselF
1888Hull, QCMarie-Magie-Celina WisselF
1889Hull, QCHenri WisselM
1890Hull, QCAnonyme WisselM
1891Hull, QCMarie-Emerentienne WisselF
1891Hull, QCAnonyme WissellF
1891Hull, QCMarie-Lydia WissellF
1891Hull, QCDaniel WissellM
1891Hull, QCMarie-Anne-Mathilda WissellF
... and several other
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Burials of the family Wissell
Here are some examples of burials of the family Wissell
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Burrials list
1888Ripon, QCDelima WhisselF
1888Hull, QCMarie-Marguerite WisselsF
1891Hull, QCAnonyme WisselF
1891Hull, QCMarie WissellF
1892Hull, QCJosaphat WissellM
1892Hull, QCMarie WissellF
1898Ripon, QCDina-Marie-Fidelia WisselF
1898Hull, QCJoseph-Horace WissellM
1902Hull, QCLaurette WhissellF
1902Huberdeau, QCPierre WhissellM
1903Hull, QCAnonyme WissellF
1903Hull, QCAurele WissellM
1904Hull, QCNapoleon WissellM
1907Hull, QCIsaac WissellM
1907Hull, QCOmer WissellM
1908Hull, QCFlorent WissellM
1909Hull, QCEldege WissellM
1910Hull, QCMarie WhissellF
1910Hull, QCJeanne WissellF
1911Hull, QCMichel WissellM
... and several other
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Origin of name Wissell

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Celebrities of the family Wissell

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