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Trotechaud family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

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Marriages of the family Trotechaud
Our database contains 27 records of marriages of the family Trotechaud, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1815Maskinonge, QcAntoine PageMarguerite Trotochaud
1883Lakeshore, OnAlfred TrotechaudSalomee Trepanier
1884Saint-Justin, QcLouis TrotochaudAglae Landry
1886Lakeshore, OnHonore TrotechaudAglae Leduc
1887Lakeshore, OnWilliam TrepannierAnnie Trotechaud
1895Lakeshore, OnHonore TrotechaudMarie-Louise Mailloux
1909Lakeshore, OnOmer TrotechaudDelia Labadie
1911Trois-Rivieres, QcGeorges LysightAlma Trotochaud
1920Shawinigan, QcDolphis TrotechaudAurore Bergeron
1928Shawinigan-Sud, QcJosaphat GauthierM.-Rachel Trottechaud
1938Windsor, OnGeorges-Edward SmithMarie-Beatrice Trotechaud-Trotechand
1938Shawinigan-Sud, QcAlbert DesiletsYvette Trottechaud
1941Shawinigan, QcPierre-Louis TrottechaudExilia Gelinas
1941Shawinigan-Sud, QcUbald TrottechaudBlanda Drolet
1946Shawinigan, QcFernand TrotechaudEstelle Carbonneau
1947Grand-Mere, QcRobert TrotechaudGeorgette Desilets
1949Shawinigan-Sud, QcRoger TrotechaudGeorgette Lambert
1949Shawinigan-Sud, QcFlorian LarocheJeannine Trattechaud
1949Shawinigan-Sud, QcMaurice MorandPauline Trottechaud
1950Shawinigan, QcMarcel TrottechaudJuliette Briere
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Trotechaud
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Trotechaud
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Baptisms list
1854Saint-Maurice, QCElisabeth TrotecheauF
1859Saint-Maurice, QCM.Emma TrotechaudF
1905Shawinigan, QCM.Rachel TrotechaudF
1906Shawinigan, QCJoseph-Gaston-Gabriel TrotechaudM
1907Shawinigan, QCJ.Florent-Robert TrotechaudM
1911Shawinigan, QCJ.Achille-Ubald TrotechaudM
1913Shawinigan, QCJ.Sylvain-Robert TrottechaudM
1921Shawinigan, QCJoseph-Rosaire-Fernand TrotechaudM
1922Shawinigan, QCJ.Marcel-Richard TrotechaudM
1924Shawinigan, QCJ.Martial-Roger TrotechaudM
1925Shawinigan, QCJ.Paul-Emile-Robert TrottechaudM
1926Shawinigan, QCMarie-Georgette-Jeannine TrotechaudF
1927Shawinigan, QCMarie-Claire-Rita TrotechaudF
1928Shawinigan-Sud, QCJ.Jean-Jacques-Raymond TrottechaudM
1930Shawinigan-Sud, QCJ.Henri-Raymond TrottechaudM
1931Shawinigan-Sud, QCJ.Jean-Claude TrottechaudM
1931Trois-Rivieres, QCM.Laurence-Yvette TrotechaudF
1934Trois-Rivieres, QCM.Bibiane-Celine TrotechaudF
1934Shawinigan-Sud, QCM.Jacqueline-Denise TrottechaudF
Shawinigan-Sud, QCM.Carmen-Jacqueline TrottechaudF
... and several other
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Burials of the family Trotechaud
Here are some examples of burials of the family Trotechaud
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Burrials list
1907Shawinigan, QCGabrielle TrotechaudF
1908Shawinigan, QCJ.Robert TrotechaudM
1922Shawinigan, QCRichard TrotechaudM
1929Shawinigan-Sud, QCRachel TrottechaudF
1929Shawinigan-Sud, QCJ.Jn.Jacques-Raymond TrottechaudM
1931Shawinigan, QCCleophire TrottechaudF
1937Shawinigan-Sud, QCM.Jacqueline-Denise TrottechaudF
1940Shawinigan-Sud, QCAnonyme Trottechaud
1945Shawinigan-Sud, QCAdolphe TrottechaudM
1946Shawinigan-Sud, QCM.Carmen-Jacqueline TrottechaudF
1950Shawinigan-Sud, QCAnonyme TrottechaudM
1950Shawinigan-Sud, QCRoger TrottechaudM
1955Saint-Barthelemy, QCAmanda TrottechaudF
1962Shawinigan-Sud, QCDelphis TrottechaudM
1972Shawinigan, QCRose-Anna Trotechaud
1974Shawinigan, QCMarie-Louise Trotechaud
1979Shawinigan-Sud, QCUbald TrottechaudM
1989Shawinigan-Sud, QCRaymond TrottechaudM
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Pioneer of the family Trotechaud

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Origin of name Trotechaud

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Celebrities of the family Trotechaud

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