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Marriages of the family Stringer
Our database contains 75 records of marriages of the family Stringer, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1774Quebec, QcRobert FrancisMary Stringer
1780Quebec, QcJohn StringerElisabeth Robinson
1834Quebec, QcEdward EdgleyElisa Stringer
1838Saint-Remi, QcBenjamin VaillancourtEmilie Stinger
1843Saint-Jean-Chrysostome, QcJohn-Hemmingford StringerAdelaide Patenaude
1866Franklin, QcJohn StringerVitaline Bouthellier
1867Hemmingford, QcJohn RyanMatilde Stringer
1871Hemmingford, QcEusebe StringerDelphine Poissant
1871Hemmingford, QcNarcisse StringerDelima Poissant
1871Montreal, QcGeorges StringerCaroline Roberts
1875Hemmingford, QcElzear PerrasOmelnice Stringer
1875Hemmingford, QcJoseph PerrasAdelaide Stringer
1893Chartierville, QcTheophile TavernierMarie Stringer
1894La-Peche, QcThomas StringerKatherine Foley
1896Montreal, QcCharles MoreauNellie Stringer
1898Chartierville, QcEusebe StringerAlmaida Chicoine
1899Hemmingford, QcEdouard PerrasMarguerite Stringer
1899Chartierville, QcAlfred BeauregardEva Stringer
1900Chartierville, QcTheodore MartinLina Stringer
1901Hemmingford, QcNarcisse StringerMelina Noel
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Baptisms of the family Stringer
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Stringer
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Baptisms list
Saint-Joseph-de-Coleraine, QCMarie-Claudette-Simone StringerF
Disraeli, QCJoseph-Gabriel-Jeannot StringerM
Sherbrooke, QCRita-Jeannette StringerF
Disraeli, QCJoseph-Frederic-Andre StringerM
Disraeli, QCJoseph-Ernest StringerM
Disraeli, QCMarie-Paule-Rita StringerF
Disraeli, QCJoseph-Serge-Roger StringerM
Disraeli, QCMarie-Lucille StringerF
Chartierville, QCJoseph-Robert Stringer
Chartierville, QCLisa-Fernande Stringer
Richmond, QCJoseph-Armand-Guy-Yvan StringerM
Chartierville, QCMarie-Sylvie-Nadia Stringer
Sherbrooke, QCL.J.M.Eve StringerF
Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, QCNicolas-Armand-Joseph Desroches-StringerM
Sherbrooke, QCChristopher-Samuel-Keven-Edouard-Joseph StringerM
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Pioneer of the family Stringer

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Origin of name Stringer

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Celebrities of the family Stringer

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