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Standingribbon family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

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Marriages of the family Standingribbon
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Marriages list
1919Peter StandingribbonGenevieve NoskiyeCalais, Ab
1921Alexis KiyawasewMarie StandingribbonCalais, Ab
1928Pat PayoEmilienne StandingribbonCalais, Ab
1931William StandingribbonFelicite MususCalais, Ab
1938Pierre JoachimEliza StandingribbonCalais, Ab
1941Salomon BeaudryChristine StandingribbonCalais, Ab
1944Magloire StandingribbonMarie MosusCalais, Ab
1964Alexis GarbittDorothy StandingribbonCalais, Ab
1993Alexis StandingribbonFlorence MitchellCalais, Ab
1993Gerald-Peter StandingribbonRhonda-Rose GoodswimmerCalais, Ab
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Pioneer of the family Standingribbon

Hi my Late granny was a Marie Standingribbon-Freeman Auger.just wondered if anyone maybe connected to her family, she did go to visit in Sturgeon Lake once never did say who she visited,we think it was a brother. she did named one of her boys William. My name is Mary Van Patten Chonkolay. My Aunt Elizabeth Freeman is the last one of her children and lives in Pouce Coupe
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Submitted by
Mary V.

hi I'm looking for information as well on emilienne Standingribbon who was my Grandmother - do you perhaps think that your gret mother and my grandmother were sisters?

Darren Payou

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Submitted by
Darren P.

I had a chance to write on FB to Pat Payo I think and she said her relative was a William Standingribbon.who would have been my late grannies brother. Anyone know if they had other siblings?or if any one knows where they were originally from? I know she said they had Stoney and there some in Morley. and as young children the buffalo hunts she rememberd Her name was Marie Standingribbon,Senibanikanawew Manitjos Meyowasis.parents..Charles & Marguerite 1840 Miyowasis.Kamiyo ,Awasis Mehoawasis ..William 1885. If anyone can find any more information about their history ? I am trying to put together a family tree record. Marielin mother was late Madeline Chonkolay.Freeman Dit Auger.daughter of Marie Standingribbon Freeman
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Submitted by
Mary V.

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