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Sims family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

Similar surnames: Cinq, Cinqmars, Cinq-Mars, Cinquino, Saindon, Saint, Saint-Amand, Saint-Amant, Saint-Amour, Saint-Amour-Christin, Saint-Andre, Saint-Antoine, Saint-Arnaud, Saint-Arnault, Saint-Aubin, Saint-Charles, Saint-Coeur, Saint-Cyr, Saint-Denis, Sainte-Croix, Sainte-Marie, Saint-Gelais, Saint-Georges, Saint-Germain, Saint-Hilaire, Saint-Jacques, Saint-Jean, Saint-Jorre-Sergerie, Saint-Julien, Saint-Laurent, Saint-Louis, Saint-Marie, Saint-Martin, Saint-Maurice, Saint-Michel, Saintonge, Saint-Onge, Saint-Ours, Saint-Pierre, Saint-Pierre, Saint-Pierre-Dessaint, Saint-Sauveur, Saint-Yves, Sincennes, Sincerny, Sinclair, Sinden, Sinette, Singcaster, Singelais, Singelais, Singelet, Singer, Singh, Singher, Singler, Singleton, Sinn, Sinnott, Sinotte, St, Stabile, Stacey, Stack, Stackpole, Stacy, Stadler, Stafford, Stagg, Stahl, Staines, Stalker, St-Amand, St-Amant, St-Amour, Standingribbon, Standish, St-Andre, Stanford, Stang, Stanger, Stanhope, Staniforth, Stanislas, Stanley, St-Antoine, Stanton, Staples, Stapleton, Stark, Starkey, St-Armand, St-Arnaud, St-Arnauld, St-Arnault, St-Arneault, Starnes, Starnino, Starr, Statton, Staub, St-Aubin, St-Cerny, St-Charles, St-Clair, St-Coeur, St-Cyr, St-Denis, St-Denys, Ste, Steadworthy, Stearns, Stebbins, Steben, Stebenne, Ste-Croix, Stedman, Steel, Steele, Steen, Steeves, Steffan, Stein, Steiner, Steingue, Stella, St-Eloi, Ste-Marie, Stenson, Stephen, Stephens, Stephenson, Sterling, Stern, Stetson, Steven, Stevens, Stevenson, Stever, Steves, Steward, Stewart, St-Francois, St-Gelais, St-Gemme, St-George, St-Georges, St-Georges-Laporte, St-Germain, St-Godard, St-Hilaire, Stibre, Stickles, Stickney, Stiles, Stimpson, Stimson, Stinson, Stirling, Stitt, St-Jacques, St-Jacques, St-Jacques-Cheval, St-James, St-Jean, St-Jean-Catudal, St-Jean-Coitou, St-Jean-Lagarde, St-Jean-Laperche, St-John, St-Jules, St-Julien, St-Laurent, St-Lawrence, St-Louis, St-Mars, St-Marseille, St-Martin, St-Maurice, St-Michel, Stock, Stocker, Stockwell, Stoddard, Stoddart, Stokes, Stoltz, St-Once, Stone, Stonehouse, St-Onge, Stoodley, Stooke, Storey, Storie, Story, St-Ours, St-Ours-St-Ourse, Stout, Stowe, Stowell, Stoycheff, St-Pere, St-Pierre, St-Pierre, St-Pierre-Dessein, Strachan, Strain, Strand, Strang, Strange, Strasbourg, Stratford, Stratton, Street, Streeter, Strickland, Stringer, St-Roch, Strong, Stroud, Strout, Struthers, Strutt, St-Sauveur, St-Thomas, Stuard, Stuart, Stubbert, Stubbins, Stubbs, Stucker, Sturgeon, Sturtevant, Stutz, St-Vincent, Styles, St-Yves
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Marriages of the family Sims
Our database contains 289 records of marriages of the family Sims, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1713Henry Cain-LatailleMarie-Jeanne GatienQuebec, Qc
1738Nicolas-Gilles ChauvinMarie-Madeleine Cain
1738Nicolas ChauvinMadeleine CainQuebec, Qc
1745Jean-Baptiste CainGenevieve LouineauQuebec, Qc
1803Joseph DubauM.-Claire GeoffroySainte-Elisabeth, Qc
1831James CainMary McknightQuebec, Qc
1834Joseph Dubaut-CainMathilde RouyardSainte-Melanie, Qc
1835William SimsMary SheaOttawa, On
1837Jean-Baptiste Dubaut-CainHelene GregoireSaint-Ambroise-De-Kildare, Qc
1837Cyrille Dubaut-CainJosephine EtuSainte-Melanie, Qc
1838William BrowneSara CainMontebello, Qc
1841John RoeRoselyn Cain-KaneNicolet, Qc
1841James Cain-KaneMargaret ThompsonNicolet, Qc
1842Nicholas CainMary OwensBuckingham, Qc
1843Bernard GunnMary Cain-KaneNicolet, Qc
1845Patrick KellyMary-Ann SimsQuebec, Qc
1846Joseph SimsMary ReganQuebec, Qc
1846Edouard CainMarie PurtellSaint-Zephirin-De-Courval, Qc
1846Joseph SavardSara SimsQuebec, Qc
1848John CainEllen McgowenQuebec, Qc
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Sims
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Sims
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Baptisms list
1805Catherine CainFLachenaie, QC
1833Guillaume CainMBaie-du-Febvre, QC
1834Edouard Dubaut-CainMSainte-Melanie, QC
1836Louise-Amelie Dubaut-CainFSainte-Melanie, QC
1836Marie CainFBuckingham, QC
1837Patrice CainMBuckingham, QC
1839James CainMSaint-Jacques-de-Leeds, QC
1843Pierre CainMNicolet, QC
1843Anne CainFBuckingham, QC
1843Catherine CainFBuckingham, QC
1844Peter CainMBuckingham, QC
1845Peter CainMBuckingham, QC
1847William CainMBuckingham, QC
1847Rose CainFSainte-Monique, QC
1847Pierre CainMSainte-Monique, QC
1848Henry CainMBuckingham, QC
1850Mary CainFSherbrooke, QC
1851Mary CainFBuckingham, QC
1854Barbara CainFBuckingham, QC
1854Maria SimmsFSherbrooke, QC
... and several other
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Burials of the family Sims
Here are some examples of burials of the family Sims
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Burrials list
1838Isabella SimsFSaint-Jacques-de-Leeds, QC
1843M.A.Catherine CainFRimouski, QC
1862CaimsEaton, QC
1862Charles CainStanstead, QC
1862Charles CainMStanstead, QC
1864Elizabeth Sims-O'neillFInverness, QC
1867James SimsMInverness, QC
1872Elizabeth SimsFInverness, QC
1872Alicejane SimsFInverness, QC
1872James SimsMInverness, QC
1879John-James SimsMRichmond, QC
1879George-Charles SimsMRichmond, QC
1879Elizabeth-Ann SimsFRichmond, QC
1903William SimsMSherbrooke, QC
1926Bella-Margaret SimmsFBury, QC
1930John-Henry-Emmett SimmsMSherbrooke, QC
1930J.Stewart CainMSherbrooke, QC
1934Mary CainFRichmond, QC
1935Christophe SimsMLongueuil, QC
1944Anniemckillop CainsFIreland, QC
... and several other
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