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Sherman family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

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Pioneer of the family Sherman

James Sharman & his wife Mary Kerrison arrived in Quebec from Suffolk County, England in 1836 with their 9 children. Mary died shortly after arrival in Sherbrooke, Quebec. James and his family settled in Victoria ( Bury) Quebec, on land of the British American Land Company. All 9 children were baptized with the surname of SHARMAN. George Sherman (Sharman) has used the surname Sherman down threw the years. Why I don't know. The surname Sharman is very English and Sherman tends to be a Jewish surname in the USA.
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Origin of name Sherman

The surname should be SHARMAN for all members of this family. Perhaps census takers or Ministers wrote Sherman using an E instard of an A in their records and it was never corrected. I have seen written about the Father James Sharman that he taught all his children to read and write. His children are; Henry, George, Mary Ann, Sarah, Ebenezer, Elizabeth, William, James.All the children were baptized in Wenhaston & Holton St Peter, Suffolk, England with the surname of SHARMAN.
The ship's manifest also lists their surname as SHARMAN. Harriet Kerrison is listed as a daughter of James Sharman's wife Mary Kerrison as illegitimate.
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Marriages of the family Sherman
Our database contains 73 records of marriages of the family Sherman, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1809Quebec, QcDavid ShermanJenny Themble
1837Ottawa, OnBernard ShermanCatherine Connor
1840Frelighsburg, QcP Sherman-BarnumSarah Chamberlin
1841Cap-Saint-Ignace, QcFrancois MaroisGenevieve Sherman
1847Hull, QcNathaniel ChamberlinMyra-Ann Sherman
1848Saint-Bernard-De-Lacolle, QcJames ShermanCatherine O-Neil
1853Lingwick, QcGeorge SharmanHarriett Bennett
1855Stanstead, QcJohn-Mortimer ShermanSarah-Ann Lilly
1856Eaton, QcRobert MayhewSarah Sherman
1864Ottawa, OnJames GormanEllen Sherman
1865Eaton, QcGeorge ShermanAnn Satton
1866Quebec, QcWilliam-Miller ShermanElizabeth Turner
1866Sutton, QcN. Sherman-BorightMary-E Olmstead
1867Saint-Maurice, QcAntoine DoucetElisabeth Sherman
1870Saint-Maurice, QcLuc DesiletsHelene Sherman
1870-, NsL-E SweetSusan-T Sherman
1870LaconiaOtis-S JohnsonBlanche Sherman
1871St-Eugene-De-Prescott, OnWilliam ShermanJane Hugues
1871Compton, QcJames-S ShermanAmanda Stevens
1872Scotstown, QcWilliam ShermanJulia Goodwin
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Sherman
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Sherman
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Baptisms list
1847Trois-Rivieres, QCM.Helene ShermanF
1851Becancour, QCM.Esther ShermanF
1864Bury, QCMary-Adina ShermanF
1865Bury, QCErnest-Augustus Sherman-SharmanM
1866Sawyerville, QCLominda-Alba ShermanF
1866Eaton, QCLominda-Alb ShermanF
1867Bury, QCAlice ShermanF
1868Bury, QCWilliam-Charles Sherman-SharmanM
1868Eaton, QCMary-Ellen ShermanF
1868Melbourne, QCMary-Eliza ShermanF
1868Compton, QCCora-Eva ShermanF
1870Bury, QCEllen-Jane Sherman-SharmanF
1870Bury, QCJustin-Wilbert ShermanM
1870Eaton, QCGeorge-Otis ShermanM
1871Compton, QCWalter-Albert ShermanM
1872Sawyerville, QCHenry-Joseph ShermanM
1874Sawyerville, QCAugustus-Adolphus ShermanM
1880Eaton, QCMargaret-Ann ShermanF
1880Eaton, QCJulia-May ShermanF
1880Eaton, QCRuth-Amanda ShermanF
... and several other
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Burials of the family Sherman
Here are some examples of burials of the family Sherman
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Burrials list
Milan, QCFloyde ShermanM
1836Sherbrooke, QCMary ChermanF
1859Hatley, QCBenjamin-H ShermanM
1862Hatley, QCMary-H ShermanF
1868Barnston, QCDavid ShermanM
1871Compton, QCSylvester-James ShermanM
1892Bury, QCEliza-Ann-Clarke ShermanF
1899Scotstown, QCAnna-Ruth ShermanF
1900Bury, QCHarriet-Bennett ShermanF
1902Sawyerville, QCDaniel ShermanM
1902Bury, QCEva-Eliza ShermanF
1904Bury, QCLottie-Perl ShermanF
1905Bury, QCPansey ShermanF
1909Cookshire, QCMary-Ann ShermanF
1912Eaton, QCGeorge ShermanM
1920Scotstown, QCMary-Ellen ShermanF
1924Cookshire, QCAugustus ShermanM
1925Bury, QCElmeda ShermanF
1926Sawyerville, QCAurie-Geneva ShermanF
1931Scotstown, QCReta-Dorothy ShermanF
... and several other
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Celebrities of the family Sherman

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