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Sergerie family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

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Marriages of the family Sergerie
Our database contains 1040 records of marriages of the family Sergerie, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1751Saint-Pascal, QcPierre Saint-Jorre-SergerieMarguerite-Ursule Martin
1770Saint-Pascal, QcPierre LevesqueMarie-Genevieve Saint-Jorre
1771Saint-Pascal, QcPierre Saint-Jorre-SergerieMarie-Louise Michaud
1771Kamouraska, QcPierre Saint-Jorre-SergerieMarie-Louise Michaud
1781Kamouraska, QcJoseph Saint-Jorre-SergerieMarie-Josephte Ouellet
1781Riviere-Ouelle, QcPierre Saint-JorreMadeleine Levesque
1783Kamouraska, QcPaulin Saint-Jorre-SergerieMarie-Genevieve Ayotte
1787Kamouraska, QcFrancois DubeMarie-Francoise Saint-Jorre-Sergerie
1790L'isle-Verte, QcJean Saint-Jorre-SergeryMarie Laplante
1793Riviere-Ouelle, QcJean DubeMarie-Anne Saint-Jorre-Sergerie
1796Kamouraska, QcIsidore Saint-Jorre-SergerieMarie-Victoire Potvin
1801Kamouraska, QcVincent BoucherMarie Saint-Jorre
1807Kamouraska, QcJoseph Morin-ValcourtRosalie Sergerie
1807Kamouraska, QcPierre Saint-Jorre-SergerieMarie-Josephte Martin
1812Kamouraska, QcAbraham Sirois-DuplessisMarie-Victoire Saint-Jorre-Sergerie
1812Kamouraska, QcJoseph Saint-Jorre-SergerieMarie Migneault
1813Kamouraska, QcJean DionneMarie-Victoire Saint-Jorre-Sergerie
1815Riviere-Ouelle, QcPierre GagnonMarie-Anne Sergerie
1816Kamouraska, QcAugustin VoisineMarie-Thecle Sergerie
1817Kamouraska, QcFirmin SergerieMarie Rouleau
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Sergerie
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Sergerie
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Baptisms list
1758Riviere-Ouelle, QCPaulin St-Jor-SergerieM
1760Riviere-Ouelle, QCJean-Baptiste St-Jor-SergerieM
1844Saint-Simon, QCHenriette St-Jorre-SergerieF
1864Riviere-du-Loup, QCMarie-Eugenie St-Jore-SergerieF
1865Saint-Simon, QCM.Clarina-Emilia SergerieF
1866Saint-Simon, QCClarina SergerieF
1866Riviere-du-Loup, QCMarie-Eugenie SergerieF
1867Saint-Simon, QCFerdinand-Etienne SergerieM
1867Cap-de-la-Madeleine, QCThomas-Georges SergerieM
1868Riviere-du-Loup, QCMarie-Aurore SergerieF
1869Trois-Rivieres, QCM.Cesarie SergerieF
1870Saint-Mathieu-de-Rioux, QCM.Arthemise St-Jorre-SergerieF
1871Saint-Mathieu-de-Rioux, QCClarina-Agathe SergerieF
1871Trois-Rivieres, QCJean-Treffle SergerieM
1871Riviere-du-Loup, QCJos.Wilfrid-Amable SergerieM
1872Saint-Mathieu-de-Rioux, QCJoseph St-Jorre-SergerieM
1874Saint-Mathieu-de-Rioux, QCLetitia-Adelina St-Jorre-SergerieF
1875Saint-Octave-de-Metis, QCJoseph-Samuel SergerieM
1875Saint-Mathieu-de-Rioux, QCJean-Baptiste SergerieM
1876Saint-Mathieu-de-Rioux, QCM.Rose St-Jorres-SergerieF
... and several other
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Burials of the family Sergerie
Here are some examples of burials of the family Sergerie
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Burrials list
1842Rimouski, QCVictoire St-Jorre-Dit-SergerieF
1847Riviere-du-Loup, QCAurelie SergerieF
1848Rimouski, QCMarie St-Jorre-Dit-SergerieF
1867Saint-Mathieu-de-Rioux, QCClarina SergerieF
1867Saint-Mathieu-de-Rioux, QCM.Clarina-Emilia SergerieF
1868Saint-Mathieu-de-Rioux, QCClarina SergerieF
1868Saint-Mathieu-de-Rioux, QCFerdinand-Etienne SergerieM
1868Sainte-Luce, QCAlfred St-Jore-SergerieM
1874Saint-Mathieu-de-Rioux, QCClarina SergerieF
1874Saint-Mathieu-de-Rioux, QCJoseph SergerieM
1874Saint-Mathieu-de-Rioux, QCJoseph St-Jorre-SergerieM
1877Sainte-Luce, QCRosalie St-Jorre-SergerieF
1882Saint-Mathieu-de-Rioux, QCJean-Baptiste SergerieM
1882Sherbrooke, QCPierre SergerieM
1882Sherbrooke, QCM.Louise SergerieF
1888Sherbrooke, QCGeorges SergerieM
1889Sherbrooke, QCClorida SergerieF
1889Sherbrooke, QCGuillaume SergerieM
1890Sherbrooke, QCOvila SergerieM
1890Sherbrooke, QCAnonyme SergerieM
... and several other
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Pioneer of the family Sergerie

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Origin of name Sergerie

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Celebrities of the family Sergerie

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