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Scrosati family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

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Marriages of the family Scrosati
Our database contains 49 records of marriages of the family Scrosati, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1903Saint-Georges-De-Windsor, QcAlcidas BissonAudelie Scrosati
1915Saint-Claude, QcArthur LaflammeOdelie Scrosati
1917Saint-Claude, QcEugene DesrochersClara-Amanda Scrosati
1919Saint-Georges-De-Windsor, QcJean-Baptiste ScrosatiLouise Morin
1920Saint-Georges-De-Windsor, QcNapoleon ScrosatiRose-Leontine Chardonnet
1941Saint-Georges-De-Windsor, QcRolland BerardJeanne-D-Arc Scrosati
1947Saint-Claude, QcJean-Louis ScrosatiAline Cadorette
1947Windsor, QcAntonio ScrosatiMarie-Jeanne-D-Arc Prince
1947Saint-Georges-De-Windsor, QcLeopold ScrosatiGermaine Blanchette
1948Saint-Claude, QcAntonio VachonMarie-Therese Scrosati
1950Granby, QcAngelo ScrosatiLouise Vachon
1953Saint-Claude, QcHermas HouleMarie Scrosati
1954Sainte-Cecile-De-Milton, QcValere ScrosatiAnne-Marie Gagne
1955Saint-Claude, QcAzarias TremblayRita Scrosati
1955Saint-Claude, QcEugene ScrosatiMarie-Jeanne Joyal
1955Danville, QcHenri ScrosatiMadeleine Tremblay
1957Saint-Claude, QcWilliam ConnollyStella Scrosati
1957Saint-Claude, QcJoseph ScrosatiDenise Hamel
1964Stanstead, QcMarcel ScrosatiJacqueline Beaudin
1971Sherbrooke, QcNapoleon ScrosatiSylvia Gaudreau
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Scrosati
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Scrosati
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Baptisms list
1920Saint-Claude, QCJoseph-Henri-Philippe ScrosatiM
1921Saint-Georges-de-Windsor, QCMarie-Therese-Jeanne-D'arc ScrosatiF
1921Saint-Claude, QCJoseph-Leon-Jean-Louis ScrosatiM
1922Saint-Georges-de-Windsor, QCJoseph-Nazaire-Leopold ScrosatiM
1923Saint-Claude, QCAntoni-Angelo ScrosatiM
1924Saint-Claude, QCMarie-Marthe-Rita ScrosatiF
1925Saint-Claude, QCJoseph-Antonio ScrosatiM
1927Saint-Claude, QCMarie-Therese-Madeleine ScrosatiF
1928Saint-Claude, QCHenri-Nazaire ScrosatiM
1929Saint-Claude, QCJoseph-Georges-Philippe ScrosatiM
1931Saint-Claude, QCJoseph ScrosatiM
1932Saint-Claude, QCJoseph-Eugene ScrosatiM
1935Saint-Claude, QCMarie-Elizabeth ScrosatiF
1936Saint-Claude, QCMarie-Stella-Irene ScrosatiF
Saint-Georges-de-Windsor, QCJoseph-Rosaire-Marcel ScrosatiM
Windsor, QCJoseph-Philippe-Jean ScrosatiM
Saint-Georges-de-Windsor, QCJoseph-Benjamin-Normand ScrosatiM
Windsor, QCMarie-Jeanne-Louise ScrosatiF
Saint-Georges-de-Windsor, QCSerge-Raymond ScrosatiM
Saint-Georges-de-Windsor, QCJoseph-Boniface-Emilio-Richard ScrosatiM
... and several other
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Burials of the family Scrosati
Here are some examples of burials of the family Scrosati
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Burrials list
1922Saint-Claude, QCHenri ScrosatiM
1940Saint-Claude, QCJoseph-Angelo ScrosatiM
1953Saint-Georges-de-Windsor, QCAnonyme Scrosati
1957Windsor, QCAnonyme ScrosatiM
1964Windsor, QCEmile ScrosatiM
1965Saint-Claude, QCMarie ScrosatiF
1965Saint-Claude, QCJoseph ScrosatiM
1966Windsor, QCJoseph ScrosatiM
1966Saint-Claude, QCJoseph ScrosatiM
1969Windsor, QCMarie-Colette ScrosatiF
1978Saint-Claude, QCAndre ScrosatiM
1979Windsor, QCJean-Baptiste ScrosatiM
1981Windsor, QCPhilippe ScrosatiM
1987Windsor, QCNapoleon ScrosatiM
1996Windsor, QCDaniel ScrosatiM
1996Windsor, QCAngelo ScrosatiM
1997Saint-Francois-Xavier-de-Brompton, QCAntonio ScrosatiM
2003Saint-Claude, QCEugene ScrosatiM
2004Windsor, QCHenri ScrosatiM
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Pioneer of the family Scrosati

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Origin of name Scrosati

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Celebrities of the family Scrosati

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