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Rodgers family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

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Marriages of the family Rodgers
Our database contains 293 records of marriages of the family Rodgers, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1801Chambly, QcPierre FrechetteElisabeth Rotger
1810Frelighsburg, QcCharles BlinnSarah-E. Rodgers
1810Frelighsburg, QcCharles BlinnSarah-E Rodgers
1811Frelighsburg, QcBela AyerSusannah Rodgers
1830Dunham, QcMoses-J. PostEmily Rodgers
1834Sherbrooke, QcJames RyanElisa Rodgers
1836Saint-Andre-D'argenteuil, QcBruno RoyEmilie Rodgers
1837Mirabel, QcJoseph RodgersScholastique Allard
1840Eaton, QcJ-R-Freeman HildrethJ-Mehitable Rodgers
1842Mirabel, QcJohn RodgersAnastasie Boyer
1843Bedford, QcWilliam-J. RodgersJulia-H-L. Dyke
1843Bedford, QcWilliam-J RodgersJulia-H.-L. Dyke
1844Quebec, QcCharles SherryHelen Rodgers
1845Frelighsburg, QcWilliam-H RodgersSarah-F.-A. Brooks
1845Frelighsburg, QcWilliam-H. RodgersSarah-F-A. Brooks
1845Eaton, QcHartop-A RodgersMaria Alger
1845Stanstead, QcGeorge RodgersMaria-Eunice Fox
1846Mirabel, QcJoseph RodgersZoe Boyer
1846L'orignal, OnRichard LonsdaleEllen Rodgers
1848Montreal, QcDaniel BarryMary Rodgers
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Rodgers
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Rodgers
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Baptisms list
1835Shipton, QCAsher-Hamlin Rodgers
1835Shipton, QCJudith-Mehitabel RodgersF
1838Buckingham, QCCatherine RodgersF
1841Hatley, QCThomas RodgersM
1842Sainte-Melanie, QCM.Elizabeth RodgersF
1843Sherbrooke, QCHelene RodgersF
1844Carleton, QCSuzanne RodgersF
1846Carleton, QCMarie-Anne RodgersF
1849New-Richmond, QCJohanna RodgersF
1851New-Richmond, QCMarie-Anne RodgersF
1851Eaton, QCJenneth-Hubbard Rodgers
1852Saint-Placide, QCMarie-Henriette Rodgers
1852New-Richmond, QCMarguerite RodgersF
1854Saint-Placide, QCPaul Rodgers
1855New-Richmond, QCJohn RodgersM
1855Saint-Placide, QCJean Rodgers
1858New-Richmond, QCJane RodgersF
1860New-Richmond, QCFrancois RodgersM
1860Saint-Placide, QCZoe Rodgers
1862New-Richmond, QCJean-Edouard RodgersM
... and several other
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Burials of the family Rodgers
Here are some examples of burials of the family Rodgers
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Burrials list
1841Hatley, QCThomas RodgersM
1842Hatley, QCJames-F RodgersM
1854Saint-Placide, QCPaul Rodgers
1856New-Richmond, QCJohn RodgersM
1873New-Richmond, QCMarguerite RodgersF
1877Saint-Placide, QCJohn Rodgers
1877Saint-Placide, QCJoseph Rodgers
1881Richmond, QCCharlotte-Elizabeth RodgersF
1882Richmond, QCAda RodgersF
1882Richmond, QCJohn-Alexander RodgersF
1890L'ile-d'Anticosti, QCCatherine-Emma Rodgers-NoteF
1899Richmond, QCWilliam-Edward RodgersM
1901Sawyerville, QCCatherine RodgersF
1904Eaton, QCEllen RodgersF
1914L'ile-d'Anticosti, QCAnt.Abraham-Leonard RodgersM
1916L'ile-d'Anticosti, QCJ.Arcade-Abraham RodgersM
1917L'ile-d'Anticosti, QCWilliam-N RodgersM
1921L'ile-d'Anticosti, QCNoella-Josephine RodgersF
1923L'ile-d'Anticosti, QCWalter-Claude-N RodgersM
1923L'ile-d'Anticosti, QCJos.Georges-Roland RodgersM
... and several other
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Pioneer of the family Rodgers

I am searching for angelique rodgers whose maiden name was micmac. she was an algonquin woman and spoke ojibwe, She married thomas rogers and adopted Frances
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Verna R.

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Origin of name Rodgers

I am searching for thomas rodgers from gowganda ontario canada , he was a native man who was a miner ,trapper and a guide.
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Submitted by
Verna R.

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Celebrities of the family Rodgers

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