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Robitaille family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

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Pioneer of the family Robitaille

Pierre Robitaille was born around 1651 in St-George d' Auchy-les-Hesdin, Pas-de-Calais, in France. Son of Jean Robitaille and Martine Cormont, he married Marie Maufay, daughter of Pierre and Marie Duval, in May 1675 in Quebec. From this union were born 13 children. He arrived in this country before 1670, he settled down in L'Ancienne-Lorette. The census of 1681 shows that he owns 1 rifle, 6 animals with horns and 16 acres of land in value. He died in l'Ancienne-Lorette in May 1715.
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Origin of name Robitaille

ROBITAILLE - Derived from Robert, of Germanic “the Hrodberht” which means “glory-brilliance”. Popularized by Saint Robert, the founder about the cistercians.
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Marriages of the family Robitaille
Our database contains 8094 records of marriages of the family Robitaille, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1670Quebec, QcJean RobitailleMarguerite Buletez-Bulte
1675Sillery, QcPierre RobitailleMarie Maufay
1693Montreal, QcPhilippe RobitailleMarie-Madeleine Warren
1705Neuville, QcCharles RobitailleMarie-Louise Delisle
1706L'ancienne-Lorette, QcAndre RobitailleMarguerite Hamel
1707L'ancienne-Lorette, QcGuillaume BelleauMarie-Suzanne Robitaille
1713Sainte-Foy, QcAndre RobitailleFrancoise-Catherine Chevalier
1713Sainte-Foy, QcAndre RobitailleFrancoise-Catherine Chevalier
1715L'ancienne-Lorette, QcEustache Lienard-MondorMarie-Agnes Robitaille
1717L'ancienne-Lorette, QcJean RobitailleMarguerite Meunier
1717Quebec, QcJoseph FauconnetMarie-Therese Robitaille
1721Sainte-Foy, QcPierre RobitailleMarie-Madeleine Berthiaume
1722L'ancienne-Lorette, QcJoseph RobitailleCatherine Drolet
1722Montreal, QcJean-Baptiste BironMarguerite Robitaille
1723Sainte-Foy, QcRomain RobitailleMarie-Francoise Marie
1732L'ancienne-Lorette, QcPierre RobitailleGenevieve Jourdin
1733Portneuf, QcJacques GouletMarie-Monique Robitaille
1733Saint-Joseph-De-Lanoraie, QcJean-Baptiste Guignard-DalcourtM.-Charlotte Robitaille
1734L'ancienne-Lorette, QcAndre RobitailleMarie-Louise Drolet
1735Neuville, QcLouis-Joseph DolbecMarie-Monique Robitaille
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Robitaille
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Robitaille
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Baptisms list
1773Sainte-Genevieve, QCJoseph RobitailleM
1774Saint-Joseph-de-Lanoraie, QCM.Charlotte RobitailleF
1774Saint-Antoine-de-Lavaltrie, QCM.Charlotte RobitailleF
1776Saint-Antoine-de-Lavaltrie, QCClaude RobitailleM
1781Saint-Antoine-de-Lavaltrie, QCPierre RobitailleM
1783Repentigny, QCM.Angelique RobitailleF
1787Saint-Cuthbert, QCAlexis RobitailleM
1787Repentigny, QCM.Louise RobitailleF
1790Saint-Antoine-de-Lavaltrie, QCMarie RobitailleF
1794Sainte-Genevieve, QCM.Amable Robitaille
1795Sainte-Genevieve, QCJosephe RobitailleF
1796Sainte-Genevieve, QCSuzanne RobitailleF
1798Sainte-Genevieve, QCAntoine RobitailleM
1799Sainte-Genevieve, QCAmable Robitaille
1801Sainte-Genevieve, QCAngelique RobitailleF
1802Sainte-Genevieve, QCRose RobitailleF
1802Sainte-elisabeth, QCPierre RobitailleM
1803Sainte-Genevieve, QCCharles RobitailleM
1804Sainte-elisabeth, QCMaxime RobitailleM
1805Sainte-elisabeth, QCJean-Baptiste RobitailleM
... and several other
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Burials of the family Robitaille
Here are some examples of burials of the family Robitaille
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Burrials list
1777Saint-Ours, QCCharlotte Robitaille
1777Saint-Ours, QCCharlotte RobitailleF
1777Saint-Ours, QCMarie-Charlotte RobitailleF
1794Sainte-Genevieve, QCM.Amable Robitaille
1795Sainte-Genevieve, QCJosephe Robitaille
1798Repentigny, QCFrancois Robitaille
1798Sainte-Genevieve, QCAntoine Robitaille
1799Sainte-Genevieve, QCAmable Robitaille
1802Sainte-Genevieve, QCRose Robitaille
1805Sainte-Genevieve, QCSophie Robitaille
1806Sainte-Genevieve, QCAmable Robitaille
1809Sainte-elisabeth, QCJoseph Robitaille
1810Saint-Antoine-de-Lavaltrie, QCMarie Robitaille
1810Sainte-elisabeth, QCJoseph Robitaille
1810Repentigny, QCM.Thersille Robitaille
1811Sainte-Genevieve, QCMarie Robitaille
1812Saint-Paul, QCMarie-Jumelle Robitaille
1812Saint-Paul, QCMarie-Louise-Jumelle Robitaille
1813Saint-Paul, QCCharles Robitaille
1813Sainte-Genevieve, QCAnastasie Robitaille
... and several other
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Celebrities of the family Robitaille

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