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Riel family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

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Marriages of the family Riel
Our database contains 993 records of marriages of the family Riel, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1704Jean-Baptiste ReelLouise Cottu
1704Sorel, QcJean-Baptiste RielLouise Coutu
1730Saint-Sulpice, QcJacques RielM.-Elisabeth Deganne
1730Saint-Sulpice, QcJacques Riel-LirlandeElisabeth Degane-Degame
1730Saint-Sulpice, QcJean-Baptiste Riel-L-IrlandeLouise Frappier
1730Saint-Sulpice, QcJean-Baptiste RielM.-Louise Frappier
1738Saint-Antoine-De-Lavaltrie, QcClaude-Toussaint NiquetteLouise Riel-L-Irlande
1739Saint-Sulpice, QcAntoine RielMarie-Anne Perrot
1742Saint-Antoine-De-Lavaltrie, QcLouis Frappier-BonaventureMadeleine Riel
1747Montreal, QcFrancois HarelMarie-Marguerite Riel-L-Irlande
1748Saint-Joseph-De-Lanoraie, QcGabriel TrotetteElizabeth Riel
1752Montreal, QcMarc-Antoine Riel-LirlandeMadeleine Quintin-Dubois
1755Saint-Antoine-De-Lavaltrie, QcJean-Baptiste RielMarie-Charles Sylvestre
1755Montreal, QcBasile Riel-LirlandeLouise-Amable Boyer
1757Saint-Constant, QcJoseph BissonM.-Louise Riel
1760Saint-Antoine-De-Lavaltrie, QcJean-Baptiste Laporte-St-GeorgesM.-Josephe Riel
1762La-Prairie, QcPierre RielM.-Catherine Guerin
1762Saint-Constant, QcPierre BoyerMarguerite Riel
1762Montreal, QcRene HamelinLouise-Marguerite-Therese Riel
1762Montreal, QcRene HamelinMarie Riel
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Riel
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Riel
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Baptisms list
1705Sorel, QCJean-Baptiste RielM
1711Repentigny, QCMaurice RielM
1733Saint-Joseph-de-Lanoraie, QCMarguerite RielF
1734Saint-Joseph-de-Lanoraie, QCTherese RielF
1736Saint-Ours, QCJean-Baptiste Riel-LirlandeM
1736Saint-Ours, QCJean-Baptiste RielM
1738Saint-Antoine-de-Lavaltrie, QCMarie-Josephte Riel-LirlandeF
1738Saint-Antoine-de-Lavaltrie, QCM.Joseph Riel-L'irlandeM
1739Saint-Antoine-de-Lavaltrie, QCMarie-Anne RielF
1739Saint-Antoine-de-Lavaltrie, QCM.Anne Riel-DelormeF
1740Saint-Antoine-de-Lavaltrie, QCM.Amable Riel-L'irlande
1741Saint-Antoine-de-Lavaltrie, QCM.Louise Riel-DelormeF
1742Saint-Antoine-de-Lavaltrie, QCAntoine Riel-DelormeM
1742Saint-Antoine-de-Lavaltrie, QCMarguerite Riel-LirlandeF
1743Saint-Antoine-de-Lavaltrie, QCJoseph RielM
1743Saint-Antoine-de-Lavaltrie, QCJoseph Riel-DelormeM
1743Saint-Antoine-de-Lavaltrie, QCM.Therese RielF
1744Saint-Antoine-de-Lavaltrie, QCM.Agathe RielF
1744Saint-Antoine-de-Lavaltrie, QCAgathe Riel-LirlandeF
1744Saint-Antoine-de-Lavaltrie, QCM.Charles RielM
... and several other
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Burials of the family Riel
Here are some examples of burials of the family Riel
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Burrials list
1718Sorel, QCMarie-Therese-Marguerite Riel-HarelleF
1743Saint-Antoine-de-Lavaltrie, QCTherese Riel
1747Saint-Antoine-de-Lavaltrie, QCM.Amable Riel
1747Saint-Antoine-de-Lavaltrie, QCJacques Riel
1748Saint-Antoine-de-Lavaltrie, QCM.Agathe Riel
1749Saint-Antoine-de-Lavaltrie, QCBazile Riel
1751Saint-Antoine-de-Lavaltrie, QCBasil Riel
1752Saint-Antoine-de-Lavaltrie, QCM.Judith Riel
1753Saint-Antoine-de-Lavaltrie, QCJean-Baptiste RielM
1753Saint-Antoine-de-Lavaltrie, QCJean-Baptiste Riel-LirlandeM
1753Saint-Antoine-de-Lavaltrie, QCFrancois Riel
1754Saint-Antoine-de-Lavaltrie, QCM.Therese Riel
1755Saint-Antoine-de-Lavaltrie, QCAnonyme Riel
1756Saint-Antoine-de-Lavaltrie, QCJean-Baptiste Riel
1758La-Prairie, QCBasile RielM
1759Saint-Antoine-de-Lavaltrie, QCM.Louise Riel
1759Saint-Antoine-de-Lavaltrie, QCM.Charle Riel
1761La-Prairie, QCMarie-Josephe RielF
1765Saint-Antoine-de-Lavaltrie, QCM.Joseph Riel
1765Saint-Antoine-de-Lavaltrie, QCMarie-Josephte Riel-LirlandeF
... and several other
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Pioneer of the family Riel

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Origin of name Riel

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Celebrities of the family Riel

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