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Quintin family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

Similar surnames: Quintin-Dubois
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Marriages of the family Quintin
Our database contains 639 records of marriages of the family Quintin, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1731Joseph QuintinLouise PetitVarennes, Qc
1755Pierre QuintinMarie-Barbe ChauniereSaint-Mathias-Sur-Richelieu, Qc
1755Joseph QuintinJosette BrunelVarennes, Qc
1762Louis QuintinFelicite NormandinBoucherville, Qc
1765Joseph LamoureuxLouise QuintinBoucherville, Qc
1767Antoine QuintinVeronique BrunelVarennes, Qc
1768Pierre QuintinLouise LaporteChambly, Qc
1772Louis QuintinMarie-Ange ToupinVercheres, Qc
1772Louis GauthierMadeleine QuintinVarennes, Qc
1773Jean-Baptiste AyetDesanges QuintinVarennes, Qc
1776Joseph QuintinJoseph GeoffrionVarennes, Qc
1776Joseph GeoffrionJosette QuintinVarennes, Qc
1781Joseph QuintinMarie-Ursule BourduasVarennes, Qc
1781Jean-Baptiste SavariaVeronique QuintinVarennes, Qc
1782Jean-Baptiste QuintinMarie ColetVarennes, Qc
1788Francois LericheLouise QuintinBoucherville, Qc
1789Rene RochMarie-Josette QuintinVarennes, Qc
1791Michel QuintinGenevieve GeoffrionVarennes, Qc
1792Louis QuintinAmable PiletVarennes, Qc
1793Michel PatenaudeJosette QuintinChambly, Qc
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Quintin
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Quintin
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Baptisms list
1700Caterine QuintinFRepentigny, QC
1704Pierre QuintinMRepentigny, QC
1706Jean QuintinMRepentigny, QC
1708Jean Quintin-DuboisMRepentigny, QC
1710Francoise QuintinFRepentigny, QC
1713Charlle QuaintainRepentigny, QC
1715Nicholas QuaintinMRepentigny, QC
1717Jacque QuintinMRepentigny, QC
1719Francois QuintinMRepentigny, QC
1730M.Madeleine Quintin-DuboisFRepentigny, QC
1730Madeleine Quintin-DuboisFRepentigny, QC
1738M.Theresse QuintinRepentigny, QC
1742Francois QuintinMRepentigny, QC
1797M.Marguerite Quintin-DuboisFLachenaie, QC
1800Louis Quintin-DuboisMLachenaie, QC
1808Jean-Baptiste Quintin-DuboisMLachenaie, QC
1810Narcisse Quintin-DuboisMLachenaie, QC
1812M.Marguerithe Quintin-DuboisLachenaie, QC
1814Sophie QuintinFSaint-Luc, QC
1815Vincent-Neree QuintinMLachenaie, QC
... and several other
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Burials of the family Quintin
Here are some examples of burials of the family Quintin
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Burrials list
1723Genevieve Quintin-DuboisRepentigny, QC
1742Jean Quintin-DuboisRepentigny, QC
1762Catherine QuintinRepentigny, QC
1762Catherine Quintin-DuboisFRepentigny, QC
1820Marie-Louise Quintin-Dit-DuboisFLongueuil, QC
1823Sophie Quintin-DuboisLachenaie, QC
1825Catherine Quintin-Dit-DuboisFLongueuil, QC
1827Jean Quintin-Dit-DuboisSaint-Luc, QC
1827Marie-Louise Quintin-Dit-DuboisSaint-Luc, QC
1827Henriette Quintin-Dit-DuboisSaint-Luc, QC
1830Eustache Quintin-DuboisLachenaie, QC
1832Jean-Edmond Quintin-DuboisLachenaie, QC
1832Marguerite Quintin-DuboisLachenaie, QC
1833Zoe Quintin-Dit-DuboisSaint-Luc, QC
1834J.Napoleon Quintin-DuboisLachenaie, QC
1834Joseph Quintin-Dit-DuboisSaint-Luc, QC
1835Pierre Quintin-Dit-DuboisSaint-Luc, QC
1837Pierre Quintin-Dit-DuboisSaint-Luc, QC
1839M.Emilie Quintin-DuboisLachenaie, QC
1840Nasaire QuintinRawdon, QC
... and several other
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Pioneer of the family Quintin

Jean Quintin dit Dubois was born on May 16th 1668, in St-Aubin de Plumelec, Brittany, France. Son of Claude Quintin and Claudine Lafalune, he marries Jeanne Dulpé (19 years old), daughter of Jean Delpé and of Renée Lorion, on January 17th 1695 in Varennes. From their union, 14 children were born. He comes to New France about 1694. He is a soldier in la compagnie du sieur de Langloiserie. He settles in Repentigny. He dies in Repentigny and he is buried there on March 1st 1742.
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Celebrities of the family Quintin

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