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Pioneer of the family Quevillon

Adrien Quévillon was born circa 1645 in St-Ouen-le-Mauger, Seine-Maritime, France. Son of Nicolas, a shoemaker, and Marie Vauquelin, he married Jeanne Hunaut, daughter of Toussain and Marie Lorgueil, on February 2, 1672 in Montreal. They had 7 children. In 1666, he was a servant and he was confirmed in Montreal the same year. He settled in Pointe-aux-Trembles and then Rivière-des-Prairies. In 1681, he owned 2 rifles, 4 heads of cattle and 12 acres of land. The time of his death is unknown. However, it had occured after May 16, 1689, his daughter wedding day, and before December 31, 1697, his widow's wedding.
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Marriages of the family Quevillon
Our database contains 1232 records of marriages of the family Quevillon, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1672Montreal, QcAdrien QuevillonJeanne Hunault
1689Montreal, QcJean Lumineau-LuminaMarie Quevillon
1697Beauport, QcJacques DesmouliersMarguerite Quevillon
1703Montreal, QcGuillaume Lacombe-St-AmandCatherine Quevillon
1704Montreal, QcSamuel Papineau-MontignyCatherine Quevillon
1711Montreal, QcJean-Baptiste QuevillonMarie-Anne Moineau
1713Montreal, QcFrancois QuevillonMarie-Louise Villeray
1720Quebec, QcJoseph QuirionMarguerite Giroux
1735Montreal, QcJean-Baptiste MonetMarie-Josephte Quevillon
1735Montreal, QcCharles-Denis Marin-CourtoisMarguerite Quevillon
1736Montreal, QcJean-Baptiste QuevillonMarie-Anne Godin
1738Montreal, QcJoseph MeilleurMarie-Anne Quevillon
1741Laval, QcJoseph QuevillonMarie Labelle
1741Montreal, QcPierre ChartrandMarie-Josepte Quevillon
1741Montreal, QcPierre ChartrandMarie-Josephte Quevillon
1742Montreal, QcJacques DanielCatherine-Angelique Quevillon
1742Montreal, QcLouis-Hector Brien-DesrochersAngelique Quevillon
1744Montreal, QcJean-Baptiste QuevillonMarie-Anne Cadieux
1748Montreal, QcFrancois QuevillonLouise Perier-Perrier
1748Montreal, QcFrancois CadieuxMarie-Louise Quevillon
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Quevillon
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Quevillon
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Baptisms list
1748Sainte-Genevieve, QCAntoinette QuevillonF
1750Sainte-Genevieve, QCFrancois QuevillonM
1751Sainte-Genevieve, QCIgnace QuevillonM
1753Sainte-Genevieve, QCJean-Marie QuevillonM
1755Sainte-Genevieve, QCMarguerite QuevillonF
1759Sainte-Genevieve, QCJacques QuevillonM
1760Sainte-Genevieve, QCGenevieve QuevillonF
1763Sainte-Genevieve, QCAgathe-Jumelle QuevillonF
1763Sainte-Genevieve, QCAntoine-Jumeau QuevillonM
1764Sainte-Genevieve, QCAnne QuevillonF
1767Sainte-Genevieve, QCGenevieve QuevillonF
1768Lachenaie, QCGabriel QuevillonM
1770Sainte-Genevieve, QCJosephe QuevillonF
1776Sainte-Genevieve, QCMarguerite QuevillonF
1784Sainte-Genevieve, QCLouise QuevillonF
1785Sainte-Genevieve, QCJosephte QuevillonF
1787Sainte-Genevieve, QCScholastique QuevillonF
1789Sainte-Genevieve, QCFrancois QuevillonM
1791Sainte-Genevieve, QCMichel QuevillonM
1791Sainte-Genevieve, QCAnne QuevillonF
... and several other
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Burials of the family Quevillon
Here are some examples of burials of the family Quevillon
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Burrials list
1750Sainte-Genevieve, QCFrancois Quevillon
1763Sainte-Genevieve, QCAntoine-Jumeau Quevillon
1764Sainte-Genevieve, QCGenevieve Quevillon
1764Sainte-Genevieve, QCAgathe-Jumelle Quevillon
1767Sainte-Genevieve, QCAntoinette Quevillon
1768Sainte-Genevieve, QCJoseph Quevillon
1769Sainte-Genevieve, QCGenevieve Quevillon
1770Sainte-Genevieve, QCJosephe Quevillon
1775Sainte-Genevieve, QCToussaint Quevillon
1777Sainte-Genevieve, QCFrancois Quevillon
1784Sainte-Genevieve, QCJoachim Quevillon
1785Sainte-Genevieve, QCAmable Quevillon
1789Beauceville, QCFrancois-Marie Quirion-QuevillonM
1789Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines, QCMarie-Louise Quevillon
1793Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines, QCMarguerite Quevillon
1797Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines, QCMarie Quevillon
1800Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines, QCEmelie Quevillon
1800Sainte-Genevieve, QCMichel Quevillon
1804Sainte-Genevieve, QCLouise Quevillon
1804Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines, QCSuzanne Quevillon
... and several other
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Origin of name Quevillon

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