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Poupard family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

Similar surnames: Poupart, Poupart-Lafleur
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Pioneer of the family Poupard

Pierre Poupard was born circa 1650 in St-Denis, Seine-St-Denis, France. Son of Jean and Marguerite Frichet-Fréchette, he married Marguerite Perras, daughter of Pierre and Marie-Denise Lemaître, on August 11, 1682 in La Prairie. From this union were born 7 children. From 1666 to 1667, Pierre is a servant in Montreal and in 1682, he settled in La Prairie. For many years he traded furs. In 1684, he is on his way to a wartime voyage against Iroquois. In 1689, he was charged before the law and sentenced to pay what he owed to an estate. He died in an hospital and was buried on June 7, 1699 in Montreal.
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René Poupard-Lafleur was born circa 1647 in Plessé, Loire-Atlantique, France. He is a Protestant and the son of Pierre Poupart and Marie Bouté-Boutet. He married Marie Gendron, daughter of Guillaume and Anne Loiseau, on April 6, 1679 in Boucherville. They had 4 children and 2 of them were baptized in New England. He came to New France as a Carignan soldier in 1665 and was confirmed there the same year. He traded furs. He lived in Chambly before settling in New Jersey where he married Marie Perrin of unknow parentage. They had 5 children. During the 1707-1708 winter, he and his wife were killed under unknown circumstances in New England.
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Marriages of the family Poupard
Our database contains 31 records of marriages of the family Poupard, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1679Boucherville, QcRene Poupard-Poupart-LafleurMarie Gendron
1682La-Prairie, QcPierre Poupard-PoupartMarguerite Perras
1713La-Prairie, QcJean-Baptiste PoupardMarguerite Patenaude
1715Montreal, QcBonaventure Compain-LesperanceCatherine Poupard
1716La-Prairie, QcJean-Baptiste PoupardMarie-Catherine Gervais
1718Montreal, QcJean Poupard-Poupart-LafleurMarguerite Poudret
1719Montreal, QcCharles Poupard-LafleurAgnes Brazeau
1838Saint-Simon, QcJean-Baptiste BraultMarguerite Poupard
1848Saint-Isidore, QcLouis LemieuxFlavie Poupart
1848La-Prairie, QcAlexandre BrosseauEdwidge Poupart
1850La-Prairie, QcJean-Baptiste LacailleLouise Poupart
1856Saint-Isidore, QcGabriel ChevrefilsHenriette Poupart
1859Saint-Remi, QcJean-Baptiste PoupartMarcelline Bisson
1878Windsor, OnJoseph KinvilleJulienne Poupard
1881Saint-Urbain-Premier, QcStanislas PoupardExilda Chevrefils
1882Saint-Urbain-Premier, QcPierre PoupardMarie Legris
1887Riviere-Aux-Canards, OnJoseph RenaudMarie-Anne-Luce Pouppard
1889Montreal, QcOlivier BarbeauCelina Poupart
1889Saint-Isidore, QcEdmond PoupartM.-Virginie-Leonide Dubuc
1893Saint-Urbain-Premier, QcJoseph BarretteCedia Poupard
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Poupard
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Poupard
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Baptisms list
1745La-Prairie, QCMarie-Josephe PoupardF
1750La-Prairie, QCPierre PoupardM
1751La-Prairie, QCNoel PoupardM
1752La-Prairie, QCMarie-Anne PoupardF
1754La-Prairie, QCElizabeth PoupardF
1754La-Prairie, QCElizabeth PoupardF
1754La-Prairie, QCConstant PoupardM
1755La-Prairie, QCJacques PoupardM
1755La-Prairie, QCPierre PoupardM
1756La-Prairie, QCJacques PoupardM
1756La-Prairie, QCElizabeth PoupardF
1757La-Prairie, QCMarie-Helene PoupardF
1759La-Prairie, QCMarie-Magdeleine PoupardF
1760La-Prairie, QCElisabeth PoupardF
1762La-Prairie, QCJoseph-Marie PoupardM
1762La-Prairie, QCJean-Baptiste PoupardM
1764La-Prairie, QCMarie-Josephe PoupardF
1764La-Prairie, QCJean-Paul PoupardM
1765La-Prairie, QCJoseph PoupardM
1766La-Prairie, QCPierre PoupardM
... and several other
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Burials of the family Poupard
Here are some examples of burials of the family Poupard
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Burrials list
1748La-Prairie, QCMarie-Catherine PoupardF
1750La-Prairie, QCPierre PoupardM
1754La-Prairie, QCElisabeth PoupardF
1755La-Prairie, QCJacques PoupardM
1759La-Prairie, QCPierre PoupardM
1762La-Prairie, QCJoseph-Noel PoupardM
1763La-Prairie, QCElisabeth PoupardF
1765La-Prairie, QCMarie-Josephe PoupardF
1765La-Prairie, QCJoseph PoupardM
1766La-Prairie, QCMarie PoupardF
1769La-Prairie, QCRosalie PoupardF
1770La-Prairie, QCPierre PoupardM
1842La-Prairie, QCJosephte PoupardF
1846La-Prairie, QCMarie-Alphonsine PoupardF
1864Longueuil, QCM.Josephte PoupardF
1886La-Prairie, QCJoseph-Gustave-Victor PoupardM
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Origin of name Poupard

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Celebrities of the family Poupard

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