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Picotin family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

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Marriages of the family Picotin
Our database contains 80 records of marriages of the family Picotin, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1800Nicolet, QcJean-Baptiste Moulin-PicotinMarguerite Gaudreau
1814Nicolet, QcAntoine Moulin-PicotinMarguerite Pinard
1820Nicolet, QcJean-Baptiste RouillardMarie Moulin
1848Saint-Zephirin-De-Courval, QcIsrael MoulinEmilie Houle
1858Becancour, QcJoseph PicotinFlore Gaudette
1865Saint-Zephirin-De-Courval, QcAdrien RaicheSophie Moulin
1867Drummondville, QcPierre PicotinPhilomene Blanchard
1870Drummondville, QcPierre PicotinEmelie Dionne
1872Saint-Zephirin-De-Courval, QcIsrael Picotin-MoulinMarie Grenier
1873Saint-Theodore-D'acton, QcFrancois Dontail-PicotinRosalie Decelles
1873Biddeford, MeJoseph Picotin-MoulinAngele Tanguay
1875Sainte-Praxede, QcZephirin BoisvertElise Picotin
1876Saint-Zephirin-De-Courval, QcOctave BlanchetteEmilie Moulin-Picotin
1880Saint-Zephirin-De-Courval, QcFrancois-Domptail Moulin-PicotinGeorgiana-Alma Lahaie
1881Plessisville, QcCharles Dubord-LafontaineAnnabella Picotin
1882Saint-Zephirin-De-Courval, QcEvariste BoisclairMathilde Moulin-Picotin
1882Saint-Zephirin-De-Courval, QcLeopold BoisclairMarie Moulin-Picotin
1882Saint-Zephirin-De-Courval, QcJoseph CamireJulie Moulin-Picotin
1884Saint-Zephirin-De-Courval, QcAmedee Moulin-PicotinJulie-Eglephire Houle
1892Sainte-Eulalie, QcAlfred Moulin-PicotinAmanda Beliveau
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Picotin
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Picotin
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Baptisms list
1763Saint-Antoine-de-Lavaltrie, QCAntoine Demoulin-PicottinM
1786Baie-du-Febvre, QCSuzanne PicotinF
1839Baie-du-Febvre, QCPierre Moulin-PicottinM
1842Baie-du-Febvre, QCFabien Moulin-PicottinM
1854Drummondville, QCMarie-Celina Moulin-PicotinF
1855Drummondville, QCFrancois-Duntaille Moulin-PicotinM
1856Drummondville, QCMarie-Aurelie Moulin-PicotinF
1857Drummondville, QCAdeline-Janes Moulin-PicotinF
1858Drummondville, QCMarie-Marguerite Moulin-PicotinF
1859Drummondville, QCPierre-Onesime Moulin-PicotinM
1860Drummondville, QCMarie-Sara Moulin-PicotinF
1860Drummondville, QCJulie-Celina Moulin-PicotinF
1863Drummondville, QCMarie-Albertine-Anne Moulin-PicotinF
1864Drummondville, QCJoseph-Lucca Picottin-MoulinM
1864Drummondville, QCJoseph-Hector Moulin-PicottinM
1867Drummondville, QCMarguerite-Eliza-Albertine Moulin-PicottinF
1868Drummondville, QCPhilippe-Cleophas-Emile PicottinM
1871Drummondville, QCMarie-Olive PicotinF
1872Drummondville, QCDomptail-Pierre-Francois PicotinM
1872Drummondville, QCMarie-Jane PicotinF
... and several other
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Burials of the family Picotin
Here are some examples of burials of the family Picotin
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Burrials list
1844Drummondville, QCAntoine Moulin-PicotinM
1845Baie-du-Febvre, QCMarguerite Moulin-Picotin
1848Baie-du-Febvre, QCMarguerite Moulin-Picotin
1857Drummondville, QCPierre PicotinM
1857Drummondville, QCMarie-Celina PicotinF
1863Drummondville, QCMarie-Albertine-Anne Moulin-PicotinF
1867Drummondville, QCMarguerite-Eliza-Albertine PicottinF
1868Drummondville, QCPhilippe-Cleophas-Emile PicottinM
1871Drummondville, QCLucas PicotinM
1871Drummondville, QCOlive-Marie-Jeanne PicotinF
1872Drummondville, QCMarie-Jane PicotinF
1873Drummondville, QCJoseph-Domptail PicotinM
1874Drummondville, QCJulie-Celina PicotinF
1874Drummondville, QCMarie-Benoit-Martial Moulin-PicotinM
1876Drummondville, QCJoseph-Pierre-Alfred PicotinM
1878Drummondville, QCMarie-Anne-Helene-Veronique PicotinF
1881Drummondville, QCAnonyme PicotinF
1884Drummondville, QCAdeline-Jane Moulin-PicotinF
1893Drummondville, QCFelix Picotin-MoulinM
1898Drummondville, QCEmmanuel Moulin-PicotinM
... and several other
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Pioneer of the family Picotin

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Origin of name Picotin

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Celebrities of the family Picotin

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