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Pioneer of the family Perras

Pierre Perras-Lafontaine was baptized on August 21, 1616 in La Rochelle, Charente-Maritime, France. Son of Pierre Perras and Jeanne Lasnier-Launière, he married Denise Lemaistre, daughter of Denis and Catherine Desharnie, on January 26, 1660 in Montreal. They had 10 children. He came in New France in 1659 as a cooper (cask maker) and was confirmed in Monteal a year later. He lived in Montreal, then moved to Laprairie. In 1681, he owned 6 heads of cattle and 10 acres land. On March 1684 he commited to deliver goods and to trade in Illinois. This trip did not take place since he died on April 30, 1684 in Laprairie. He was buried the next day.
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Marriages of the family Perras
Our database contains 1524 records of marriages of the family Perras, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1660Montreal, QcPierre Perras-LafontaineDenise Lemaitre-Lemaistre
1682La-Prairie, QcPierre Poupard-PoupartMarguerite Perras
1688La-Prairie, QcEustache DemersCatherine Perras
1688La-Prairie, QcClaude Faye-FailleMarie-Jeanne Perras
1692La-Prairie, QcAntoine BoyerMarie Perras
1696La-Prairie, QcPierre PerrasMarie-Marguerite Diel
1698La-Prairie, QcJean Perras-LafontaineMarguerite Tetu
1699La-Prairie, QcJoseph Demers-DumaisMarguerite Perras
1701La-Prairie, QcJean Perras-LafontaineMarie-Madeleine Roy
1709La-Prairie, QcPierre Voisin-JoliboisMarie-Jeanne Perras-Fontaine
1724La-Prairie, QcLouis-Philippe HerveMarie-Anne Perras
1724La-Prairie, QcDominique BourdeauMarie Perras
1724Montreal, QcPierre PerrasMarie Crepin
1733La-Prairie, QcJean PerrasM.-Anne Deneau
1733La-Prairie, QcClement PerrasElisabeth Surprenant
1738La-Prairie, QcPierre BariteauJosette Perras
1740La-Prairie, QcAndre PerrasCatherine Leber
1746La-Prairie, QcFrancois CardinalM.-Marguerite Perras
1749La-Prairie, QcJean-Baptiste SurprenantM.-Anne Perras
1750Montreal, QcJacques PerrasTherese Guy
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Perras
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Perras
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Baptisms list
1673La-Prairie, QCMarie Peras-LafontaineF
1674La-Prairie, QCPierre PerasM
1707La-Prairie, QCMarie-Madeleine PerrasF
1742La-Prairie, QCAndre PerasM
1751La-Prairie, QCClement PerrasM
1784La-Prairie, QCJoseph Perras-LafontaineM
1786La-Prairie, QCJulien PerrasM
1789La-Prairie, QCAugustin PerrasM
1789La-Prairie, QCFaustin PerrasM
1790La-Prairie, QCSimon PerrasM
1793La-Prairie, QCMichel-Archange PerrasM
1793La-Prairie, QCAlexis PerrasM
1793La-Prairie, QCJoseph PerrasM
1794La-Prairie, QCGenevieve PerrasF
1794La-Prairie, QCHubert PerrasM
1798La-Prairie, QCJean-Baptiste PerrasM
1798La-Prairie, QCPierre PerrasM
1798La-Prairie, QCArchange PerrasF
1800La-Prairie, QCMarie-Anne PerrasF
1800La-Prairie, QCMarie-Anne PerrasF
... and several other
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Burials of the family Perras
Here are some examples of burials of the family Perras
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Burrials list
1750Longueuil, QCCatherine PerrasF
1750Longueuil, QCM.Catherine PerrasF
1752La-Prairie, QCPierre PerrasM
1788La-Prairie, QCMarguerite PerrasF
1789La-Prairie, QCMarie-Josephte PerrasF
1789La-Prairie, QCJustin PerrasM
1793La-Prairie, QCMichele-Archange PerrasF
1800La-Prairie, QCJean-Baptiste PerrasM
1800Longueuil, QCFlavienne PerrasF
1802La-Prairie, QCMarie-Anne PerrasF
1803La-Prairie, QCRosalie PerrasF
1804La-Prairie, QCPierre PerrasM
1804Saint-Eustache, QCMarie-Amable Peras
1804La-Prairie, QCMonique PerrasF
1810La-Prairie, QCAntoine PerrasM
1818La-Prairie, QCJean-Baptiste PerrasM
1818La-Prairie, QCJean-Baptiste PerrasM
1819La-Prairie, QCJean-Baptiste PerrasM
1824La-Prairie, QCJean-Baptiste PerrasM
1824La-Prairie, QCPierre PerrasM
... and several other
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Origin of name Perras

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Celebrities of the family Perras

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