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Perhaps the most noted son of Wotton, and one of few relatively famous relatives is Monsignor Patrick Anatole MAURICE O'Bready, son of Elie O'Bready and Victorine Belisle. Maurice studied at St. Charles Seminary and at the Major Seminary in Montreal. He was ordained a priest by Msgr Alphonse-Osias Gagnon June 29, 1926 in his home parish of St. Hippolyte in Wotton, QC. (HW, p.233)

At the centennial celebration of his birth, in May 2002 in Sherbrooke, Mr. Bruno-Marie Bechard, the keynote speaker, said “How could we not be fascinated by the journey of this one-man orchestra who gave constantly: in education, administration, history, philosophy, music, literature, genealogy and the defense of the French language.” He is considered by many as an innovator and the co-founder of the University. He had a hand in every aspects of its creation: creating its by-laws, selecting the site for the first buildings, outlining the curriculum, reviewing the budget, recruiting both faculty and students.

Maurice O’Bready’s long career was always focused on education. He was a professor at the Seminary from 1922-1934, studied for a doctorate in Paris (1934-1936) and a diploma in Gregorian chant at the Gregorian Institute of Paris. He was professor of history at the seminary (1936-1954), secretary general of the University of Sherbrooke (1954-1960), vice-rector of the University (1960- 1965), principal of the Normal School (teaching college) of the University (1960-1968), founder of the Regional History Chair (1969-1970).

He was also the founder of the Gregorian Institute of Sherbrooke, and secretary of the region's Historical Society for more than 20 years. He authored several books, including the history of Wotton.

Historians also note that he had a personal hand in changing the labels geographers use to speak about regions in Canada. He created the term “Estrie” in 1946 to describe the area then known as “les Cantons-de-l’Est” or the Eastern townships.” The term became the official designation for the region in 1981. The term retains the “Est” or eastern connotation, while adding an ending that ties it to its French roots. He noted that “trie” as the ending of a place name, designates a rich and fertile land.” (Noms et lieux)

The archivist for the Archdiocese of Sherbrooke, Father Guy Boulanger, in sending me these notes, added that from his personal knowledge, Monsignor O'Bready left a definite mark on the life of the church in this region, a fact taken into account at the University of Sherbrooke and at Wotton during a centennial celebration of his birth in 2002. (Archives, Arch. of Sherbrooke)

At the centennial celebration, one speaker noted “The pioneers who created this University were in touch with the needs of their times. They sowed seeds here in fertile soil. Today we see the result of their vision for a top-notch school.”

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Marriages of the family O-Bready
Here are some examples of marriages of the family O-Bready
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Marriages list
1803Perce, QcJean-Baptiste FortinElizabeth Bready
1821Trois-Rivieres, QcMichel MillerM.-Anne Bready
1827Quebec, QcDaniel MaherAlice Bready
1828Rigaud, QcThomas BreadyIsabel O-Neil
1834Trois-Rivieres, QcLuke BlaineMary-Margaret Bready
1835Quebec, QcWilliam PoorCatharine Breaddy
1855Ormstown, QcPeter BreadyCatherine Mcconwill
1868Wotton, QcFrancois GregoireEloise Brady
1873Wotton, QcNarcisse CorbeilMary Brady
1886Wotton, QcElie O-BreadyMarie-Victorine Belisle
1895Wotton, QcEmmanuel PlamondonOdile-Brigitte O-Bready
1898Sainte-Catherine-De-La-Jacques-Cartier, QcWilliam ThompsonMargaret Brady
1900Wotton, QcJoseph-Patrick O-BreadyMarie-Louise Gordon
1902Wotton, QcSamuel O-BreadyAnais Gregoire
1913Wotton, QcAlfred MorinSara-Anne O-Bready
1915Wotton, QcJoseph-Henri GouletGabrielle O-Bready
1917Windsor, QcDarcy-Irenee O-BreadyEstelle-Graziella Milette
1921Sherbrooke, QcLeopold ChevalierMariette O-Bready
1927Asbestos, QcLorenzo O-BreadyMarie-Jeanne Caplette
1928Sherbrooke, QcGermain-Paul GrahamJuliette O-Bready
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family O-Bready
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family O-Bready
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Baptisms list
1832Drummondville, QCAnne BreadyF
1854Wotton, QCMarie-Dina BreadyF
1901Magog, QCArthur-Valentine BreadyM
1906Sherbrooke, QCFrse.Rolande O'breadyF
1908Sherbrooke, QCM.C.Yvette-Rejeanne O'breadyF
1919Windsor, QCMarie-Jacqueline-Elii-Anne O'breadyF
1922Sherbrooke, QCJuliette-Francoise O'breadyF
1924Sherbrooke, QCLouise-Monique O'breadyF
1928Asbestos, QCJoseph-Leo-Paul O'breadyM
1930Sherbrooke, QCPaul-Leonard O'breadyM
1935Sherbrooke, QCRaymond-Gaston O'breadyM
1936Sherbrooke, QCMoise-Neree-Jacques O'breadyM
1936Sherbrooke, QCMoise-N.Jacques O'breadyM
Sherbrooke, QCRob.Michel-Jules O'breadyM
Sherbrooke, QCAnnie-Isabelle O'breadyF
Sherbrooke, QCM-Th.Odile-Louise O'breadyF
Sherbrooke, QCJean-Yves O'breadyM
Sherbrooke, QCClaire-Luc.Francine O'breadyF
Sherbrooke, QCRoland-Paul-Pierre O'breadyM
Sherbrooke, QCLyne-Claire O'breadyF
... and several other
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Burials of the family O-Bready
Here are some examples of burials of the family O-Bready
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Burrials list
1899Lennoxville, QCMary BreadyF
1923Sherbrooke, QCMoise O'breadyM
1935Sherbrooke, QCMarie O'breadyF
1939Sherbrooke, QCRobert O'breadyM
1958Sherbrooke, QCMariette O'breadyF
1963Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes-de-Ham, QCGabrielle O'breadyF
1967Saint-Gerard, QCDenis O'breadyM
1968Sherbrooke, QCRollande O'breadyF
1970Sherbrooke, QCMaurice O'breadyM
1971Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes-de-Ham, QCMarie-Reine O'breadyF
1972Sherbrooke, QCRejeanne O'breadyF
1976Windsor, QCDarcy O'breadyM
1983Windsor, QCPatrick O'breadyM
1986Windsor, QCLouis-Paul O-BreadyM
1994Windsor, QCEliane O'breadyF
2001Saint-Gerard, QCRobert O'breadyM
2002Windsor, QCMonique O'breadyF
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