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Morrisson family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

Similar surnames: Morisson
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Marriages of the family Morrisson
Our database contains 219 records of marriages of the family Morrisson, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1788William MorrisCatherine FarguesQuebec, Qc
1792Joseph MassonMarie-Josephte MorrisseauMontreal, Qc
1809Augustin Sylvestre-BeausoleilBarbe MorrissonSainte-Elisabeth, Qc
1811Pierre FortierCatherine MorissonBerthierville, Qc
1814Thomas WebsterGenevieve MorissonBerthierville, Qc
1819Charles MorissonMarie-Julie-Emerentienne BoucherMaskinonge, Qc
1821Joseph MartinMarie MorrissonRestigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, Qc
1825Louis Racine-NoyerM.-Anne MorissonSaint-Cuthbert, Qc
1825William MorrissonMarie BarnabeRestigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, Qc
1827Pierre TurcotM.-Barbe MorissonSaint-Cuthbert, Qc
1827Pierre CaplanChristine MorrissonRestigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, Qc
1831Michael KellySarah MorrissonQuebec, Qc
1833John MorrissonGenevieve WioucheRestigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, Qc
1833Donald-Geo MorissonAng-Rosalie PapineauSaint-Hyacinthe, Qc
1835Michel LarocqueAgathe MorrissonRestigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, Qc
1837William-George RussellCatherine MorrisonQuebec, Qc
1837Edmond MorrissonMarguerite BurnsQuebec, Qc
1838Patrick RichardsMary MorrissonQuebec, Qc
1839Francois ThouinMarguerite MorrissonMontreal, Qc
1840Francois RivalElizabeth MorissonBerthierville, Qc
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Morrisson
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Morrisson
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Baptisms list
1809Marie MorrissonFRestigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, QC
1812Jean-Jacques MorrissonMRestigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, QC
1814Alexandre MorissonMBerthierville, QC
1814Emerente MorrissonFRestigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, QC
1816Marguerite MorissonFTrois-Rivieres, QC
1817Agathe MorrissonFRestigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, QC
1819Charles-Francois-Calixte MorissonMBerthierville, QC
1820Marguerite MorrissonFRestigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, QC
1821M.Louise MorissonFSaint-Cuthbert, QC
1821Julie-Elizabeth-Genevieve MorrissonFBerthierville, QC
1822Alexandre MorrissonMBerthierville, QC
1823M.Julie-Flore MorissonFBerthierville, QC
1824Aloyse MorissonSaint-Cuthbert, QC
1826Thomas MorrissonMRestigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, QC
1826Marie-Josse MorrissonFSorel, QC
1826Marie-Louise MorrissonFSorel, QC
1827Ignace-Edouard MorissonMSaint-Cuthbert, QC
1830Judith MorrissonFPaspebiac, QC
1834William MorrissonMRestigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, QC
1837Marie MorrissonFRestigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, QC
... and several other
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Burials of the family Morrisson
Here are some examples of burials of the family Morrisson
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Burrials list
1837Marie MorrissonFRestigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, QC
1844Mary MorrissonFSorel, QC
1845Anonyme MorrissonSaint-Ours, QC
1846Margaret MorissonFSorel, QC
1852Christine MorrissonFRestigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, QC
1853Bridget MorrissonStanstead, QC
1853David MorrissonSaint-Gabriel, QC
1853Esther MorrissonFSaint-Adrien-d'Irlande, QC
1854Adrianne MorrissonSaint-Gabriel, QC
1857M.Emma MorrissonSaint-Gabriel, QC
1857Charles-Francois-Edouard MorissonMSainte-Anne-de-la-Rochelle, QC
1859Guillaume-Henry MorrissonSaint-Gabriel, QC
1860Agathe MorrissonFRestigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, QC
1864Hector MorissonSaint-Gabriel, QC
1865Marie-Angelique MorrissonFSainte-Monique, QC
1866Joseph-Walter MorrissonMSainte-Monique, QC
1866Marguerite MorrissonFRestigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, QC
1867M.Anne MorrissonSaint-Gabriel, QC
1872Monique MorrissonFRestigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, QC
1872Joseph MorrissonMRestigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, QC
... and several other
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Pioneer of the family Morrisson

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Origin of name Morrisson

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Celebrities of the family Morrisson

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