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Morisset family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

Similar surnames: Morissette, Morrisset, Morrissette
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Marriages of the family Morisset
Our database contains 711 records of marriages of the family Morisset, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1643Geoffroy MartinOlive MorissetFRA
1669Jean MoricetJeanne ChoretQuebec, Qc
1687Jacques AsselinMarie MoricetSainte-Famille, Qc
1690Mathurin Morisset-MauricetElisabeth CoquinNeuville, Qc
1695Charles LoignonMarie-Madeleine MoricetSainte-Famille, Qc
1698Pierre MoricetCatherine LetourneauSainte-Famille, Qc
1699Leonard-Clement Clement-LabonteJeanne MoricetSainte-Famille, Qc
1702Jean-Baptiste CloutierAnne MoricetSainte-Famille, Qc
1709Nicolas MorissetAnne-Jeanne CadrinSainte-Famille, Qc
1710Gentien MorissetGenevieve SimonChateau-Richer, Qc
1714Nicolas MorissetAnne CloutierChateau-Richer, Qc
1714Francois CloutierElisabeth MorissetChateau-Richer, Qc
1716Mathurin Morisset-MorissetteMarie-Anne TellierCap-Sante, Qc
1717Jean-Francois Marcot-MarcotteGenevieve MorissetteCap-Sante, Qc
1717Jean Marcot-MarcotteMarie-Anne MorissetteCap-Sante, Qc
1718Pierre HoudM.-Catherine Morisset
1719Pierre MorissetMarie CharlandSaint-Jean, Qc
1723Etienne DoreMarie-Charlotte MorissetteNeuville, Qc
1724Andre LeparcElisabeth-Isabelle MorissetCap-Sante, Qc
1725Joseph PageMarie-Josephe MorissetCap-Sante, Qc
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Morisset
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Morisset
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Baptisms list
1747Antoine Mousset-MorissetMChamplain, QC
1781Jean-Baptiste MoricetSaint-Eustache, QC
1794Joseph MorissetMSaint-Henri, QC
1800M.Louise MoricetFTrois-Rivieres, QC
1802Marguerite MoricetFTrois-Rivieres, QC
1804J.Eloi MoricetMTrois-Rivieres, QC
1804Seraphine MoricetFTrois-Rivieres, QC
1806M.Emelie MorissetFTrois-Rivieres, QC
1806Henri-Charles MoricetMTrois-Rivieres, QC
1806Marie-Josephte MauricetFBecancour, QC
1809J.Louis MoricetMTrois-Rivieres, QC
1811M.Reine MoricetFTrois-Rivieres, QC
1819Joseph MorrissetMLa-Prairie, QC
1820Joseph MorrissetMLa-Prairie, QC
1821M.Zoe MorissetFNicolet, QC
1821Etienne-Xavier MorissetMNicolet, QC
1822Louis-De-Gonzague MorissetMNicolet, QC
1822M.Victoire MauricetFTrois-Rivieres, QC
1822Edouard MorrissetMLa-Prairie, QC
1823Jean-Jeremie MorissetMNicolet, QC
... and several other
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Burials of the family Morisset
Here are some examples of burials of the family Morisset
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Burrials list
1778M.Catherine MauricetSaint-Joseph-de-Lanoraie, QC
1819Joseph MorrissetMLa-Prairie, QC
1821Joseph MorissetMLa-Prairie, QC
1822Pierre-Justinien MorissetLes-Cedres, QC
1822Edouard MorrissetMLa-Prairie, QC
1827Louise MaurissetBecancour, QC
1828M.Anne MorissetBecancour, QC
1831Francois Morisset-MorissetteMRimouski, QC
1831Adeline Morisset-MorissetteFRimouski, QC
1832Joseph MorrissetMLa-Prairie, QC
1856Anonyme MorissetSainte-Luce, QC
1858Marie-Marguerite-Hemma MorissetFSainte-Luce, QC
1862Cyrille-Alphonse MorissetMSainte-Luce, QC
1862Marie-Delvina MorissetFSainte-Luce, QC
1863Henri Morisset-MorissetteMRimouski, QC
1864Marie MorissetFSherbrooke, QC
1867Marie-Anne MorissetFSaint-Georges-de-Windsor, QC
1868Jean-Baptiste MaurissetMWeedon, QC
1868Napol.Eon MorissetMSainte-Luce, QC
1871Anne MorissetFSainte-Luce, QC
... and several other
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Pioneer of the family Morisset

Jean Morisset-Moricet was born on August 17, 1641 et was baptized the next day in Surgères, Charente-Maritime, France. Son of Paul Moricet and Mathurine Guillois, he married Jeanne Choret, daughter of Mathieu Choret and Sébatienne Veillon, on January 14, 1669 in Beauport. From this union were born 14 children. He immigrated to New France in 1661 and has been confirmed in 1662 in Château-Richer. He settled in Ile d'Orléans. In 1681, he owned 1 rifle, 5 heads of cattle and 20 acres of land. He died on August 15, 1699 and was buried on August 16, 1699 in Ile d'Orléans.
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Mathurin Morisset-Moricet was baptized on May 9, 1648 in Thouarsais, Vendée, France. Son of Nicolas Moricet and Marie Thomas, he married Elisabeth Coquin, daughter of Pierre and Catherine Beaudin, on January 9, 1690 in Neuville. From this union were born 10 children. He came in 1689 and settled in Portneuf after his wedding. He became blind in 1708 and his wife took care of every transactions. After her death in 1714, their son, Mathurin, took care of him. He was buried on January 8, 1717 in Cap-Santé.
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Origin of name Morisset

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Celebrities of the family Morisset

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