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Morgan family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

Similar surnames: Morganti
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Marriages of the family Morgan
Our database contains 357 records of marriages of the family Morgan, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1813John MorganMary-Anne SoretSaint-Raphaels, On
1829Patrick DorrHondra MorganIRL
1829Henry MorganBridget McdonaldQuebec, Qc
1831Patrick MorganElisabeth WebbMontreal, Qc
1831James MorganElizabeth KilcadeQuebec, Qc
1832Michel MorganCatherine KellyQuebec, Qc
1832John CummingsMargaret MorganMontebello, Qc
1833Thomas BrownCatherine MorganSainte-Croix, Qc
1833Henry MorganMary MckernanQuebec, Qc
1834James MorganMary O-ConnorMontreal, Qc
1835James ScullionCatherine MorganMontreal, Qc
1837William WistaffMarie-Anne MorganQuebec, Qc
1837James MorganEllen HealyQuebec, Qc
1837James FlemmingMary MaroneyQuebec, Qc
1840Patrick AustinRose MorganMontreal, Qc
1840John MorganMartha CorkSherbrooke, Qc
1845James O-BrienEllen MorganQuebec, Qc
1846Patrick MorganCatherine Mc-CreaMontreal, Qc
1847Thomas MorganMaria WebbMontreal, Qc
1848Thomas KinsellaMary MorganSaint-Edouard-De-Frampton, Qc
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Morgan
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Morgan
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Baptisms list
1818David-Mccluve MorganMHatley, QC
1831John MorganMPaspebiac, QC
1833Jane MorganFPaspebiac, QC
1840Hannah MorganFSaint-Jacques-de-Leeds, QC
1842Catherine MorganFSorel, QC
1844Michael MorganMSorel, QC
1848Mary MorganFSorel, QC
1850Margaret MorganFSorel, QC
1854Richard MorganMSorel, QC
1859James-Timothy-Patrick MorganMSorel, QC
1860William-George-Marcellin MorganMSorel, QC
1861Edward-Andrew MorganMSorel, QC
1867Mahala MorganFStanstead, QC
1887Henry-James-Edward MorganMSorel, QC
1888Helene-Flore MorganFSorel, QC
1890Marie-Hortense-Flore MorganFSorel, QC
1892William-Edward MorganMSorel, QC
1892William-James-Wilfrid MorganMSorel, QC
1894Frederick MorganMSaint-Jacques-de-Leeds, QC
1896Mary-Elizabeth MorganFSherbrooke, QC
... and several other
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Burials of the family Morgan
Here are some examples of burials of the family Morgan
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Burrials list
1840James MorganMSorel, QC
1848Michael MorganMSorel, QC
1848Mary-Ann MorganFBarnston, QC
1853Maranda MorganFBarnston, QC
1854Margaret MorganFSorel, QC
1857Daniel MorganMSorel, QC
1859Michael MorganMSorel, QC
1867Daniel MorganMSorel, QC
1881Catherine MorganFSorel, QC
1883Ann MorganFSorel, QC
1892James Mc-MorganMCookshire, QC
1892Edward MorganMSorel, QC
1895Aurelie MorganBaie-du-Febvre, QC
1901Charles-Albert-Edouard MorganMSorel, QC
1903Marie-Amanda-Corinne-Yvette MorganFSorel, QC
1904Elizabeth MorganFSorel, QC
1904Henry-James-Edward MorganMSorel, QC
1907Anonyme MorganSorel, QC
1907James MorganMSorel, QC
1907Gladys-Eileen MorganFSorel, QC
... and several other
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Pioneer of the family Morgan

william was the patriarc of the morgan family, had two wives
mary donnelly and mary daly. he died in 1847 95 yrs old.
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Origin of name Morgan

james morgan
came here 1820 from scotland
ma. elizabeth kincade 1831 holy trinity cathredal quebec city
was catholic lived in lac beauport had 10 children of which my ggmother was one floranna morgan, family mostly stayed in that area.
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Celebrities of the family Morgan

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