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Moor family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

Similar surnames: Maurais, Maurault, Maure, Maurice, Maurice-Lafantaisie, Maurier, Maurin, Mauro, Maurois, Mohr, Moore, Moorhead, Mora, Morache, Morad, Morais, Morales, Moran, Morand, Morand-Grimard, Moranville, Moras, Morasse, Morazain, Morden, More, Moreau, Moreau-Desourdy, Moreau-Desrosiers, Moreau-Duplessis, Moreault, Moreira, Morel, Morel-Deladurantaie, Morel-Deladurantaye, Morell, Morellato, Morelle, Morelli, Morello, Morency, Morency, Moreno, Morest, Moret, Moretti, Morey, Morgan, Morganti, Moriarty, Morier, Morillon, Morin, Morin, Morin-Chenevert, Morin-Valcourt, Morinville, Morisette, Morison, Morisseau, Morisset, Morissette, Morissey, Morisson, Morley, Morneau, Morneault, Moro, Moroney, Moroni, Moroz, Morrell, Morrier, Morrill, Morrin, Morris, Morrisette, Morrisey, Morrison, Morrisseau, Morrisset, Morrissette, Morrissey, Morrisson, Morrow, Morse, Mortimer, Morton, Morvan
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Marriages of the family Moor
Our database contains 69 records of marriages of the family Moor, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1724Saint-Laurent, QcPierre MoorLouise-Genevieve Gendreau
1734Saint-Laurent, QcLouis MaletMarie Moor
1753Saint-Jean, QcFrancois MaurLouise Demeule
1763Saint-Laurent, QcThomas MoorIsabelle Denis
1763Repentigny, QcCharles JuneauCatherine Maureau-Duplessy
1777Mascouche, QcPascal BeauchampMarguerite Rocheleau-Rorisseau
1778Saint-Cuthbert, QcJean-Baptiste MoreauxM.-Joseph Moreaux
1782L'assomption, QcJoseph Marsant-LapierreMarie Moreau
1787Sainte-Famille, QcFrancois MaurSuzanne Paquette
1796Saint-Pierre, QcStanislas MooreMarie Gourdeau
1799Levis, QcJean-Baptiste HalleMarguerite Moore
1799Saint-Laurent, QcLouis BautronMonique Tousignant
1822Sainte-Elisabeth, QcJan-Baptiste RobitailleCharlotte Morau
1828Dunham, QcSamuel-S BlodgettMaria Moor
1831Montreal, QcTimothy MolloyJane Moor
1832Hull, QcEl WallerAbigail Moor
1833Saint-Jacques-De-Leeds, QcArchibald MoorHelen Mc-Steven
1834Saint-Jean, QcLouis MaureAngele Boissonneau
1839Saint-Laurent, QcLouis Bautron-MauorMarie-Louise Aubry
1839Shipton, QcWilliam-Henry MoorAcenath Weed
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Baptisms of the family Moor
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Moor
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Baptisms list
1824La-Visitation-de-l'ile-Dupas, QCPierre MoorM
1838Drummondville, QCMary-Ann MoorF
1843Melbourne, QCSilence-Marion MoorF
1851La-Visitation-de-l'ile-Dupas, QCJ.Edmond MoorM
1879Windsor, QCJoseph-Arthur MaurM
1894Saint-Sauveur-des-Monts, QCWilliam-Charles MoorM
1902Saint-Sauveur-des-Monts, QCM.Rosa-Bernadette MoorF
1921Lennoxville, QCMary-Elisabeth-Doreen MoorF
Amos, QCM-Monique-Jocelyne Langevin-Dit-MorF
Amos, QCM-Valderez-Suzanne Langevin-Dit-Mor
Longueuil, QCFrank-Joseph-Donald-Henry De-MoorM
Amos, QCJ-Richard MoorM
Amos, QCJ-Maxime Moar-MoorM
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Burials of the family Moor
Here are some examples of burials of the family Moor
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Burrials list
1837Drummondville, QCJohn MoorM
1873Sainte-Adele, QCMarguerite MoorF
1876La-Prairie, QCCordelia-Elizabeth MoorF
1889Windsor, QCOdile St-MaurF
1895Saint-Sauveur-des-Monts, QCRosa MoorF
1905Hull, QCMarie MoorF
1940Saint-Sauveur-des-Monts, QCMarguerite MoorF
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Pioneer of the family Moor

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Origin of name Moor

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Celebrities of the family Moor

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