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Meier family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

Similar surnames: Meyer, Meyers
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Pioneer of the family Meier

George Meyer was the son of John Peter Meyer and Catharine-Sophia Blaeser and was born in 1860 in Iowa. His ancestors came from Neunkirchen, in Prussia. He married Rosie Satger, daughter of Joseph Satger and Mary Baush in Dubuque, Iowa, in 1883. He was a farmer. They had at least 10 children.
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Origin of name Meier

From the German « meier », a status name for a steward or bailiff, which later came to be used for a tenant or a farmer. Originally it denoted a village headman.
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Marriages of the family Meier
Our database contains 121 records of marriages of the family Meier, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1777Quebec, QcGeorge MeyerTasty Hurt
1783Berthierville, QcJean-Christian MeyerGenevieve Aubuchon-Desaliers
1783Quebec, QcGeorge-William MeyerHenrietta Hartmanen
1785Berthierville, QcJean-Christian MeierM.-Catherine Joly
1785Saint-Laurent, QcNicolas MeyerGenevieve Audet
1808Berthierville, QcJoseph Gilbert-ContoisElizabeth Meyer
1816Berthierville, QcJoseph Boucher-BarbelRose Meier
1817Berthierville, QcLouis LatourMarie Meier
1822Saint-Mathias-Sur-Richelieu, QcJean-Baptiste MeyerMarie-Angelique Vegiard
1829Quebec, QcWilliam-Bleaden MeyerJulia-Anne Patterson
1850Montreal, QcSamuel-Benjamin SchmidtAurelia-Julia Meyer
1852Montreal, QcEdouard-Jean-Baptiste MeyerCharlotte-Claira Boulanger
1855Quebec, QcCharles-R OgdenRosein Meyer
1859Montreal, QcPatrick-Gregory BurnsCaroline Meyer
1863Quebec, QcPeter MeyerMary O-Brien
1864Quebec, QcThomas-Dowell PhillipsCatherine-Edith Meyer
1868Quebec, QcFrederic-Maignot GatesAgnes-Mary Meyer
1868Montreal, QcJoseph MailletTharsile Couillard
1868Quebec, QcJohn-Kerr McmorineEmmeline Meyer
1872Saint-Liguori, QcOdilon MeyerAgnes Jarret-Beauregard
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Meier
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Meier
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Baptisms list
1801Berthierville, QCCharles MeyerM
1802Saint-Cuthbert, QCJoseph MeyerM
1803Berthierville, QCCatherine MeyerF
1805Berthierville, QCM.Angele MeyerF
1808Berthierville, QCM.Des-Anges Meier
1809Berthierville, QCLouis-Joseph MeyerM
1816Berthierville, QCM.Louise MeierF
1833Saint-Jacques-de-Leeds, QCJohn MeyerM
1835Saint-Jacques-de-Leeds, QCJanet-H.Hurrell MeyerF
1837Saint-Jacques-de-Leeds, QCRosina-Maria MeyerF
1837Saint-Jacques-de-Leeds, QCEdith-Bleaden MeyerF
1838Saint-Jacques-de-Leeds, QCHenrietta-Edith MeyerF
1859Saint-Jerome, QCGilbert MeyerM
1910Longueuil, QCAdrienne-Marie-Amanda MeyerF
Trois-Rivieres, QCM.Margaretha MeyerF
Saint-Marcel, QCSebastien MeyerM
Saint-Marcel, QCAlexandre MeyerM
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Burials of the family Meier
Here are some examples of burials of the family Meier
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Burrials list
1926Saint-Hyacinthe, QCSimone Meyer
1926Saint-Hyacinthe, QCFlore Meyer
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Celebrities of the family Meier

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