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Mcclean family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

Similar surnames: Maclean, Mclean
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Marriages of the family Mcclean
Our database contains 774 records of marriages of the family Mcclean, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1786Quebec, QcJohn McleanGrace Ross
1787L'ile-Aux-Coudres, QcAugustin FournierMarie-Genevieve Mclean
1796Quebec, QcHector McleanAnne Williams
1801Quebec, QcCharles-Gray StewartEleanor-Morris Mclean
1802Berthierville, QcPierre Piet-TrempesMarie-Sara Mclean
1803Saint-Pierre-De-La-Riviere-Du-Sud, QcJoseph LavergneMarie-Anne Mclean
1804Quebec, QcLachlan MclachlanCatherine Mclean
1807Maskinonge, QcPierre McleanGenevieve Sicard-Carufel
1808Quebec, QcNeil McleanTherese Giroux
1811Quebec, QcCharles McleanJane Carey
1811Quebec, QcAlexander ReidIsabella Mclean
1812Saint-Jean-Baptiste, QcAntoine RouleauMarie-Louise Mecann-Mclean
1812Quebec, QcWilliam McleanMary Houston
1812Quebec, QcWilliam WithamJane Mclean
1816Quebec, QcGeorge StokanFlora Mclean
1816Riviere-Ouelle, QcAbraham ChapaisSuzanne Mclean
1818La-Malbaie-Pointe-Au-Pic, QcArchibald McleanMarie Claveau
1818Quebec, QcWilliam WilsonAnne-Margaret Mclean
1819Quebec, QcJohn GlassAnn Mclean
1819Shipton, QcWilliam MenutEleanor Mclean
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Mcclean
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Mcclean
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Baptisms list
1818La-Malbaie-Pointe-au-Pic, QCAchille McleanM
1820La-Malbaie-Pointe-au-Pic, QCSophie McleanF
1820La-Prairie, QCMarie-Modeste McleanF
1822La-Malbaie-Pointe-au-Pic, QCJoseph McleanM
1825Drummondville, QCJohn McleanM
1825Drummondville, QCHector McleanM
1825Drummondville, QCDonald McleanM
1825Drummondville, QCArchibald McleanM
1825Drummondville, QCMargaret McleanF
1836Bonaventure, QCSibley McleanM
1837Restigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, QCMarguerite McleanF
1837Drummondville, QCHarriet-Helen McleanF
1838Bonaventure, QCMarie-Anne McleanF
1838Drummondville, QCSusanna-Flora McleanF
1841Melbourne, QCPeter MacleanM
1841Bonaventure, QCElisabeth McleanF
1842Drummondville, QCJohn-Declair McleanM
1843Melbourne, QCAngus McleanM
1845Hatley, QCJohn MccleanM
1845Hatley, QCEliza-Willaford MccleanF
... and several other
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Burials of the family Mcclean
Here are some examples of burials of the family Mcclean
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Burrials list
1838Sorel, QCMarguerite MccleanF
1853Lingwick, QCFlora McleanF
1861Hatley, QCArchibald McleanM
1864Hatley, QCJohn-Walker McleanM
1879Richmond, QCMcleanF
1879Windsor, QCMartha MccleanF
1884Longueuil, QCEmeleus Mcclean
1889Saint-Alexis-de-Matapedia, QCFlore McleanF
1897Nouvelle, QCChristiane McleanF
1899Danville, QCSusanna McleanF
1908La-Prairie, QCMarie-Bernadette-Yolande McleanF
1908Restigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, QCJames-Morel McleanM
1911Richmond, QCRaymond McleanM
1930La-Prairie, QCPierre McleanM
1930Restigouche-Reserve-Indienne-Listuguj, QCGeorges McleanM
1937Sherbrooke, QCMoise McleanM
1937Sorel, QCMary McleanF
1938Montreal, QCOvila MacleanM
1953Saint-Jude, QCDoriva Mclean
1957La-Prairie, QCBerthe McleanF
... and several other
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Pioneer of the family Mcclean

Alexander Maclean was born on January 10th 1773 in Kirkapoll, Isle of Tyree, Argyllshire, Scotland. Son of Alexander Maclean, he marries Ann McPhaiden on April 8th 1805 in Kirkapoll, Isle of Tyree, Argyllshire, Scotland. Twelve children were born from their union (4 in Scotland, one of them stayed there; 8 in Canada). He is a farmer. He comes to Canada, and on November 12th 1831, buys a 200 acres parcel (lot 20 conc. 8) in Brock Township, for 74 pounds. He dies about 1832 in Brock Township.
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Origin of name Mcclean

MACLEAN/MCLEAN/MACLAINE/MCLANE - Scottish, from the Gaelic 'Mac Gille Eathain' which means 'son of a servant of Saint John'.
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Celebrities of the family Mcclean

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