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Maurice family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

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Marriages of the family Maurice
Our database contains 1369 records of marriages of the family Maurice, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1657Nicolas Letendre-Lequesne-St-ThomasMadeleine MauriceFRA
1658Jean Maurice-LafantaisieAnne DodelandeFRA
1669Pierre Letendre-LaliberteCharlotte Morin-Maurice
1669Leonard Faucher-St-MauriceMarie Damoys-DamoisQuebec, Qc
1670Olivier Morin-Bois-MauriceMarie-Anne ChamotFRA
1689Jean Desforges-St-MauriceMarie-Marguerite VerdonLachine, Qc
1699Claude Maurice-LafantaisieMarie-Madeleine DumouchelMontreal, Qc
1710Jean-Baptiste Faucher-St-MauriceMarie-Catherine MezerayNeuville, Qc
1712Jean Godebin-St-MauriceMarie HubertFRA
1723Charles Maurice-LafantaisieCatherine CardinalMontreal, Qc
1724Louis RousselMarguerite MoriceHavre-De-La-Baleine, Ns
1724Jean-Baptiste Faucher-St-MauriceMarie-Francoise JuneauNeuville, Qc
1725Raymond GuayBarbe Faucher-Saint-MauriceQuebec, Qc
1726Bernard Audon-RochefortMarie-Josephte DesforgesMontreal, Qc
1726Joseph Maurice-LafantaisieMarie-Angelique ChevalierLongue-Pointe, Qc
1726Paul Desforges-St-MauriceMarie-Jeanne Tartre-LariviereMontreal, Qc
1728Claude Gourgon-St-MauriceMarguerite MaisonneuveTerrebonne, Qc
1730Francois LarriveeGenevieve GodinBerthier-Sur-Mer, Qc
1730Pierre BrouilletGenevieve Arrive-Larrivee-MauriceChamplain, Qc
1731Hugues-Pierre HuartMarie Desforges-St-MauriceMontreal, Qc
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Maurice
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Maurice
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Baptisms list
1730Louis Maurice-LafantaisieMLa-Prairie, QC
1769Michel Gourgon-Dit-St-MauriceSaint-Eustache, QC
1771Amable St-MauriceSaint-Eustache, QC
1772Jean-Baptiste Gourgon-Dit-St-MauriceSaint-Eustache, QC
1773Francois Gourgon-Dit-St-MauriceSaint-Eustache, QC
1774Louis Gourgon-Dit-St-MauriceSaint-Eustache, QC
1775Pierre Gourgon-Dit-St-MauriceSaint-Eustache, QC
1775J.Louis Faucher-St-MauriceMSaint-Cuthbert, QC
1775Marie-Marguerite Gourgon-Dit-St-MauriceSaint-Eustache, QC
1776Joachim Desforges-Dit-St-MauriceSaint-Eustache, QC
1776Jean-Baptiste Fauche-St-MauriceMSaint-Cuthbert, QC
1777Paul Maurice-LafantaisieMSaint-Ours, QC
1778Marie-Antoine Gourgon-Dit-MoriceSaint-Eustache, QC
1778Therese Faucher-St-MauriceFSaint-Cuthbert, QC
1779Marie-Amable Desforges-Dit-St-MauriceSaint-Eustache, QC
1780Pierre-Charles Gourgon-Dit-MoriceSaint-Eustache, QC
1781Marie-Angelique Desforges-Dit-St-MauriceSaint-Eustache, QC
1783Marie-Marguerite Gourjon-Dit-MoriceSaint-Eustache, QC
1784Antoine Gourgon-Dit-MoriceSaint-Eustache, QC
1784Marie-Jeanne Desforges-Dit-St-MauriceSaint-Eustache, QC
... and several other
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Burials of the family Maurice
Here are some examples of burials of the family Maurice
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Burrials list
1730Charles-Claude Maurice-LafantaisieMLa-Prairie, QC
1731Madeleine MauriceFLa-Prairie, QC
1759Francois MauriceMSaint-Michel-d'Yamaska, QC
1761Jorge MauriceRepentigny, QC
1771Amable St-MauriceSaint-Eustache, QC
1783Joachim St-MoriceSaint-Eustache, QC
1793Marie-Angelique MauriceSaint-Eustache, QC
1794Louis MauriceSaint-Eustache, QC
1795Louis MauriceSaint-Eustache, QC
1796Marie St-MauriceLes-Cedres, QC
1796Pierre MauriceSaint-Eustache, QC
1796Genevieve MauriceSaint-Eustache, QC
1797Francois MauriceSaint-Eustache, QC
1801Jean-Baptiste MauriceSainte-Anne-des-Plaines, QC
1801Charles MauriceSainte-Anne-des-Plaines, QC
1801Marguerite-Marie Maurice-LafantaisieSaint-Ours, QC
1803Louis Gourgon-Dit-St-MauriceSaint-Eustache, QC
1804Marie-Angeliq Gourgon-Dit-St-MauriceSaint-Eustache, QC
1805Augustin Maurice-LafantaisieSainte-Anne-des-Plaines, QC
1806Catherine MauriceSainte-Anne-des-Plaines, QC
... and several other
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Pioneer of the family Maurice

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Origin of name Maurice

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Celebrities of the family Maurice

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