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Marr family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

Similar surnames: Mahar, Mara, Marais, Maranda, Marandola, Maranger, Marangere, Marano, Maras, Maratta, Marc, Marcantonio, Marc-Aurele, Marceau, Marcel, Marcelais, Marcelin, Marcellin, March, Marchal, Marchand, Marchant, Marchessault, Marchesseau, Marchesseault, Marcheteau-Desnoyers, Marcheterre, Marchetti, Marchi, Marchildon, Marcil, Marcile, Marcille, Marcogliese, Marcon, Marconi, Marcot, Marcotte, Marcouiller, Marcouillier, Marcous, Marcoux, Marechal, Marenger, Marengere, Marengo, Marentelle, Marentette, Maret, Maret-Lepine, Marette, Marette-Lepine, Maria, Mariage, Mariano, Marie, Marien, Marier, Marin, Marinacci, Marineau, Marinelli, Maringer, Maringo, Marini, Marinier, Marino, Marinoff, Marion, Marion-Lafontaine, Mariotti, Mark, Markey, Markham, Markovich, Marks, Marleau, Marley, Marlin, Marlot, Marlow, Marmen, Marmette, Marois, Maroney, Marot, Marot-Labonte, Marotte, Marotte-Labonte, Marques, Marquet, Marquette, Marquez, Marquis, Marquis, Marra, Marrone, Marroni, Mars, Marsan, Marsan, Marsan-Lapierre, Marsden, Marseille, Marsh, Marshall, Marsil, Marsile, Marsolais, Marston, Marteau, Martel, Martel-Beausejour, Martell, Martella, Martelle, Martello, Martens, Martial, Marticotte, Martimbault, Martimbeau, Martin, Martin, Martin, Martin-Barnabe, Martinbault, Martinbeau, Martin-Beaulieu, Martinbeault, Martin-Bernabe, Martindale, Martin-Dit-St-Jean, Martine, Martineau, Martineau-Lormiere, Martineau-St-Onge, Martinelli, Martinet, Martinet-Bonami, Martinette, Martinez, Martini, Martin-Ladouceur, Martino, Martin-Pellan, Martin-Pelland, Martin-Pellant, Martins, Martin-Versailles, Marty, Marullo, Marx
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Marriages of the family Marr
Our database contains 56 records of marriages of the family Marr, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1752Montreal, QcFrancois Mar-ComtoisMarie-Anne Cazal-Lalime
1759Quebec, QcCharles MarqAngelique Philippon
1772L'assomption, QcJean-Baptiste Jolivet-MitronMarguerite Martel
1785Quebec, QcJoseph GagneMarie-Anne Marq
1790L'assomption, QcLouis Bricot-LamarcheM.-Josepte Lemyrre-Marsolet
1794Berthierville, QcClaude Derosiers-LafreniereCatherine Martin-Pellant
1800Berthierville, QcPierre Bidegain-St-MartinMarguerite Riel-Lirlande
1807Contrecoeur, QcNicolas RenaudMarie-Louise Saint-Mars
1810Saint-Jean-Baptiste, QcHenry Demard-GuilletM.-Anne Lajeunesse
1815Saint-Roch-De-L'achigan, QcJean-Baptiste Leveque-SansouciM.-Des-Anges Martel
1820Montreal, QcJoseph MarrMarie Tessier
1825Berthierville, QcJean-Baptiste JeansonMarguerite Martial-Periard
1833L'assomption, QcDenis LesageM.-Helene Lemire-Marsolet
1833Berthierville, QcProsper Dubord-LafontaineCatherine Martin-Pelland
1836Berthierville, QcNarcisse Dubord-ClermontIsabelle Bidagan-St-Martin
1843Quebec, QcDavid MahargMargaret Melrose
1844Montreal, QcFrancois MarrSophie Fabre
1847Saint-Cesaire, QcPhilbert LedouxMathilde St-Mard
1847Saint-Jacques-De-Leeds, QcJoseph MahargMargaret Hunter
1848Montreal, QcJacques BisaillonRose-Anne Marr
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Marr
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Marr
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Baptisms list
1841Saint-Jacques-de-Leeds, QCHugh MahargM
1925East-Angus, QCErnestine-Eva-May MaharF
1931Jonquiere, QCDonald-Arthur MaharM
Longueuil, QCArthur-Leonard MarrM
Longueuil, QCNancy-Mary-Monique-Frances MarrF
Trois-Rivieres, QCJ.Harry MarM
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Burials of the family Marr
Here are some examples of burials of the family Marr
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Burrials list
1845Saint-Jacques-de-Leeds, QCHugh MahardM
1869Richmond, QCMary MaharF
2004Sherbrooke, QCElizabeth Marr-PatryF
2004Sherbrooke, QCElizabeth MarrF
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Pioneer of the family Marr

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Origin of name Marr

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Celebrities of the family Marr

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