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Malette family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

Similar surnames: Mallette
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Marriages of the family Malette
Our database contains 2958 records of marriages of the family Malette, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1716Jean-Baptiste MalletMarie-Barbe MilotLachine, Qc
1725Gabriel MalletteMarie-Catherine MilotLachine, Qc
1732Jugon MalletteMathurine MunierFRA
1747Pierre MalletteMarie-Genevieve DomptailQuebec, Qc
1748Francois PerineauMarie-Josephte MalletteLachine, Qc
1749Jean-Baptiste Seguin-LaderouteM-Amable MaletteOka, Qc
1749Gabriel MalletteMarie-Anne Brunet-BourbonnaisLachine, Qc
1750Joachim LaframboiseMarie-Josephte MalletPointe-Claire, Qc
1754Louis DicaireCatherine MaletteOka, Qc
1757Jean MalletteMarie-Louise VivierQuebec, Qc
1758Guillaume MalletteMarie-Josephte BrodLachine, Qc
1758Joseph MalletteMarguerite Roy-PortelanceLachine, Qc
1760Joseph MalletteMarie-Angelique TabeauLachine, Qc
1762Joseph LarocqueMarie-Charlotte MallettePointe-Claire, Qc
1765Louis MalletteMadeleine Andre-St-AmantOka, Qc
1767Jean-Baptiste MaletteM-Ursule ThibodeauOka, Qc
1773Jean-Baptiste MalletteMarie-Josephte PicardLachine, Qc
1775Louis QuesnelMarie-Josephte MalletLachine, Qc
1775Louis MalletteM-Madeleine CondonOka, Qc
1776Francois MaletteMarie-Louise BrabantVaudreuil-Dorion, Qc
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Malette
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Malette
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Baptisms list
1772Marie-Angelique Malette-OualletSaint-Eustache, QC
1774Marie-Therese Malette-OualetteSaint-Eustache, QC
1838Angelique MalletteFBuckingham, QC
1845Valeria MalletteFBuckingham, QC
1847Marie-Anne MalletteFBuckingham, QC
1848Isidore MaletteMGatineau, QC
1851Marie-Eumeline MaletteSaint-Placide, QC
1851Antoine MalletteMBuckingham, QC
1851Marie-Glephire MaletteSaint-Placide, QC
1851Helene MaletteFGatineau, QC
1852Marie-Ernestine MaletteSaint-Placide, QC
1852Catherine-Virginie MaletteFLes-Cedres, QC
1852Rose-Emilie MaletteFLes-Cedres, QC
1852Joseph MaletteFGatineau, QC
1852Marie-Julie MalletteFLes-Cedres, QC
1853J.Treffle MaletteSaint-Placide, QC
1853Olivine MalletteFBuckingham, QC
1855Julien MaletteMGatineau, QC
1855Marie-Liliane MaletteSaint-Placide, QC
1856Julie MaletteFGatineau, QC
... and several other
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Burials of the family Malette
Here are some examples of burials of the family Malette
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Burrials list
1778Francois MaletteLes-Cedres, QC
1852Catherine-Virginie MaletteLes-Cedres, QC
1855Marie-Liliane MaletteSaint-Placide, QC
1856Clephire MaletteSaint-Placide, QC
1860Joseph MaletteSaint-Placide, QC
1862Marguerite MaletteSaint-Placide, QC
1863Justine MaletteSaint-Placide, QC
1863Toussaint-Magloire MaletteSaint-Eustache, QC
1866Melina-Marie MaletteSaint-Marcel, QC
1866Victoire MaletteSaint-Placide, QC
1866Placide MaletteSaint-Placide, QC
1872Anonyme MaletteLongueuil, QC
1872Francois MaletteSaint-Eustache, QC
1874Jeremie MaletteMThurso, QC
1881Josephte MaletteSaint-Placide, QC
1881Aglae MaletteFSaint-Donat, QC
1886Antoine MaletteMNotre-Dame-de-la-Salette, QC
1886Angelique MaletteFMasson-Angers, QC
1887Hyacinthe MaletteMNotre-Dame-de-la-Salette, QC
1887Melanisse MaletteFHull, QC
... and several other
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Origin of name Malette

Mallette's are French-Canadian ,also first found identification was found in Normandy.We are also english orgin.
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Celebrities of the family Malette

Pattie Mallette is Justin Bieber's mom.Also, Brian Mallette is a famous Alanta Braves baseball player
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Pioneer of the family Malette

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