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Lymburner family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

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Origin of name Lymburner

I am of THIS Lymburner family :) I am Louis-Marcel Lymburner's daughter Louise Lymburner's first grand-daughter. She was my very best friend, confidant and mentor until she passed away at age 96. My middle name is "Marie Louise" as was hers, which was her mother's name. My great cousin Jean Lymburner (her nephew) is the "Master" of our Lymburner Family Tree so how did "this" website come about?... Hmmm..... All this said, I've got some Lymbuner in me, I am alive and kicking, happily married with one little boy and living in Vietnam for my husband's work. Life is great and I'm PROUD to be a Lymburner because I only know them all to be GOOD FOLK :)
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Submitted by
Julie Marie Louise M.

I am a great grand-daughter of Mary Lymburner (Metevier). She was married to Philip
Lymburner who was the son of Edlbert and Flore.
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Submitted by
Natalie S.

Am from Marcel Lymburner and wife Adelaide Evans?? A gr. gr.grandfather.
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Submitted by
Annette P.

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Marriages of the family Lymburner
Our database contains 51 records of marriages of the family Lymburner, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1865Trois-Rivieres, QcCyriac LymburnerHonorah Marchand
1866Montreal, QcJoseph LymburnerEmerence Audet
1867Montreal, QcThomas PoulinAglae Lymburner
1868Trois-Rivieres, QcTelesphore LymburnerGeorgine Marchand
1869Trois-Rivieres, QcMarcel VerretM.-Arselia Lymburner
1871Trois-Rivieres, QcEdouard Adam-LabrancheAlice Lymburner
1877Trois-Rivieres, QcFrancis Mc-LeanAglae Lymburner
1881Saint-Stanislas, QcNarcisse LymburnerM.-Albina Marchand
1882Trois-Rivieres, QcCamille LymburnerM.-Odilasse Boisvert
1886Montreal, QcLouis-Joseph-Amedee CouillardMarie-Cordelia Lymburner
1891Montreal, QcOvide BoisjolyDiana Lymburner
1891Montreal, QcLouis-Marcel LymburnerMarie-Louise Bezier
1894Champlain, QcEdelbert LymburnerM.-Flore Beaufort-Brunel
1898Montreal, QcNarcisse LymburnerAlma Robert
1901Trois-Rivieres, QcCharles ValentineM.-Anne-Eva Lymburner
1906Trois-Rivieres, QcRichard LymburnerCorinne Hamel
1908Montreal, QcStrhur LymburnerM.-Elis Desjardins
1909Trois-Rivieres, QcEmmanuel DuguayEmerentienne Lymburner
1912Montreal, QcElzear PrudhommeEva Lymburner
1912Montreal, QcJoseph-Arthur LymburnerIlda Couillard
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Lymburner
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Lymburner
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Baptisms list
1866Trois-Rivieres, QCM.Laura LymburnerF
1870Trois-Rivieres, QCM.Louise-Flore LymburnerF
1871Trois-Rivieres, QCM.Zoroide LymburnerF
1871Trois-Rivieres, QCM.Joseph-Adrien LymburnerM
1872Trois-Rivieres, QCJ.Telesphore-Ethelbert LymburnerM
1874Trois-Rivieres, QCJ.Alfred-Elzear LymburnerM
1879Trois-Rivieres, QCJ.Narcisse-Arthur LymburnerM
1881Trois-Rivieres, QCM.Anne-Alberta LymburnerF
1882Trois-Rivieres, QCJ.Narcisse-Arthur LymburnerM
1883Trois-Rivieres, QCJ.Wilbrod LymburnerM
1883Trois-Rivieres, QCJ.Charles-Edouard LymburnerM
1885Trois-Rivieres, QCJ.Arthur-Camille LymburnerM
1885Trois-Rivieres, QCM.Aurore-Eugenie LymburnerF
1886Trois-Rivieres, QCJ.Alexandre-Raoul LymburnerM
1886Trois-Rivieres, QCJ.Lucien LymburnerM
1886Trois-Rivieres, QCM.Eva LymburnerF
1886Trois-Rivieres, QCMarie LymburnerF
1887Trois-Rivieres, QCJ.Placide-Elie LymburnerM
1888Trois-Rivieres, QCJ.Ernest LymburnerM
1890Trois-Rivieres, QCM.Florestine-Yvonne LymburnerF
... and several other
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Burials of the family Lymburner
Here are some examples of burials of the family Lymburner
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Burrials list
1922Shawinigan, QCNarcisse LymburnerM
1934Montreal, QCLucette LymburnerF
1938Montreal, QCAnonyme LymburnerM
1943Shawinigan, QCPhilippe LymburnerM
1946Shawinigan, QCErnest Lymburner
1950Trois-Rivieres, QCAnonyme Lymburner
1962Shawinigan, QCAurore LymburnerF
1962Shawinigan, QCAlice Lymburner
1983Windsor, QCMayrice LynnburnerM
1989La-Prairie, QCMathilde LynburnerF
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Pioneer of the family Lymburner

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Celebrities of the family Lymburner

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