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Lowell family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

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Pioneer of the family Lowell

Source: The Historical Genealogy of the Lowell family of America pub 1899 by Rev Delmar R Lowell
According to Rev Delmar Lowell the first of the family name Lowell to come to Canada, was William jr and his brother Isreal. They left shortly after the American Revolution was over and headed to Hatley, Stanstead, Quebec, CA. They left for the free land to be settled.
3 generations of Lowell's in my family line were all born in Hatley. Then the third generation moved back to the US, this would be Cordan Lowell, son of Amos Keazar Lowell & Caroline Kent. Amos & Caroline also moved back and both died in New Hampshire.
Other families to help settle that section of Canada where Daniel Bacon and his wife Esther Jones, Jacob kent and his wife Jane Winslow (not a Mayflower Winslow),Moses Rolfe and his wife Diana Bishop.
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Origin of name Lowell

Source records: The Historical Genealogy of the Lowells of America pub 1899 by Rev Delmar R Lowell;The Royal descents of 600 Immigrants pub 20?? by Gary Boyd Roberts.

According to Delmar Lowell the Lowell family is descended from the Plantenagent Kings of England. If you trace the genealogy of those Kings you will see the family descends from William the Conqueror, first King of England.
According to Gary Boyd Roberts The Royal Descent of 600 Immigrants, the English King in his book is King Edward II down to the first Lowell immigrant, Percival Lowell. Percival Lowell was in his 60's when he brought his entire family by ship in 1634 to Newbury/Newbury Port, Massachusetts. Percival was a Merchant in England. It is his mother Christian Percival who is of Royal descent.

Meaning of the name Lowell: lupos, lone wolf of English Origin.
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Celebrities of the family Lowell

There are many famous Lowell's in the USA. The majority of them descend from Percival Lowell's oldest son John Lowell.
John Lowell 1743-1802 member of congress & fed. judge
John Lowell 1769-1840 lawyer
John Armory Lowell 1798-1881 industrialist
Ralph Lowell founder of 1890-1978 WGBH Boston
Amy Lowell 1875-1925 Pultzer Prize wining Poet
Percival Lowell 1855-1916 Astronomer
Abbott Lawrence Lowell 1856-1943 President of Harvard 1909-1933
James Russell Lowell 1819-1891 Poet & Embassoder to Spain
Charles Russell Lowell II 1835-1864 Civil War General

For a complete list look up the Family Lowell on Wiki-pedia
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Marriages of the family Lowell
Our database contains 43 records of marriages of the family Lowell, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1819Hatley, QcDaniel LowellAbigail-Samuel Read
1820Hatley, QcJohn LordMary Lowel
1832Sherbrooke, QcJames ParkerHarriett Lowell
1832Ascot, QcJames ParkerHarriet Lowell
1832Hatley, QcJames LowellMartha Presba
1834Shipton, QcJohnston Lowel-FowlerSarah-Ann Barston
1843Stanstead, QcJoseph-H ColeJane-M Lowell
1844Ascot, QcWilliam-Joseph WillcoxSarah-Maria Lowell
1849Sherbrooke, QcJacob WellsLydia Lowel
1852Ascot, QcReubin BeanElcina Lowell
1854Ascot, QcDaniel-Gr LowellElizabeth Young
1859Hatley, QcAmos LowellCaroline Kent
1862Ascot, QcMoses-Hollis LowellJosephine Berthelet
1865La-Peche, QcJames LovelMary Sullivan
1866-, NsOtis-S LowellJane Dulay
1867LaconiaJames TiltonEliza Lowell
1867Hatley, QcJohn CarneyMaria-P Lowell
1872Barnston, QcOsman-G DavisPlooma-M Lowell
1876Saint-Francois-Du-Lac, QcLudger JoyalAglae Verville
1879Waterville, QcCordan-A LowellVirginia St-James
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Lowell
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Lowell
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Baptisms list
1864Les-Cedres, QCMarie-Josephine-Valerie LowelF
1868Coaticook, QCJoseph-Eugene LowellM
1869Saint-Jerome, QCLeonard LowellM
1898Stanstead, QCJoseph LowellM
1899Stanstead, QCJohn-Alfred LowellM
1901Stanstead, QCWilfrid-Arthur LowellM
1903Stanstead, QCBernadette-Lilia LowellF
1906Stanstead, QCCatherine-Gertrude LowellF
1910Stanstead, QCForest-Chester LowellM
1912Stanstead, QCRobert-Land LowellM
1919Stanstead, QCMary-Geraldine-Veralie LowellF
1920Stanstead, QCJoseph-Vernard-Foster LowellM
1921Richmond, QCFerdinand-Douglas LowellM
1924Stanstead, QCJoseph-Forest-Wilfrid LowellM
1925Stanstead, QCNorma-Lorraine LowellF
1928Stanstead, QCGeorge-Henry LowellM
Stanstead, QCNancy-Jean LowellF
Sawyerville, QCJohn-Alden LowellM
Sawyerville, QCWesley-David LowellM
Sawyerville, QCLinda-Ann LowellF
... and several other
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Burials of the family Lowell
Here are some examples of burials of the family Lowell
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Burrials list
1844Hatley, QCPatience LowellF
1848Hatley, QCBarnard LowellM
1854Hatley, QCBenevalenta LowellF
1875Ascot, QCDorcas LowellM
1878Ascot, QCWilliam LowellM
1899Bury, QCMary-Jane-Taylor LowellF
1917Stanstead, QCJoseph-Forest-Chester LowellM
1931Stanstead, QCJoseph LowellM
1932Stanstead, QCGeorge LowellM
1942Sherbrooke, QCIda-May LowellF
1974Sawyerville, QCClifford-Gordon LowellM
1987Stanstead, QCFerdinand LowellM
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