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Low family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

Similar surnames: Lauber, Laughing, Laughlin, Laughran, Laughren, Laundry, Launier, Launiere, Laurain, Laure, Laurence, Laurencelle, Laurendeau, Laurent, Laurent-Lasonde, Laurent-Lortie, Laurent-Lorty, Lauriault, Laurie, Laurier, Laurier-Cotineau, Laurin, Laurin-Lorrain, Laurion, Lauriot, Lausier, Lauson, Lauze, Lauzer, Lauzier, Lauziere, Lauzin, Lauzon, Lobb, Locas, Locat, Locatelli, Lock, Locke, Lockhart, Lockhead, Lockwell, Lockwood, Lodge, Loffredo, Loftus, Logan, Logue, Loguer, Loguisto, Loignon, Loiseau, Loiseau-Cardin, Loisel, Loiselle, Lombard, Lombardi, Lombardo, Lompre, Londei, Lonergan, Loney, Long, Longchamp, Longchamps, Longchap, Longley, Longmoore, Longo, Longpre, Longtin, Longueepee, Longuepee, Longueville, Longval, Lono, Lonsdale, Loof, Loomis, Loon, Loonskin, Lopes, Lopez, Lor, Lorange, Loranger, Lord, Lore, Lorendeau, Lorenger, Lorenz, Lorenzo, Loreto, Lorette, Loriault, Lorimer, Lorin, Lorion, Loriot, Lormand, Lorquet, Lorrain, Lortie, Losier, Lothrop, Lottinville, Loubert, Loubier, Lough, Loughran, Loughren, Loupret, Louthood, Louttit, Louvet, Love, Lovell, Lovely, Lovett, Lowe, Lowell, Lower, Lowery, Lowrey, Lowry, Lowther, Loyer, Lozeau, Lozier, Lozon
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Marriages of the family Low
Our database contains 62 records of marriages of the family Low, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1635FRAHilaire Gingras-GingreauFrancoise St-Lo
1711Saint-Francois-Du-Lac, QcPierre-Louis ParenteauMarguerite Laurent
1765L'assomption, QcJean-George Lo-LebeauM.-Angelique Gibeau
1785L'assomption, QcCharles Quesnel-LajoyeMargueritte Lord
1795Saint-Roch-De-L'achigan, QcAmbroise Tellier-LafortuneMarie Loriau
1802Laval, QcJean-Baptiste Godard-LapointeMarie Filiatrault-St-Louis
1813Quebec, QcWilliam WraggSophia Low
1817Quebec, QcAlexander CowanMary-Anne Low
1824Quebec, QcWilliam TateMartha Low
1827Quebec, QcPatrick LowCharlotte Galloway
1832Saint-Jacques, QcLouis Langlois-LachapelleEmelie Lord
1836Quebec, QcJean LemaitreCatherine Low
1838Saint-Jacques-De-Leeds, QcJoseph LowEsther Slater
1841Philipsburg, QcJohn-W. LowMaria-E Burley
1849Montreal, QcJames LowMary Mullen
1856Shipton, QcRobert JarvisElisabeth-Lemon Low
1859Quebec, QcJohn LowElizabeth Goudie
1864Inverness, QcDavid Mc-IntyreAgnes Low
1866Quebec, QcAlexander-George LowMargaret Henderson
1871Loretteville, QcCharles DeschampsAngele Low
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Low
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Low
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Baptisms list
1834Trois-Rivieres, QCPhilippe LaudM
1837Lennoxville, QCParthena-Ann LoF
1837Lennoxville, QCFrancis LoM
1839Saint-Jacques-de-Leeds, QCAgnes LowF
1840Saint-Jacques-de-Leeds, QCLegdy-Jane Low
1841Sherbrooke, QCGeorge LoM
1841Sherbrooke, QCParthena-Ann LoF
1841Sherbrooke, QCFrancis LoM
1842Saint-Jacques-de-Leeds, QCElizabeth LowF
1843Ascot, QCChristiana LowF
1843Saint-Jacques-de-Leeds, QCSophia LowF
1845Ascot, QCMargaret LowF
1847Sherbrooke, QCWilliam LowM
1847Sherbrooke, QCWilliam LowM
1847Saint-Jacques-de-Leeds, QCHarriet LowF
1849Sherbrooke, QCElizabeth LowF
1849Sherbrooke, QCElizabeth LowF
1851Sherbrooke, QCJohn-Stewart LowM
1851Sherbrooke, QCJohn-Stewart LowM
1852Saint-Adrien-d'Irlande, QCRosana LowF
... and several other
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Burials of the family Low
Here are some examples of burials of the family Low
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Burrials list
1852Sherbrooke, QCWilliam LowM
1860Sherbrooke, QCDaniel-Mc-Gregor LowM
1864Sorel, QCWilliam LaudM
1868Sherbrooke, QCAngeline-Mary LoF
1869Waterville, QCAnne-Maria LoF
1872Ascot, QCLura LoF
1872Waterville, QCEllen-Bryant LoF
1875Sherbrooke, QCJames-Allen LoM
1877Lennoxville, QCGeorge-Irving-Ross LoM
1880Sherbrooke, QCMargaret LowF
1885Saint-Gabriel, QCM.Louise Lo
1886Sherbrooke, QCJohn LowM
1893Sherbrooke, QCChristina LowF
1896Notre-Dame-de-la-Salette, QCWilliam LowM
1917Hull, QCMarie LoF
1947Cookshire, QCMargaret LowF
1989Saint-Sauveur-des-Monts, QCWladyslawa Lo-PackaF
1998La-Prairie, QCFrance Lo-Woun-NewF
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Pioneer of the family Low

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Origin of name Low

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Celebrities of the family Low

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