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Lopez family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

Similar surnames: Lopes
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Marriages of the family Lopez
Our database contains 83 records of marriages of the family Lopez, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1667Quebec, QcEmmanuel Lopez-MadereMarguerite Renaud
1675Quebec, QcEmmanuel Lopez-MadereJeanne Le-Rouge
1826Montreal, QcMaximilien-Joseph BonacinaJeanne Lopez
1927Timmins, OnJames LopesEva Pelland
1930Granby, QcJohn LopesAnna-Mabel Mclean
1953DerryArthur-Salvatore LopesClarina Van-Laarhoven
1954Montreal, QcPedro LopezNatividad Martin
1955Grand-Mere, QcPhilip HultonCarmen Lopez
1955Montreal, QcRaymond-Carl LopesEvelyne-Anne Hudeck
1956Saint-Raymond, QcHenri LopezAugustine Plamondon
1957Granby, QcHarold Brown-LlyodBarbara-Ann Lopes
1958Ottawa, OnJose-Manuel LimaJuana-Jesus Lopez
1959Ottawa, OnAntonio PereiraMaria Lopez
1961Winnipeg, MbAnibal LopesAlda-Maria-Do-Cota Sousa
1963Montreal, QcCarlos Peixoto-BessaTeresa Correia-Lopes
1963Montreal, QcPascual CayhuelasLuisa Lopez
1964Montreal, QcJose-Antonio LopezBerthe Brosseau
1964Blainville, QcHenri LopezChristine Berthou
1965Montreal, QcJose-Hedalgo LopezDenise-Pierrette Juan
1965Montreal, QcJose-Honorino LopezDolores Fradijas
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Lopez
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Lopez
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Baptisms list
Saint-Jude, QCJosee-Maria-Laura De-Torres-LopezF
Saint-Hubert, QCJoseph-Manuel-Georges Lopez-CorreiaM
Saint-Hubert, QCLouis-Paolo LopezM
Sherbrooke, QCJose-Luis-Pascual LopezM
Saint-Hubert, QCMagella-Jonathan LopesM
Saint-Hubert, QCStephanie LopezF
Tracy, QCHelene-Noemie Laforest-LopezF
Tracy, QCGilles Laforest-LopezM
Saint-Hubert, QCDominic Garneau-LopezM
Saint-Hubert, QCDominic LopezM
Saint-Hubert, QCOliveira-Kayla Lopes-L.O.LF
Saint-Hubert, QCAlexandre LopezM
Saint-Hubert, QCMaxime LopezM
La-Prairie, QCSylvain-Joseph-Jonathan Lopez-GirardeauM
Bromptonville, QCMarie-Isabelle-Arielle Lopes-ClaraF
Saint-Placide, QCEmile Desjardins-Lopez
Sherbrooke, QCClementine-Marie-Alice Lopes-ClaraF
Sherbrooke, QCJoseph-Steven Lopez-VasquezM
Sherbrooke, QCJuan-David Vasquez-LopezM
Sherbrooke, QCEden-Maya Lopez-DeslogesF
... and several other
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Pioneer of the family Lopez

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Origin of name Lopez

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Celebrities of the family Lopez

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