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Charles Lefrançois was baptized on March 9, 1626 in Muchedent, Seine-Maritime, France. Son of Charles Lefrancois and Suzanne Montigny, he married Madeleine Triot, daughter of Jacques Triot and Catherine Guichard, on September 10, 1658 in Quebec City. From this union were born 13 children. In the country in 1657, he was confirmed on February 2, 1660 in Château-Richer, where he settled down. In 1681, he has 2 guns, 14 heads of cattle, a "flight" and 20 acres of land. In 1699, he gave half of his land to two of his sons who will, in return, take care of their parents. He died on June 13, 1700 and was buried the next day at Château-Richer.
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Marriages of the family Lefrancois
Our database contains 2708 records of marriages of the family Lefrancois, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1655Quebec, QcGuillaume ThibaultMarie-Madeleine Francois-Lefrancois
1655Quebec, QcGuillaume ThibaultMarie-Madeleine Lefrancois
1658Quebec, QcCharles LefrancoisMarie-Madeleine Triot
1670Vivien RocheleauMarie Langelier-Lefrancois
1670Quebec, QcPierre LefrancoisMadeleine Gaumond
1670Pierre FrancoisMadeleine Gaumond
1671Quebec, QcFrancois LavergneFrancoise Lefrancois
1671Quebec, QcJean-Francois Foucault-Courchesne-LefrancoisElisabeth Prevost-Provost
1680Chateau-Richer, QcPierre TrudelFrancoise Lefrancois
1682Chateau-Richer, QcLouis BelangerMarguerite Lefrancois
1684Chateau-Richer, QcPierre RobergeMarie Lefrancois
1689Chateau-Richer, QcFrancois TrepanierAnne Lefrancois
1691Chateau-Richer, QcCharles LefrancoisBarbe Belanger
1696Chateau-Richer, QcFrancois FafardMagdeleine-Marie Lefrancois
1698Sainte-Anne-De-Beaupre, QcJoseph LefrancoisAnne-Cecile Caron
1698Chateau-Richer, QcJulien LeonardBarbe Lefrancois
1701Trois-Rivieres, QcJean-Francois LemireFrancoise Foucault
1702Longueuil, QcPierre FrancoisMarie-Madeleine Tousignant
1702Charlesbourg, QcNicolas LefrancoisMarie-Madeleine Lefebvre
1703Boucherville, QcCharles LefrancoisElisabeth Valiquet
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Lefrancois
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Lefrancois
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Baptisms list
1704Longueuil, QCJean-Baptiste LefrancoisM
1736Longueuil, QCAngelique-Marie LefrancoisF
1738Longueuil, QCCharlotte-Marie LefrancoisF
1775La-Prairie, QCLouis LefrancoisM
1781Sorel, QCJoseph Lefrancois-ParadisM
1782Sorel, QCMarianne Lefrancois-ParadisF
1783Sorel, QCPierre LefrancoisM
1784Sorel, QCEmmanuel LefrancoisM
1796La-Prairie, QCJoseph LefrancoisM
1797Saint-Cuthbert, QCM.Angele LefrancoisF
1798Saint-Cuthbert, QCJoseph LefrancoisM
1799Saint-Cuthbert, QCM.Marguerite LefrancoisF
1800Saint-Cuthbert, QCM.Magdeleine LefrancoisF
1801Saint-Cuthbert, QCPierre LefrancoisM
1802Saint-Luc, QCM.Catherine LefrancoisF
1802Saint-Cuthbert, QCJean-Marie LefrancoisM
1802La-Prairie, QCLouis LefrancoisM
1803Saint-Cuthbert, QCCharles LefrancoisM
1804La-Prairie, QCMarie-Francoise LefrancoisF
1804La-Prairie, QCJean-Baptiste LefrancoisM
... and several other
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Burials of the family Lefrancois
Here are some examples of burials of the family Lefrancois
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Burrials list
1785Sorel, QCJoseph-Francois Lefrancois-ParadisM
1791La-Prairie, QCFrancois LefrancoisM
1807La-Prairie, QCAngelique LefrancoisF
1808La-Prairie, QCPaul LefrancoisM
1809La-Prairie, QCPierre LefrancoisM
1813La-Prairie, QCPierre LefrancoisM
1816La-Prairie, QCAlexis LefrancoisM
1821La-Prairie, QCBarnabe LefrancoisM
1829La-Prairie, QCVital LefrancoisM
1831Saint-Barthelemy, QCPrisque Lefrancois
1831Saint-Barthelemy, QCAnonyme-Garcon Lefrancois
1832Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines, QCEuphrosine Lefrancois
1832Saint-Barthelemy, QCPierre Lefrancois
1832Saint-Barthelemy, QCMarie Lefrancois
1837Sainte-elisabeth, QCJ.Eusebe Lefrancois
1837Saint-Barthelemy, QCGenevieve-Apolline Lefrancois
1838La-Prairie, QCIsabelle LefrancoisF
1838Sainte-elisabeth, QCTheodose-Hermenegilde Lefrancois
1838Sainte-elisabeth, QCAnonyme Lefrancois
1840Saint-Gabriel, QCLouis Lefrancois
... and several other
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Origin of name Lefrancois

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