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Lecuyer family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

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Marriages of the family Lecuyer
Our database contains 1585 records of marriages of the family Lecuyer, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1667Denis Leclerc-LecuyerMarie De-BretignyQuebec, Qc
1670Pierre LecuyerMarie JuilletMontreal, Qc
1672Antoine LecuyerAnne RabadyBatiscan, Qc
1687Jacques ThiffaultMarie-Anne LecuyerBatiscan, Qc
1689Rene Mallet-MaletMarie Lescuier-LecuyerMontreal, Qc
1693Henri JarryAgathe LecuyerMontreal, Qc
1698Paul LecuyerFrancoise LecomteLachine, Qc
1698Antoine LecuyerMarie-Marguerite GaillouBatiscan, Qc
1698Antoine LecuyerMarguerite GaillonBatiscan, Qc
1705Rene Lecuyer-LapierreSuzanne BlainLachine, Qc
1706Jacques Mainville-MivilleCatherine LecuyerMontreal, Qc
1707Francois DesbroyeuxMarie-Madeleine LecuyerBatiscan, Qc
1708Nicolas-Francois HerbecqMarie-Charlotte LecuyerBatiscan, Qc
1709Nicolas-Francois HerbecqMarie-Charlotte LecuyerBatiscan, Qc
1711Pierre Lecuyer-LaneuvilleFrancoise GaillouBatiscan, Qc
1714Jean-Baptiste LecuyerMarie-Catherine MilletMontreal, Qc
1717Michel GermanauCatherine LecuyerMontreal, Qc
1720Joseph-Marie LecuyerCatherine HurtubiseMontreal, Qc
1721Jean-Baptiste RenaudMarie LecuyerMontreal, Qc
1722Jean-Baptiste Danis-LarpentyMarguerite LecuyerLachine, Qc
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Lecuyer
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Lecuyer
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Baptisms list
1681Pierre LecuyerMChamplain, QC
1743Nicolas LecuyerMLa-Prairie, QC
1744Marie-Catherine LecuyerFLa-Prairie, QC
1745Antoine LecuyerMLa-Prairie, QC
1747Eustolie LecuyerFLa-Prairie, QC
1748Marie-Angelique LecuyerFLa-Prairie, QC
1752Joseph LecuyerMLa-Prairie, QC
1754Francois LecuyerMLa-Prairie, QC
1755Marie-Catherine LecuyerFLa-Prairie, QC
1766Francois LecuyerMSaint-Ours, QC
1768Louis LecuyerMSaint-Joseph-de-Lanoraie, QC
1785Marie-Louise LecuyerFLa-Prairie, QC
1790Francois LecuierMSaint-Cuthbert, QC
1792Pierre LecuierMSaint-Cuthbert, QC
1793Toussaint LecuyerMSainte-Genevieve, QC
1794Louis LecuierMSaint-Cuthbert, QC
1794Catherine LecuyerFSainte-Genevieve, QC
1795Jean-Baptiste LecuierMSaint-Cuthbert, QC
1795Louise LecuyerFSainte-Genevieve, QC
1796M.Rose LecuierFSaint-Cuthbert, QC
... and several other
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Burials of the family Lecuyer
Here are some examples of burials of the family Lecuyer
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Burrials list
1743Nicolas LecuyerMLa-Prairie, QC
1747Eustolie LecuyerFLa-Prairie, QC
1756Paul Lecuyer-LaneuvilleMSaint-Pierre-les-Becquets, QC
1756Charlotte-Marguerite Lecuyer-LaneuvilleFSaint-Pierre-les-Becquets, QC
1782Marie-Catherine LecuyerFLa-Prairie, QC
1788Charlotte Gagne-Dit-LecuyerFLongueuil, QC
1793Toussaint LecuyerSainte-Genevieve, QC
1797Louise LecuyerSainte-Genevieve, QC
1814Marie-Des-Anges LecuyerFLa-Prairie, QC
1821Laurent LecuyerSaint-Luc, QC
1821Julie LecuierSainte-elisabeth, QC
1824Victoire LecuyerSainte-elisabeth, QC
1828Marie LecuyerFLongueuil, QC
1830Anonyme LecuyerSaint-Luc, QC
1830Antoine LecuyerSaint-Barthelemy, QC
1831Isaac LecuyerSaint-Luc, QC
1831Antoine LecuyerSaint-Luc, QC
1832Jean-Baptiste LecuyerSaint-Luc, QC
1832Narcisse LecuyerSaint-Luc, QC
1832Sophie LecuyerSainte-Anne-des-Plaines, QC
... and several other
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Pioneer of the family Lecuyer

Pierre Lecuyer was born around 1634 in Fontenay-le-Comte, Maillezais, Vendée, France. Son of René and Marguerite Lecuyer Reingeaude-Reguindeau, he married Marie Juillet, daughter of Blaise and Anne-Antoinette Deliercourt, on July 23rd, 1679 in Montreal. From this union were born 12 children. Already in the country in 1666, he moved to Montreal, where 10 of his children get married. The date of his death, which occurred between 20 February 1706 and 13 January 1712, remains unknown.
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Origin of name Lecuyer

L’ECUYER-LECUYER - Agglutination of the squire, the nickname given to an individual working as a valet, or to one who is preparing to become a knight.
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L'Ecuyer - meaning horseman (squire)or rider
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Celebrities of the family Lecuyer

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