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Leahy family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

Similar surnames: Lamb, Lambert, Lambert-Aubain, Lambert-Aubin, Lambert-Champagne, Lambert-Robillard, Lambin, Lambrette, Lamprey, Lamprohon, Lampron, Lampron-Lacharite, Lamquin, Lancaster, Lance, Lanceleur, Lanciault, Lanciaux, Lancognard-Santerre, Lancop, Lanctot, Lancup, Landelle, Landerman, Landers, Landon, Landreville, Landreville-Gauthier, Landri, Landriau, Landriault, Landrigan, Landriot, Landry, Landry-Ayotte, Lang, Langan, Langdeau, Langdon, Lange, Langelier, Langer, Langevin, Langevin, Langevin-Lacroix, Langford, Langill, Langille, Langis, Langlade, Langlais, Langlais, Langlais-Serien, Langley, Langlois, Langlois, Langlois-Germain, Langlois-Lachapelle, Langlois-Saint-Jean, Langlois-St-Jean, Langlois-Traversy, Langton, Languedoc, Languirand, Lanseigne, Lantagne, Lantaigne, Lanteigne, Lanthier, Lantier, Lantin, Lanza, Le, Lea, Leach, Leacock, Leacy, Leahey, Leamy, Lean, Leard, Learmonth, Learned, Leary, Leathead, Leavey, Leavitt, Leavy, Lebaron, Lebeau, Lebeau-Lalouette, Lebeau-Marien, Lebel, Le-Bel, Lebel-Beaulieu, Lebelle, Leber, Le-Ber, Lebert, Lebeuf, Lebire, Leblanc, Leblanc, Le-Blanc, Leblanc-White, Lebleu, Leblond, Leboeuf, Leboeuf-Laflamme, Lebon, Leborgne, Le-Borgne, Lebourdais, Le-Bourdais, Lebourveau, Lebouthillier, Le-Bouthillier, Leboutillier, Lebrasseur, Le-Brasseur, Lebreton, Le-Breton, Lebreton-Lalancette, Lebreux, Lebrun, Lebrun, Lebrun, Le-Brun, Lebrun-Carrier, Lebrun-Leclerc, Lebuis, Lebuis-Lavergne, Lecault, Lecavalier, Lechasseur, Leclair, Le-Clair, Leclaire, Leclair-Leclerc, Lecler, Leclerc, Leclerc, Leclerc-Francoeur, Leclerc-Lafrenaye, Leclercq, Leclere, Lecocq, Lecompte, Lecompte-Hebert, Lecomte, Leconte, Lecoq, Lecot, Lecouedic, Lecouffe, Lecoupe, Lecour, Lecours, Lecours-Barras, Lecourt, Lecourtois, Lecouteur, Lecuyer, Lecuyer, Leddy, Ledoux, Ledoux-Latreille, Ledroit, Leduc, Lee, Leech, Lees, Leet, Lefaivre, Lefave, Lefebre, Lefebvre, Lefebvre, Lefebvre-Boulanger, Lefebvre-Descoteaux, Lefebvre-Lacroix, Lefebvre-Villemure, Lefevre, Lefort, Lefranc, Lefrancois, Lefresne, Legace, Legacy, Legal, Le-Gardeur, Legare, Legault, Legault, Legault-Deslauriers, Legendre, Leger, Leger-Dit-Parisien, Legere, Leger-Parisien, Legg, Leggett, Leggo, Legouffe, Legrand, Legras, Legresley, Legris, Legris-Lepine, Legros, Legros-St-Pierre, Legroulx, Leguay, Legue, Leguedard, Leguerrier, Le-Guerrier, Lehman, Lehmann, Lehouiller, Lehouillier, Le-Houillier, Lehoullier, Lehoux, Leigh, Leighton, Leishman, Leitch, Leith, Lejeune, Lejour, Lelacheur, Lelaidier, Lelievre, Leloup, Lemai, Lemaire, Lemaire-St-Germain, Lemaitre, Lemaitre-Auge, Lemaitre-Auger, Lemaitre-Duhaime, Lemaitre-Lottinville, Leman, Lemarbre, Lemarie, Lemarier, Lemarquand, Lemay, Lemay, Lemay, Lemay-Delorme, Lemay-Poudrier, Lemelin, Lemens, Lemerise, Lemerle, Lemer-St-Germain, Lemery, Lemesurier, Lemiere-Courcy, Lemieux, Lemire, Lemire-Marsolais, Lemire-Marsolet, Lemir-Marsolais, Lemmetti, Lemoignan, Lemoine, Lemon, Lemond, Lemonde, Lemonnier, Lemont, Lemoyne, Lemyre, Lemyrre-Marsolet, Leney, Lenneville, Lennon, Lennox, Lenoir, Lenoir-Rolland, Lenseigne, Leo, Leon, Leonard, Leonard-Mondor, Leonardo, Leone, Lepack, Lepage, Lepailleur, Lepain, Lepicier, Lepinay, Lepine, Lepine, Lepine-Legris, Lepine-Marette, Lepire, Lepitre, Lepore, Leprince, Leprohon, Lequin, Lereau-L-Heureux, Lerhe, Leriche, Leriger, Leriger-Laplante, Lerossignol, Le-Rossignol, Leroux, Leroux, Leroux-Cardinal, Leroux-Provencal, Leroux-Rousson, Leroy, Le-Roy, Leroyer, Le-Royer, Lesage, Lesaux, Lescadre, Lescadres, Lescarbeau, Lescarbeault, Lescarbot, Lescard, Lescault, Lescelleur, Lescom, Lescomb, Lescot, Lesiege, Lesiege-Lafontaine, Lesieur, Lesieur, Lesieur-Desaulniers, Lesley, Leslie, Lesmerises, Lesperance, Lesperance, Lespinay, Lessard, Lessart, Lessieur, Lestage, Lester, Lesueur, Letain, Letang, Letard, Letarte, Letartre, Letcher, Letellier, Letemplier, Letendre, Lethiecq, Letiec, Letiecq, Letoile, Letoile-Litalien, Letourneau, Letourneux, Lett, Letto, Lettre, Letts, Leung, Levac, Levac-Dit-Bapaume, Levacque, Levallee, Levaque, Levasseur, Leveille, Leveillee, Leveille-Truchon, Leveque, Leveque-Levesque, Lever, Levert, Levesque, Levesque-Lafrance, Levesques, Levesque-Sansouci, Levi, Levie, Levine, Levingston, Levinski, Levis, Levitre, Levreau, Levreault, Levy, Lewin, Lewis, Lhebreux, Lherault, Lheureux, Lheureux
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Marriages of the family Leahy
Our database contains 179 records of marriages of the family Leahy, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1829Montreal, QcDaniel LeahyHelen O-Donnell
1831Saint-Anicet, QcMaurice LeahyHonora Lehee
1836Sainte-Catherine-De-La-Jacques-Cartier, QcEdward DarmodyBridget Lahey
1842Saint-Anicet, QcJames LeahyCatherine Garrett
1842Saint-Anicet, QcJohn LeahyAnn Mccaffrey
1843Montreal, QcPatrick LeahyMary Regan
1844Saint-Anicet, QcMaurice LeahyCatherine Smith
1844Montreal, QcMaurice O-BrienEllen Leahy
1845Montreal, QcMichael Mc-InernyAnastasie Leahy
1852Ottawa, OnJohn SizomsJulie Lehay
1852Saint-Anicet, QcHarrison-John AlgeRuth-Mathler Leahy
1852Quebec, QcTimothy CoolihanJohanna Leahy
1855Fitzroy-Harbour, OnJohn GobbinsSarah Leahy
1856Ormstown, QcEdward LeahyNancy Nolly
1858Quebec, QcJoseph KempMary Leahy
1858L'isle-Aux-Allumettes, QcPatrick BerriganMaria Leahy
1858Princeville, QcJohn LeahyAurelie Levasseur
1858Montreal, QcMichael LeahyMary Close
1860Quebec, QcPatrick LeahyHonorah Mahoney
1861Quebec, QcMichael DalyEliza Leahy
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Leahy
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Leahy
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Baptisms list
1842Sherbrooke, QCEllen LeahyF
1851Lingwick, QCMary Mc-LeayF
1853Stanstead, QCPatrick LeahyM
1853Lingwick, QCMurdoch Mc-LeayM
1853Lingwick, QCGordon Mc-LeayM
1854Lingwick, QCJohn Mc-LeayM
1855Lingwick, QCWilliam-Peter Mc-LeayM
1856Lingwick, QCRoderick Mac-LeayM
1856Lingwick, QCAnne Mac-LeayF
1856Lingwick, QCRosy Mac-LeayF
1857Longueuil, QCJames LeahyM
1858Lingwick, QCMary Mac-LeayF
1860Lingwick, QCAngelina-Caroline Mac-LeayF
1863Lingwick, QCChristina Mac-LeayF
1864Lingwick, QCDonald Mc-LeayM
1864Lingwick, QCCatherine Mc-LeayF
1864Lingwick, QCMargaret Mc-LeayF
1864Lingwick, QCElizabeth-Maria Mc-LeayF
1868Lingwick, QCChristina Mc-LeayF
1868Lingwick, QCAlexander Mc-LeayM
... and several other
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Burials of the family Leahy
Here are some examples of burials of the family Leahy
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Burrials list
1821Saint-Luc, QCAnne Leahy
1878Hampden, QCRoderick Mc-LeayM
1881Hampden, QCEliza Mc-LeayF
1882Hampden, QCChristy Mc-LeayF
1914Lingwick, QCAlexander Mc-LeayM
1915Lingwick, QCCatherine Mc-LeayF
1957Lingwick, QCChristine Mac-LeayF
1987Longueuil, QCPauline-Ann Leahy-Clarke
1994Eaton, QCMurdo-Campbell Mac-LeayM
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Pioneer of the family Leahy

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Origin of name Leahy

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Celebrities of the family Leahy

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