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Lanois family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

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Marriages of the family Lanois
Our database contains 60 records of marriages of the family Lanois, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1757Jean-Baptiste LanoisGenevieve Fafard
1803Joseph Enouille-LanoixM.-Josephte Rivard
1807Saint-Charles-Sur-Richelieu, QcJean-Baptiste Richer-LaflecheSeraphine Dautant-Lyonois
1817Alexis Enouil-LanoisMarguerite Brissette
1822Saint-Cuthbert, QcLouis ValoisAngele Enouille-Lanoix
1828Louis RinvilleThersille Enouille-Lanois
1832Louiseville, QcPierre SaucierHelene Langis-Ou-Lanois
1839Saint-Ambroise-De-Kildare, QcJoseph AlardMarie Enoille-Lanoix
1839Saint-Ambroise-De-Kildare, QcHyacinth BrissonMarguerite Enouille-Lanois
1843Saint-Ambroise-De-Kildare, QcBenonie BeauregardGenevieve Enouille-Lanoie
1844Saint-Barthelemy, QcLouis-D Enouille-LanoixDomitilde Goulet
1849Saint-Ambroise-De-Kildare, QcGonzague LabrecqueAdeline Enouille-Lanois
1849Saint-Hugues, QcProspere Henouille-LanoieMarie Rousseau
1866Saint-Felix-De-Valois, QcJean-Baptiste PoirierJosephine Lanois
1868Saint-Hugues, QcAndre LamoureuxHenriette Lanoix
1870Embrun, OnMoise LanouxDeline Langlois
1874Saint-Hugues, QcDesire LanoisOlive Paradis
1883Embrun, OnAntoine LanoieRosalie Cousineau
1885Embrun, OnMoise Lanois-LanoueAdelina Mageau
1888Montreal, QcAlexandre Watier-LanoisOliva Roy
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Lanois
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Lanois
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Baptisms list
1817La-Visitation-de-l'ile-Dupas, QCM.Esther Enaux-LanoisF
1823La-Visitation-de-l'ile-Dupas, QCProspere Inoui-LanoisM
1825La-Visitation-de-l'ile-Dupas, QCLouis Enouille-LanoisM
1826La-Visitation-de-l'ile-Dupas, QCSophie Enouille-LanoisF
1837Berthierville, QCLouis-Gonzague LanoisM
1838Saint-Ambroise-de-Kildare, QCM.Philomene LanoisF
1838Saint-Ambroise-de-Kildare, QCRose-Virginie LanoisF
1839Saint-Ambroise-de-Kildare, QCJacques LanoisM
1840Saint-Ambroise-de-Kildare, QCJoseph Enouille-LanoisM
1840Saint-Ambroise-de-Kildare, QCLouis Enouille-LanoisM
1841Sainte-Melanie, QCLouis-Delphis LanoisM
1841Saint-Ambroise-de-Kildare, QCMoyse Enouille-LanoisM
1842Saint-Ambroise-de-Kildare, QCNorbert LanoisM
1842Saint-Ambroise-de-Kildare, QCM.Adee LanoisF
1842Sainte-Melanie, QCEmilie Enouille-LanoisF
1843Saint-Ambroise-de-Kildare, QCM.Adele LanoisF
1843Saint-Ambroise-de-Kildare, QCFrancois-Xav.Desire Enouille-LanoisM
1843Berthierville, QCJ.Ulric LanoisM
1843Saint-Ambroise-de-Kildare, QCGedeon Enouille-LanoisM
1843Saint-Ambroise-de-Kildare, QCElizabeth Enouille-LanoisF
... and several other
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Burials of the family Lanois
Here are some examples of burials of the family Lanois
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Burrials list
1824La-Visitation-de-l'ile-Dupas, QCProspere Inoui-Lanois
1826La-Visitation-de-l'ile-Dupas, QCSophie Enouille-Lanois
1827La-Visitation-de-l'ile-Dupas, QCJ.Desire Lanois
1829Saint-Paul, QCHilaire Lanois
1838La-Visitation-de-l'ile-Dupas, QCMarie Lanois
1839Saint-Ambroise-de-Kildare, QCMathilde Lanois
1842Saint-Ambroise-de-Kildare, QCNorbert Lanois
1843Saint-Ambroise-de-Kildare, QCM.Adee Enouille-Lanois
1846Saint-Ambroise-de-Kildare, QCLouis-Adolphe Lanois
1846Saint-Ambroise-de-Kildare, QCMathilde Lanois
1846Saint-Ambroise-de-Kildare, QCPhilomene Lanois
1847Saint-Ambroise-de-Kildare, QCM.Emerance Enouille-Lanois
1848Saint-Ambroise-de-Kildare, QCJoseph Enouille-Lanois
1856Saint-Gabriel, QCBenonie Lanois
1860Saint-Ambroise-de-Kildare, QCJoseph Enouille-Lanois
1867Saint-Michel-d'Yamaska, QCFrancois Lanois
1870Saint-Gabriel, QCJoseph Lanois
1871Saint-Ambroise-de-Kildare, QCEuchariste Enouille-Lanois
1875Saint-Ambroise-de-Kildare, QCAngele Enouille-Lanois
1883Saint-Ambroise-de-Kildare, QCGenevieve Enouille-Lanois
... and several other
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Pioneer of the family Lanois

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Origin of name Lanois

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Celebrities of the family Lanois

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