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Laflotte family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

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Pioneer of the family Laflotte

Jacques Laflotte-Coursol was born on November 30, 1705 and was baptized the next day in Ste-Catherine, La Flotte, Charent-Maritime, France. Son of Pierre Coursol and Antoinette Roux-Raux, he married Marguerite-René Monteil on April 21, 1727 in Verchères. From this union were born 4 children. He came to New France in 1723 as an hired labourer and settled in Verchères. He died on October 1, 1732.
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Marriages of the family Laflotte
Our database contains 29 records of marriages of the family Laflotte, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1716Montreal, QcPierre Richer-LaflotteMarie-Catherine Barbeau
1723Montreal, QcLouis Coursol-LaflotteMarie-Jeanne Marcheteau
1739Michel Coursol-LaflotteJosephe Gyon-Lemoine-Dion
1756Trois-Rivieres, QcDenis PonsantM.-Josephte Laflotte-Coursolle
1820Saint-Michel-D'yamaska, QcJoseph CartierMarguerite Lavallee
1830Longueuil, QcTheophile Cartier-LaflotteLucie Breton-Hely
1857Saint-David, QcMichel TheriaultRose Laflotte
1864Sainte-Monique, QcHenri Cartier-LaflotteAgnes Provencher
1865Saint-Guillaume, QcPierre HarelTharsile Laflotte
1870Saint-Bonaventure, QcBasile CayerEsther Cartier-Laflotte
1872Saint-Bonaventure, QcAntoine LaflotteMathilde Hamel
1887Saint-David, QcVictor LaflotteEmelie-Clara St-Germain
1897Cookshire, QcPierre Cartier-LaflotteMarie-Eugenie Goulet
1900Cookshire, QcMagloire DussonAdiana Cartier-Laflotte
1900Cookshire, QcJean-Baptiste Cartier-LaflotteMarie Labarre
1903East-Angus, QcTheodore Cartier-LaflotteJosephine Lepitre
1906Wotton, QcAntoine Cartier-LaflotteLeocadie Courtemanche
1908East-Angus, QcMagloire CussonPhilomene Cartier-Laflotte
1922East-Angus, QcJoseph-Napoleon-Emile RoyMarie-Rose Cartier-Laflotte
1928East-Angus, QcPhilippe Cartier-LaflotteAnnette Frechette
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Laflotte
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Laflotte
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Baptisms list
1876Cookshire, QCMarie-Diana LaflotteF
1878Cookshire, QCAntoine-Zephirin Cartier-LaflotteM
1880Cookshire, QCJean-Baptiste LaflotteM
1882Cookshire, QCTheodore LaflotteM
1883Cookshire, QCNoe-Joseph LaflotteM
1885Cookshire, QCLouis-Ernest LaflotteM
1888East-Angus, QCAnne-Marguerite Cartier-LaflotteF
1889Cookshire, QCPhilomene-Domithilde LaflotteF
1892Cookshire, QCClara-Rosae LaflotteF
1892Saint-Michel-d'Yamaska, QCMarie-Reine Cartier-LaflotteF
1893Cookshire, QCNapoleon-Joachim LaflotteM
1898East-Angus, QCMarie-Georgiana Cartier-LaflotteF
1899East-Angus, QCMarie-Anne-Rosalie Cartier-LaflotteF
1901Cookshire, QCMarie-Rose-Emma LaflotteF
1901Cookshire, QCPierre-Philidor LaflotteM
1902East-Angus, QCJoseph-Jean Cartier-LaflotteM
1903East-Angus, QCJoseph-Philippe-De-Neri Cartier-LaflotteM
1904East-Angus, QCMarie-Blanche-Irene Cartier-LaflotteF
1904East-Angus, QCAnonyme Cartier-LaflotteM
1905East-Angus, QCJoseph-Irenee Cartier-LaflotteM
... and several other
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Burials of the family Laflotte
Here are some examples of burials of the family Laflotte
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Burrials list
1799Saint-Ours, QCLouis Coursol-Laflotte
1855La-Prairie, QCEmery Cartier-LaflotteM
1865Saint-Michel-d'Yamaska, QCMaxime Cartier-Laflotte
1888Cookshire, QCAnne-Marguerite LaflotteF
1892Cookshire, QCClara-Rosae LaflotteF
1904East-Angus, QCAnonyme Cartier-LaflotteM
1906East-Angus, QCJoseph-Antoine Cartier-LaflotteM
1907East-Angus, QCAnonyme Cartier-LaflotteM
1908East-Angus, QCAnonyme Cartier-LaflotteM
1909East-Angus, QCAnonyme Cartier-LaflotteM
1910East-Angus, QCAnonyme Cartier-LaflotteM
1911East-Angus, QCJoseph-Lucien-Gerard Cartier-LaflotteM
1911East-Angus, QCEugene Cartier-LaflotteM
1917East-Angus, QCMarie-Gertrude-Cecile Cartier-LaflotteF
1926East-Angus, QCJean LaflotteM
1933East-Angus, QCMarie-Irene LaflotteF
1935East-Angus, QCAime LaflotteM
1937East-Angus, QCAnonyme LaflotteF
1937East-Angus, QCFernande LaflotteF
1938East-Angus, QCJeannine LaflotteF
... and several other
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Origin of name Laflotte

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