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Lacouture family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

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Marriages of the family Lacouture
Our database contains 134 records of marriages of the family Lacouture, here are some examples
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Marriages list
1734Montreal, QcRene Gonneau-LacoutureMarie-Andree Hurtubise
1755Montreal, QcDenis-Joseph Mailly-LacoutureMarie-Louise Pimpare-Tourangeau
1763Montreal, QcEtienne CanacMarie-Josephte Rouillard
1763L'assomption, QcPierre CailletMarguerite Chagnon
1766Oka, QcJean-Baptiste Dufort-LacoutureM-Josephte Ranger-Laviolette
1782Varennes, QcFrancois BaillonArchange Lavigne
1783Saint-Antoine-De-Lavaltrie, QcAndre MatteM.-Rosalie Lacouture
1787Saint-Jacques, QcPierre Caille-LacoutureAnastasie Benoit
1787Saint-Jacques, QcAthanas DuprasMarie Cayer-Lacouture
1788Varennes, QcChristophe LacoutureJeanne-Madeleine Moge
1789Varennes, QcJacques BaillonMarie Surprenant
1793Saint-Antoine-De-Lavaltrie, QcPaul-Sylvain LacoutureM.-Josephe Dalcour
1800Saint-Jacques, QcFrancois Cayer-LacoutureAnne Bro
1802Berthierville, QcJoseph Fuseau-RochMarguerite Bussot-Lacouture
1814Saint-Ours, QcFrancois OuelletMarie-Charles Baillon-Lacouture
1814Saint-Ours, QcChristophe Baillon-LacoutureEleonore Cormier
1822Saint-Ours, QcEmmanuel Baillon-LacoutureMarie-Julie Mignault
1824Saint-Henri, QcCharles Cauchy-LacoutureTherese Boucher
1825Saint-Ours, QcJoseph Baillon-LacoutureMagdeleine Bertrand-Durocher
1827Saint-Ours, QcAndre GodboutCharlotte Baillon-Lacouture
... and several other
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Baptisms of the family Lacouture
Here are some examples of baptisms of the family Lacouture
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Baptisms list
1752La-Prairie, QCMarie-Josephe Delucie-LacoutureF
1754La-Prairie, QCElie Delucie-LacoutureM
1759Sainte-Genevieve, QCJean-Toussaint LacoutureM
1761Sainte-Genevieve, QCJean-Baptiste LacoutureM
1768Saint-Michel-d'Yamaska, QCJ.Jacques Clement-LacoutureM
1768Saint-Antoine-de-Lavaltrie, QCM.Felicite Dusault-LacoutureF
1770Les-Cedres, QCJoseph Dufort-Dit-LacoutureM
1774Baie-du-Febvre, QCAlexis LacoutureM
1778Saint-Joseph-de-Lanoraie, QCM.Reine Busseau-LacoutureF
1779Saint-Michel-d'Yamaska, QCFrancoise LacoutureF
1794Saint-Antoine-de-Lavaltrie, QCSilvain Busso-LacoutureM
1796Saint-Antoine-de-Lavaltrie, QCM.Susanne Busso-LacoutureF
1797Saint-Antoine-de-Lavaltrie, QCM.Josephte Busso-LacoutureF
1799Saint-Antoine-de-Lavaltrie, QCM.Marcelline Busso-LacoutureF
1801Saint-Antoine-de-Lavaltrie, QCPierre Busseau-LacoutureM
1803Saint-Joseph-de-Lanoraie, QCFrancois-Xavier Busseault-LacoutureM
1807Saint-Michel-d'Yamaska, QCMarie LacoutureF
1809Saint-Michel-d'Yamaska, QCCharles LacoutureM
1810Sorel, QCEmmanuel Clement-LacoutureM
1813Sorel, QCEleonore Clement-LacoutureF
... and several other
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Burials of the family Lacouture
Here are some examples of burials of the family Lacouture
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Burrials list
1759Sainte-Genevieve, QCJean-Toussaint Lacouture
1760Sainte-Genevieve, QCJean-Baptiste Lacouture
1765Sainte-Genevieve, QCJean-Baptiste Lacouture
1768Saint-Antoine-de-Lavaltrie, QCM.Felicite Bussault-Lacouture
1770Saint-Antoine-de-Lavaltrie, QCPierre Bussod-Lacouture
1771Saint-Antoine-de-Lavaltrie, QCMarguerite Bussod-Lacouture
1779Sainte-Genevieve, QCJean Goneau-Dit-Lacouture
1792Saint-Antoine-de-Lavaltrie, QCM.Rozalie Lacouture
1804Saint-Antoine-de-Lavaltrie, QCSylvain-Jour Buisseault-Lacouture
1804Saint-Antoine-de-Lavaltrie, QCM.Marsille Buissault-Lacouture
1804Saint-Antoine-de-Lavaltrie, QCMarguerite Buisseault-Lacouture
1811Sorel, QCEmmanuel Clement-LacoutureM
1817Saint-Ours, QCFrancois-Emmanuel Baillon-Lacouture
1823Saint-Ours, QCAntoine-Charles Lacouture
1828Sorel, QCJoseph Clement-LacoutureM
1828Saint-Ours, QCGodfroy-Joseph Lacouture
1831Sorel, QCCharles Clement-LacoutureM
1831Saint-Antoine-de-Lavaltrie, QCM.Julie Lacouture
1832Sorel, QCLouis Clement-LacoutureM
1835Saint-Joseph-de-Lanoraie, QCSuzanne Lacouture-Dussau
... and several other
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Pioneer of the family Lacouture

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Origin of name Lacouture

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Celebrities of the family Lacouture

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