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Kiyawasew family | Genealogy, family tree and origins

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Marriages of the family Kiyawasew
Here are some examples of marriages of the family Kiyawasew
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Marriages list
1915Calais, AbPierre KiyawasewJulienne Badger
1919Calais, AbConstant KiyawasewVictoire Tchowis
1920Calais, AbJoseph KiyawasewEmilienne Meskutchinakusiw
1921Calais, AbAlexis KiyawasewMarie Standingribbon
1924Calais, AbAlexis KiyawasewElizabeth Campbell
1927Calais, AbCasimir KiyawasewMarie Nabew
1934Calais, AbMarcel KiyawasewMarina Goodswimmer
1938Calais, AbConstant KiyawasewIsabelle Noskiye
1940Calais, AbAlfred MustusSarah Kiyawasew
1947Calais, AbBernard KiyawasewCecile Harvey
1949Calais, AbHenry-George MustusElizabeth Kiyawasew
1950Calais, AbJulien GoodswimmerSophie Kiyawasew
1953Calais, AbAlbert NoskiyeVictoria Kiyawasew
1955Calais, AbCyprien MosesSophie Kiyawasew
1955Calais, AbGabriel KiyawasewMadeleine Moses
1964Calais, AbSteve BohlerAnnie Kiyawasew
1965Calais, AbNapoleon KiyawasewKatherine Noskiye
1972Calais, AbDavid-Stuart HawkeMary-Madeleine Kiyawasew
1974Calais, AbAnicet MosesElizabeth Kiyawasew
1978Calais, AbBernard KiyawasewVerna Soto
... and several other
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Origin of name Kiyawasew

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Celebrities of the family Kiyawasew

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